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Seize the day with the stunning Rolex Day-Date

Made from gold or platinum and famously worn by President Dwight Eisenhower and other world leaders, the Rolex President Day-Date line is established as a symbol of influence, power and status. Designed as a calendar watch, the original Day-Date I was the first watch of its type to display not only the date, but the day in full on the dial. The Day-Date II built on this legacy, increasing the case size in line with modern day fashion trends and improving its mechanical technology. Further technological improvements then followed with the release of the Day-Date 40, which perfectly blends design elements from its two predecessors, while embracing up-to-date aesthetics.

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Sell or Trade your used President Day-Date

Due to their iconic appearance and unique place in history, Rolex President Day-Date watches are among the most popular pre-owned and vintage watch models around. While your Day-Date is guaranteed to impress those around you, we understand that there may come a time when you decide to sell. Perhaps your tastes have changed, or maybe you own an older Day-Date model and are looking to upgrade. Whatever the case may be, if you own a high-quality watch and wish to sell, we are here to help. We will guarantee you will receive full market value, or alternatively you can trade your watch in for another model from our store.» how to sell | » how to trade

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