About Us

About us

JazTime is an online watch store that has been buying, selling, and trading luxury timepieces since 2008. Located in Orange County, California, we provide our customers with great savings and value for both brand new and pre-owned swiss watches.


Our Mission:

jaztime mission


We provide the lowest possible price for
high quality luxury watches by reducing unnecessary costs.
We are also creating a safe, transparent and liquid reselling market
for pre-owned authentic swiss timepieces.



Our Vision:



 I) Pay only for your new watch, not the brick & mortar store!

Brick & Mortar stores have to add 10-30% to the price to stay profitable. Luxury Watch Brands usually have the best and most expensive store locations. We believe in times of the world wide web you should not be forced to pay for the "store experience". Most Luxury Brands do not allow official shops to sell online. Thus, we are not officially affilinated with any Luxury Watch Brand. Nevertheless, we offer 100% Authentic BRAND NEW Luxury Watches at the lowest possible price in our online store exclusively. We do not have any brick & mortar watch boutique any more.

II) Buy, Sell & Trade-in pre-owned Watches safely!

Sadly there is a lot of risk when buying or selling used Luxury Timepices. We our selves have been victims of an armed robbery. But there are many more subtle risks. There are many fake replica Rolex and other Luxury Watches on the market. And though many are easy to spot, some are very well made and difficult to recognize. At the same time there are many scams on the buyer side, with paypal and credit card charge backs. Selling your watch as a private person can be a tricky and long process. We offer a fair market price within 2 days.



Our Services:

jaztime services


1) We sell: Authentic Brand New & Pre-Owned Luxury Watches with  a Low Price Match Guarantee. Jaztime offers a Dubble Warranty and a 100% Authenticity Guarantee for all items sold. » watches on sale

2) We buy: All BRANDS of Swiss Luxury Timepieces at fair market value. We offer a free price quote for your watch, based on pictures, and seldom change our offer after receiving the watch. » sell us your watch

3) We offer Trade-ins: Your taste changed? At Jaztime you can easily exchange your used watch for a new one. Trade-ins up, down and between brands are possible. » trade-in your watch

4) Swiss Servicing: Even the highest quality Watches need servicing. We offer in-house swiss servicing or part replacement at a competitive price. » learn more

5) Watch Customizations: Fed up with the look of your luxury watch? We can help to customize your watch with a different Dial, Hands, Bezel, or Wristband. Upgrades with Diamond Dials or Bezels are quite popular. » customization options

6) Watch Authentification & Appraisal: If you want to know if your purchase on Craigslist or eBay is genuine we can tell you. Watch Insurances usually also demand an appraisal, depending on where you bought your watch. » learn more



Where to find us:

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You can find us in many places. For calls please note our office hours. If you want to visit us, please make an appointment first, since we do not have any watches stored in our office. » contact page

Office: 4000 Macarthur Blvd Ste 600 East Tower, Newport Beach, CA 92660 (view map)
Phone: show contact info
Blog: Jaztime.com/blog
Youtube: Watch Review & Comparison Videos
Facebook: Jaztime Watches Fan Page
Instagram: Jaztime Instagram Page
Twitter: Jaztime Twitter Profile
Events: Baselworld Watch and Jewellery Show, Munich Eurotime Watchfair



What our Customers say about us:

jaztime customers


We try to provide the best possible service in order to satisfy our customers. We have hundrets of positive reviews on Yelp, Google, eBay and Facebook. Here a few examples:

Google Reviews

Yelp Reviews



Our History:

jaztime history


2008 - 2010: Garage Start up

Originally our CEO, started by buying and selling used Rolex Watches via Craigslist and eBays. Thus he was following the tradition of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. In 2009 we opened our first brick & mortar watch store.


2010 - 2012: Irvine Spectrum Mall

jaztime spectrum mall


The Irvine Spectrum Mall is a premium retail location. Perfect for buying and selling new and pre-owned swiss luxury watches. But the beautiful store had a high price tag. Costs that had to be transfered on product prices. In order to reduce overall costs, we moved to a smaller location.


2012 - 2013: Irvine Market Place

For a short time we resided in the Irvine Market Place just across the street from our previous location but soon had to move out again because a well known fast food chain offered more for our store


2013 - 2014: Tustin Market Place

jaztime tustin market place


The Irvine Spectrum Mall is a premium retail location. Perfect for buying and selling new and pre-owned swiss luxury watches. But the beautiful store had a high price tag. Costs that had to be transfered on product prices. In order to reduce overall costs, we moved to a smaller location.


January 2014: ARMED ROBBERY

jaztime robbery


In Jan 2014, two gunman entered the store guns drawn, held the employees at gun point and robbed the place of more than $500,000 worth of watches. Thankfully, no one was shot or killed. In the aftermath of the robbery we had to sue the insurance company to get anything close to the value that was stolen. All Employees where traumatised and some quit  because they did not ever want to experience such traumatic event again.


Sept. 2015 - Today: Office in Newport Beach

jaztime newport beach


In order to avoid any further robberies and to reduce our costs even further, we decided to give up any retail location in favor of focusing completely on our Online Store.


March 2016 - Today: Youtube Reviews & Comparisons

Having no walk in store and selling watches all over the world, has one disadvantage. Images are never as good as real life. In order to cope with this problem we started to create review and comparison videos on Youtube. Check out our most popular videos:

Youtube Channel