International Watch Orders


International orders are charged a standard $200 shipping fee. Every item shipped out of our store is fully insured. International shipping rates are subject to change depending on the price of the order and distance of delivery. To ensure a secure transaction, wire transfers are the only accepted form of payment for international orders. Once the wire transfer is received, the order will be shipped. 

International orders are not charged sales tax by Jaztime however you must pay customs and import tax in your own country. It is solely the customer’s responsibility to determine their own import and customs tax and to pay it accordingly.  There will be a 10% restocking fee for any customer that does not accept the watch and does not pay customs tax, instead having it returned to Jaztime.  We also cannot misrepresent the value of the watch when shipping internationally.  Since we are a USA company all our prices are in US dollar and we accept payment in US dollar only.

For example: If you purchase a watch from Jaztime for $10,000 plus $200 shipping for a total of $10,200 and the import tax in your country is 10%, then you will pay $1000 in customs tax for a grand total of $11,200 in hand. 


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