Return & Refund Policy


All sales are final!

Refunds are only granted if items are grossly misrepresented in the product listings (i.e. incorrect model numbers, wrong papers, etc.) In such an event, a refund for the full price of the item will be issued, the watch will be exchanged in credit towards another item, or a partial refund will be given.

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. That means that if you send us a deposit for a particular watch but later decide that you don't want it anymore you would forfeit the deposit and you cannot apply it toward a different watch. Your deposit is only valid toward the watch that you left the deposit for.  For example: If you leave a $1,500 deposit for a Rolex then decided that you do not want it anymore for whatever reason we would not return the deposit.

The reason is because when you leave us a deposit we take the watch offline and reserve it specifically for you, we stop taking offers on it and lose out on any potential sales or trades of that watch.  If you put a deposit on a watch that we needed to order, custom configure for you, whether it's on our website or not we would order the watch and the parts needed and begin configuring it for you once we received your deposit.

Should you decide that you don't want it any longer your deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable because we have already either started to assemble your watch or have already ordered it from our supplier. Once we do that we cannot return your watch or the parts and therefore we now need to stock it.

We only accept deposits, which are non-refundable and non-transferable. Deposits are valid for 5 business days, if you do not make payments within that time you forfeit your deposit. The first starts the day we receive your deposit. (ex: you pay a $1,500 deposit on Monday, you have until Friday 5pm to pay the balance or your deposit is gone).  Thus, please be certain you want a watch before leaving a deposit or making a purchase!


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