Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Can I come over and try on some watches?

No, we ask that our potential customers view our virtual showroom on Almost every watch is in stock, and almost every watch has 20 or more pictures where you can view the watch from every angle, and some even have videos.  After you’ve decided on which watch simply press buy now, or give us a call and we’ll be happy to sell you the watch.   Since not all watches are at our office (some watches are with our suppliers, on memo, consignment, being serviced or repaired etc…) we’ll need to order the watch from our network of more than 100 dealers worldwide. 

For brand new watches, we ask that you go to the nearest authorized dealer where they generally have thousands of watches in every size, color, and configuration available. Once you’ve decided which watch suits your preferences, go to our website and press buy now or give us a call and let us beat their price!

Not in Southern California customers: If you're not local, you must pay the entire balance via wire transfer and we'll ship it to you. No tax.

Local customers: If you are local and you want to order a watch you must pay a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit for us to order it. Once it arrives you can come to our office and pay the remaining balance via wire transfer (no credit card).  You must pay California sales tax, no exceptions.

To view a watch in person you must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Send us a copy of your ID. (We need to know who you are before you come)

2. Show a screenshot of funds available (We need to make sure you have the money ready to pay us for our goods)

3. You must come with intent to purchase, no window shopping. (We will require a non-refundable deposit before you come, which can be applied toward your purchase)

What is your best price?

Our best price is what you see on the website, please DO NOT email or call asking for a lower price. In fact, we have a dedicated staff member working on pricing for our more than 10,000 watch listings on our website, adjusting the prices daily to ensure that we are the most competitve and lowest in the online market.  If we wanted to take offers we would put a 'best offer' option on the website.  If you email or call asking for a lower price please don't be surprised to NOT get an answer.  All prices firm, no need to ask. 

Can the prices be higher than what's listed?

Yes. Prices rise, depending on many factors, most of which are out of our control. Since we have more than 10,000 watches listed here, we do our best to adjust prices according to market prices but occasionally we will have to raise the price on a watch.  (For example: If you the customer call us for a watch we have listed for $10,000 and it's now discontinued, hard to get, or has risen in price then we may need to change the price to $11,000. You are then welcome to buy it at $11,000 if you want, if not that's okay too, there are still 9,999 other watches to choose from).  Either way, we will NOT collect payment on any watch until we are certain we can deliver it at the price on the website.

Prices subject to change at any time and without notice. Jaztime has NO obligation to sell a watch at the advertised price unless consideration has been made (i.e. you paid or gave us a deposit).

Can I see more pictures?

No. On most watches we already have 20+ pictures and even a video on the watch, taken by our professional staff, edited and placed on the website clearly for you to view. There's no reason for us to bother our staff to take more live pictures from an inferior cell phone to send to you when there are already professional pictures on the website.  If the listing only has one picture then please go to the manufacturer's website and view their pictures, come back to us for the lowest price.

Why are your prices so low?

1. We have more than 100 suppliers we work with for every brand on our website, and we have been around for many years. Read about grey market here.

2. Low overhead: No retail show room. Online only

3. We cut out the customer service.

Do you work on weekends?

No. However, we do take some calls and answer some emails for paying customers  (at our discretion) on Saturday and Sunday, but we do not allow customers to pick up watches on the weekend unless they have a previous appointment.  Most of our watches are kept at an off-site safe which closes on Friday, so we would have to know before Friday so we can get the watch out of the safe for a weekend transaction. Orders placed after the cut-off time will have to be processed following Monday, with the exception of bank holidays. If we happen to have the watch in our safe, we might be able to get it out for you if it’s not currently being serviced and polished.

We do buy Swiss watches such as Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Panerai, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, IWC etc with cash. So if it’s the weekend and you want to sell one of the brands above, give us a call we’ll get you cashed out on the spot!

Do you charge Sales Tax?

No sales tax outside of California. We charge sales tax only in California, no exceptions.


What is the deposit for? Is it refundable?

No, all deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. That means that if you send us a deposit for a particular watch but later decide that you don't want it anymore you would forfeit the deposit and you cannot apply it toward a different watch. Your deposit is only valid toward the watch that you left the deposit for.  For example: If you leave a $2,500 deposit for a Rolex then decided that you did not want it anymore for whatever reason we would not return the deposit.  The reason is because when you leave us a deposit we take the watch offline and reserve it specifically for you, we stop taking offers on it and lose out on any potential sales or trades of that watch.  If you put a deposit on a watch that we needed to order, custom configure for you, whether it's on our website or not we would order the watch and the parts needed and begin configuring it for you once we received your deposit. Should you decide that you don't want it any longer your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable because we have already either started to assemble your watch or have already ordered it from our supplier. Once we do that we cannot return your watch or the parts and therefore we now need to stock it.

We accept wire transfer deposits only, which are non-refundable and non-transferable. Zelle and Venmo are acceptable forms, no credit card.

Deposits are valid for a maximum of 5 business days. You have 5 business days after you have been notified that your watch has arrived to make the remaining payment in full.  If you fail to do so on the 6th business day you lose your deposit.  Day one starts the minute we receive your deposit.

The only case in which we allow a refund or the transfer of a deposit is if we cannot fill the order.  For example you ordered a Rolex Submariner green but we got you a Rolex Submariner black. 

Please be certain you want a watch before leaving a deposit.


Why don't you accept Credit Card or Paypal?

Previously we would accept paypal and credit card for online transactions, however due to the increase in online fraud we no longer accept paypal or credit card online.

Credit card fees add several hundred dollars to the price of the watch, which was passed onto the customer. Since we got rid of the online credit card payment method and accept wire transfer only, we decreased the prices of all our watches and now pass that savings to the customer. A win-win for everyone

For example, if the watch was previously $10,099 on our website with the option of paying with credit card, we have decreased it to $9699 via bank wire. A savings of $400!


Do you match prices?

Yes. With the following conditions:

1. Must be a USA dealer, no private parties, and no international sellers

2. Must be for the same item, with same color, and condition  (e.g.: Rolex White Datejust 116334 Brand New)

3. Must be in stock and ready to ship and cannot be a misprint

In order for us to price match, email us a link, screenshot, or email of the competing company's quote. Please only do so if you intend to purchase the item from us if we match it. No verbal quotes accepted

Will my Brand New Rolex come with the original stickers because some of your photos show the stickers?

No. As of 2018 all brand new Rolex watches come from the authorized dealer without stickers.  The pictures that we have of brand new Rolex watches may have been taken before 2018 which is why the listing shows the stickers, in other words they are stock photos. When you order a brand new Rolex we get you the freshest one with the latest warranty possible and since all Rolex watches of the same model are identical and all Rolex watches after 2018 have stickers removed there is no reason to retake pictures of the watches without stickers.  

Do you take the stickers off your brand new BMW? When you buy a brand new pair of shoes, computer, or TV from amazon or best buy do you expect that the image you see in the listing is exactly the one you will receive? Of course not, they are stock photos. That company probably sells 5 of those TV's per day and all of them are brand new and identical, so it makes no sense to send you that exact TV that was in the photo, besides who would want the TV in that photo which could be 3 or 4 years old.  Wouldn't you want the freshest TV with the newest warranty? Same goes for Rolex watches. You pay for it, and then we order you the freshest one possible, no stickers.

How do I buy a watch and what is the price?

1. Find your watch on

2. Price is on the listing, press the buy now button, fill out your shipping address

3. Pay via wire transfer, we ship you the watch

Does pressing the buy now button guarantee me the watch at the advertise price?

No. Pressing the buy now button DOES NOT guarantee you the watch at the advertised price or that it is still available. There is NO promise or guarantee the watch can be sold or is available at the advertised price until the deposit or payment has been made. Jaztime retains the right to cancel any order at any time for any reason.

How do I know if you have a watch in stock (available)?

Most watches which are online and have a price are either in stock or available within a few days after we order it for you.  You can call our office during business hours to see if we have it in stock or how long the wait time is. However, ONLY call if you are ready and willing and ready to pay what we are asking on the website should we have it or are able to get it within a few days.  If you just want to know if we have it and do not plan on buying that exact day, please wait until the day you plan to pay for it and call back then.  Our phone is reserved for customer's who are planing on paying for a watch by the end of the phone call. If you don't plan on paying for a watch immediately, please read through our website, where 99% of your questions can be answered.

Can I have the serial number to the watch I have not paid for yet so I can check to see if it is real?

NO.   First, the serial number does not tell you if it's real or not.  Second, you do not own the watch, Jaztime owns it, and someday a final customer will own it.  Therefore, for the protection and privacy of the final customer we do no release serial numbers.  Once you pay for the watch in full and we send it to you, if you want to release it online you are welcome to. 

How would you feel if we sold you a watch of which we released the serial number to random people that had requested it, none of which owned the watch or paid for it in full?  Seems silly right? Yet people still ask for it.. which is why there is a FAQ on this question...Go figure...

I have a lot of questions regarding a watch, can I email you about them?

NO. Please do not send us a list of questions and expect us to answer them. Jaztime is an ONLINE DISCOUNT store where you can buy a watch only.  If you want to learn about a watch do your own homework by going to the manufacturer's website.   Most major brands such as Rolex, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe have an excellent website. Read all about their watches there then come to JazTime to purchase at the lowest price anywhere online.  All our listings are specific and detailed enough that your questions can be answered by spending 1 minute to look through the detailed listing which our skilled staff have spent hours making. 

I'm a customer and I emailed JazTime and asked that you call me, when will I get a call?

Never. You want to talk to us, you call us during our business hours. 

I called but no one answered, is anybody there?

Scenario 1:

Did you call during our business hours? The hours are posted right next to the phone number.  You had to see it before you called us... It might surprise you but we also sleep and have days off just like you.  So if you call before we open for business or after we close for the day, no one will pick up the phone...It does not mean we are not in business, it means we are off work.  PST means Pacific Standard Time

Scenario 2:

You called during business hours but no one answered because we are busy filling orders on the phone or tallking to other customer's on the phone.  Don't worry we got your call, and we will call you back in the order your call was received. No need to ring us 5x. We will call you back, I promise...

I am expecting customer service like what I would get if I went to the Rolex authorized dealer. Can Jaztime provide that?

No. If you want customer service like that of an authorized dealer (AD), please go to an authorized dealer. Jaztime is ONLINE DISCOUNT watch store.  We are getting you watches at a discount or we are getting watches that are impossible to get at the AD and getting it immediately for you (minus the customer service).  If you do not like that, go to your authorized dealer, pay full price plus tax or sign up for their waitlist and wait 2 years for a hard to get piece and they will give you great customer service.  Or follow our simple rules, pay us via wire, and get your watch tomorrow.

You need to know exactly what you want, and just come to Jaztime for the best price and quickest delivery.  No haggling, we print the price on the website or tell you over the phone and that's it. Our company, our rules. Follow them, and you will get your watch like the thousands of other happy customers that know how to buy online. 

Can Jaztime deny service to me?

Yes. Jaztime reserves the right to deny service and products to any person for any reason, at any time.  Buyers - please read through the website and rules before calling, we're happy to serve you, but on our terms.

What do I do if I have still have questions?

1. Read through our website first, most of your questions can be answered here.

2. If you must call, please ONLY call if you have the intent to purchase or sell your watch that day

3. Have the Item No. ready BEFORE YOU CALL

Contact us if you have questions: