New 2019 vs. Old Rolex GMT-Master II Watches

At Baselworld 2019, the Rolex brand introduced a total of three new versions of its GMT-Master II timepiece. The first, and perhaps most notable, is a new version of the black and blue bezel GMT-Master II ‘Batman’, which has a new movement, subtle new design elements, as well as a Jubilee bracelet. In addition, there are two new versions of the blue-red bezel GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’ model, with either a dark blue dial or a ‘meteorite’ dial.
In this blog post, we take a more in-depth look at the three new models unveiled at Baselworld, and compare and contrast them with some of the older or more established models in the Rolex GMT-Master II collection.

Old Oyster vs New Jubilee GMT-Master II ‘Batman’

Rolex GMT-Master 2 black-blue Batman old vs new
Rolex GMT-Master II Batman: Old Oyster Bracelet vs New Jubilee Bracelet

The main difference to be aware of with the new Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Batman’ model is that it features a Jubilee bracelet, with a folding clasp, as opposed to the Oyster bracelet seen with older versions. This brings the ‘Batman’ model in line with the ‘Pepsi’ GMT-Master II, which received a Jubilee bracelet option in 2018.

In addition, the new model has been equipped with an updated calibre 3285 movement, upgrading the power reserve to 70 hours and improving efficiency. The only other notable difference visually is that the lugs have undergone a minor transformation too, in order to accommodate the new Jubilee bracelet.

The dial itself, as well as the black and blue bezel, remain unchanged from the older ‘Batman’ models. Therefore, the differences amount to the appearance of the Jubilee bracelet, and the improved calibre 3285 movement.

New 2019 vs Old 2018 Blue-Red GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’

Rolex GMT-Master II blue-red bezel 'Pepsi': steel jubilee black dial vs white gold oyster Meteorite Dial vs white gold oyster & blue dial
GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’: Steel Jubilee Black Dial vs White Gold Oyster Meteorite Dial vs White Gold Oyster & Blue Dial

In the past, the GMT-Master II with a blue and red bezel – affectionately known as the GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’ – was only available with a black dial. However, at this year’s Baselworld Fair, the options for this model were expanded, and buyers can now opt for either a dark blue dial, or a grey-ish ‘meteorite’ dial.

One thing to be aware of, however, is that the old black dial ‘Pepsi’ model has included the option for a Jubilee bracelet since 2018. Seemingly, the new colour options will not provide this option. In addition, the it seems like Rolex discontinued the black dial white gold oyster bracelet model.

With that being said, if you do desire a Rolex GMT-Master II ‘Pepsi’ with a blue or meteorite dial and a Jubilee bracelet, it should be possible to customise your watch. This option may not be available from an official Rolex dealer, but it should be possible through grey market dealers, such as

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Final Thoughts

The new additions to the GMT-Master II collections provide a greater range of choice for those seeking either a ‘Batman’ model with a black and blue bezel, or a ‘Pepsi’ model with a blue and red bezel. For the former, the most notable change is the availability of a Jubilee bracelet, while for the latter, there are two new dial colour options.

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