Nothing stands out like a Rolex. You might not wear a tailor-made suit every day, and your fancy car is... out of sight most of the time but you can wear your Rolex almost anywhere. Rolex is the most recognized luxury watch brand. Although its just an accessory, people with taste will notice. You are dedicated to highest quality, absolute accuracy, elegant design and have the means to afford it. Fashion changes every year and tastes mature over time. The luxury timepiece you bought 5 or 10 years ago might not have much appeal that it once had. If so, you can sell or trade-in your used Rolex at Jaztime. Read more Show less

Rolex Brand FAQs

Why we can sell authentic Rolex Watches for such a low price

Fortunately, we are not officially affiliated with Rolex; therefore we are able to sell Rolex watches via our online shop all over the US. We can offer highly discounted prices because we do not have the overhead costs of operating a premium store location. In addition to offering many brand new Rolex watches, we also offer a selection of pre-owned and vintage Rolex watches. All used Rolex watches in our shop are professionally serviced and look like new.

Why are Rolex watches so Expensive?

"If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it" - J.P. Morgan

This quote is certainly no consolation if you are wondering why Rolex watches cost what they do. Certainly the materials, quality and precision have their price, but it's not just the process of making this iconic timepiece that cause it to sell for such premium prices.

Know How: Behind each Rolex lies an experienced watchmaker. The process taken to produce a Rolex is a long, drawn out procedure, and rightly so. When putting a Rolex together, the meticulous techniques of the watchmaker make it exceedingly difficult to copy.

Research and development: Each Rolex model is designed and developed to meet a specific target audience; and Rolex isn't afraid to find the best names in the business for help. For example, they hired Jaques Cousteau to join their research and development team for the Submariner series.

Materials: The materials used for Rolexes are expertly sourced to create and maintain a product that will last a lifetime. Stainless steel, mother of pearl and other precious metals are some of the many materials used to create this timeless product.

Precision craftsmanship: Incorporated into a Rolex's internal mechanism are minute parts, assembled with expert precision in order to carry out a their intended purpose. Each cog is strategically placed inside the Rolex so it can carry out the fundamental processes of a Swiss-certified watch, while simultaneously showcasing an unmistakable appearance.

Assembly by hand: Due to the intensive hand-crafted techniques used for its construction, the process taken to assemble a watch of this prestige is a lengthy undertaking of up to one year. The Swiss watchmakers at Rolex are trained to create timepieces that stand out in the market while fulfilling all of the manufacturer's expectations.

Elegant Design: The quality of the final products speak for themselves; the sleekness, sophistication and subtle beauty of a Rolex makes marketing campaigns relatively simple since the brand awareness has reached so many people.

Limited production numbers: Unlike many other mass produced watches, Rolex only releases a set number watches for each series line.

Brand recognition: Rolex is one of the most recognized luxury watch brands. The status gained by so many product placements in iconic movies over the years have certainly played into the perceived value of the watches.

Store Experience: In order to maintain the prestige of the Rolex experience, official Rolex boutiques are not allowed to sell their watches online. Rolex stores are often located on high streets or upscale shopping centers where the rent and employment of staff is costly. These stores require expensive security systems and staff which add to the overhead costs.

Why is my Rolex running fast or slow?

Rolex watches are mechanical devices, produced with the highest possible quality standards. Nevertheless, every mechanical device needs servicing on a regular basis. Servicing your Rolex once every 5 years is generally a good rule of thumb. If you do not treat your timepiece properly or neglect to service your watch might lose or gain time for a range of reasons.

1) Oils used within the watch may dry out over time and this may lead to the watch's internal mechanisms slowing down. Furthermore, if you have a Rolex for a long period of time the mechanical parts may seize up or require servicing; this may lead to a Rolex slowing down.

2) Another major cause of Rolex watches running too fast is the spring becoming magnetized. When a spring becomes magnetized, it coils together, thereby speeding up the mechanisms inside the watch.

3) If your watch is off by a few seconds on a given day, you can try to regulate your timepiece. The regulation depends on the position the watch is left in when you are not wearing it. If you leave the watch's dial face up, it can gain a second over night. Alternatively, if you leave the watch's dial face down, it can lose 1-2 seconds.

If your Rolex is not keeping proper time, the most sensible solution is to send it in for professional servicing. » our Swiss Servicing