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Warning: You will need to show ID when selling your Rolex! We follow California state law, so we'll need to fill out a bill of sale, along with a copy of your drivers license or passport. We also ask for documentation that you are the actual owner of the watch (receipt, bill of sale, invoice, etc).

Warning: You will I get in trouble if you sell a stolen watch! Each watch we take in and its associated paperwork needs to be submitted to the police department for 30 days to ensure that it's not reported stolen. If it comes back stolen we are required to give the police department your info.

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How to Sell your Watch Step by Step:

You want to sell your luxury watch for several thousand dollars? So you want to be sure you are dealing with a genuine business, right? We understand that sending off your Rolex to a online reseller can make you feel uneasy. Please check our about us page and read what our customers say about us on eBay, Google and Yelp. Hopefully this will show you that your business is in good hands.

1) Get your free quote for your watch. Just fill out the form, add a few pics of your watch and we will tell you how much we can offer for your watch within a few hours via phone and email. With no strings attached.

If possible, please provide this pictures for the most accurate quote:

Which Rolex pictures you should send - if possible


Then you decide:
a) If you agree with the quote we will tell you how to proceed.
b) If you can show us that you found a better offer for your watch, we will match it.
c) If our offer does not sound good for you or if you changed your mind, we will not contact you again, regarding this.

2) If you are interested you can bring or send us your watch (including box and papers if you have them). We suggest insured shipping available from Fedex, UPS, USPS. You can request your watch back any time as long we did not pay you. In any case we will reconfirm the price with you in step 3.

3) We check the condition and authenticity of your luxury watch. Having dealt with tens of thousands of watches we can give you accurately just from the pictures. In fact 99% of the time there is no need to adjust the price after we receive it, since our expert appraisers get it right the first time. Unless you send us a watch or bring us a watch that is not the same as the one you sent in pictures you can bet our quote will be honored.

Then you decide:
a) If you agree with the price we transfer the money.
b) If you do not agree or changed your mind, we will send your watch back with insured shipping, free of any charge.

You receive the money and we start the servicing and polishing of the watch and try to find a new buyer for it. By the way, if you want to buy another watch for the money you receive, please check our „trade my watch“ page. We can get you a better deal then selling and buying separately.


What if the condition of my Rolex is not so great?

That’s ok! If you’re like the thousands of other people that wears their watch every day, it’s going to have scratches. We understand that, and here at JazTime we have an expert watch maker on staff to refurbish each used watch that comes in so that it goes back out in showroom retail condition. There’s no need to polish or service it before you sell it to us, that’s our job.


Why Sell my Rolex/ Luxury Watch to JazTime?

✓ The highest price: We offer a Best Price Guarantee! If you find a better price anywhere, we will match it.
✓ We have hundreds of satisfied customers: eBay, Google, Yelp
✓ Its easy, fast and convenient: Just fill out our online form, get a quote, get cashed out. Simple!

At JazTime we specialize in all Swiss watches. With tens of thousands of watches having passed through JazTime, a database of tens of thousands of customers, and one of the largest networks of dealers, JazTime without a doubt can pay absolute top dollar for your watch. Sometimes we can even pay above full market value if we have a client looking for the watch on our watch waitlist. We specialize in Rolex, Breitling, Cartier, Panerai, Omega, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, IWC, Jaeger Lecoultre, Hublot. Whether you’re looking to sell your $50,000 Patek Philippe, your $30,000 Audemars Piguet, your $10,000 Rolex, or your $5,000 Omega, Jaztime is your trusted source. One of the best reputations in the business.

Despite buying and selling all luxury watch brands, Rolex Watches are bought and sold more often than any other. The most frequently bought and sold Rolex models are Submariner, GMT Master II, Daytona, Datejust, President Day Date, Explorer, Perpetual Oyster Date and Vintage (over 30 years old).

We serve every city in the USA for those looking to sell Rolex watches or any luxury Swiss watch. No matter if you live in Orange County, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, Seattle, Las Vegas, Dallas, Chicago, Washington, San Diego, Denver, Phoenix, Atlanta, San Francisco, Boston, Austin or any other place in the US, we will buy your Swiss Timepiece.


8 Ways to sell your Rolex Luxury Watch

You have many different options to sell your Luxury Watch. is just one out of many. We want to tell you the advantages and disadvantages of every method, so you can make an informed decision.

The amount of money you can get for your Swiss watch is dependent on the model and the condition but also very much the supply and demand for your model. Rolex watches are the best in this respect, since they are always in demand and thus their value is more stable than most other luxury watch brands. A common problem with selling your Rolex is the classic Principal-Agent problem. There are some very convincing fake Rolex replicas in the market, con-artists on both the buy and sell side, and even violent robberies. In 2014, Jaztime had the misfortune of being one of those victims. Being robbed at gun-point, hogtied, pistol whipped and losing over $500,000 of our inventory, we can tell you it is not a pleasant experience. We have since made changes to our business model to provide higher security for all parties involved; moving from a retail location to primarily an online store with select inventory on-hand.

Additionally, it might take quite some time to find a buyer for your expensive watch; a buyer who is willing to pay the price you want for it and agree to your terms. Many hurdles await such as not having the means to verify that you are a legitimate seller, not being able to offer a warranty on the watch, or not marketing the watch and reaching the right customer might all contribute to a lengthy sale price which in the end might not even meet your target price. We know because even as professional resellers, we may hold onto certain watches for a few months up to a year before finding a serious buyer.

1) Friends, Family, Work Colleagues
This is probably one of the easiest and safest way to get a decent price for your Rolex. Try to find someone in your circle of family, friends or acquaintances who might be interested to buy your luxury watch. If you work for a larger company there might be a poster board or email list you might be able to use in order to advertise your selling intent. Will you get top dollar? That’s up to you. Do you want to charge your good friends top dollar? There are several possible drawbacks to this approach. How do you determine a fair price so that both will be satisfied with? You have to take the wear-and-tear into account, and the next regular servicing can be quite pricy if done at an official Rolex service center. Then, if by no fault of your own, something happens to the watch within few months of the sale or the buyer sees a cheaper price somewhere, even if it is for a fake replica version. These things can make an easy transaction between friends a cause for a strain in your relationship in the future.

2) On the street in your business district
Get a trench coat and stand on the street and try to sell your luxury watch. Okay - this is not really serious - but possible and could be fun. Just imagine how you would feel as a buyer. How would you know if the watch is genuine? Of course you could go together to a watch expert to authenticate the watch, but in general this method is not at all recommended .

3) In a pawn shop
Maybe the fastest way to get cash for your luxury watch is to go to the local pawn shop and get some money for it. But in most cases, this is also the way to get the lowest possible value for your watch. Most pawn shops do not specialize in luxury watches so they heavily discount their offer significantly for the uncertainty buying the watch is for them. Also, pawn shops may only be interested in loaning you money and holding the watch as collateral instead of buying it from you on the spot.

4) Local Rolex Boutique
Rolex and other luxury watch brands do not like to see anyone but authorized dealers selling their watches; thus an official Rolex boutique probably will not buy your Rolex. Even if they would buy, since their retail store comes with high overhead expenses, they need to discount their offer by a high margin; thus they will not give you the best market price for your watch. You can try and see what they tell you.

5) Jewelry Shops
This is not a bad idea since going to a credible local jeweler who has a retail store front is less likely to scam you. Local jewelers with a retail front have a high price mark-up, and typically pay bottom-dollar for a used Rolex watch if you walk into the store and try to sell it. Sometimes they don’t specialize in your particular watch brand, underestimate a walk-in customer’s other viable options, or just don’t want to pay top dollar. However, this is a good place to start - there’s nothing wrong with getting a quote from your local jeweler. Here at Jaztime, we always strive to give you the best offers possible. In fact if you have an offer from a legitimate dealer, show it to us and we’ll match or beat it.

6) On Craigslist or other classifieds platform
Okay, so you can put your watch up on Craigslist next to the language teachers, used furniture and erotic workers. Great place to sell a luxury item, right? Well, it doesn't cost much to try; other than time and nerves. It can be interesting to see what kind of people answer your ad. In general, the potential buyer has no idea if you offer a real Rolex or a replica and you can never know what kind of tricks the potential buyer has up their sleeves. Good luck with that. If you don’t mind meeting random people with several thousand dollars worth of cash and inventory, then this might be for you. You can meet at his house, he can come to your house, you could meet at your local coffee shop, a local police station might be good, there are lots of options here.

Lifesaver: Search Google for "Craigslist robbery“ and then decide if you want to meet someone on the street to sell your Rolex. (We like Craigslist, but before selling high priced items to strangers on the street you should know that it can be dangerous.)

7) eBay
Listing your watch on eBay is a decent idea, but it doesn’t come without its pitfalls. You can open an account, take some pictures of your watch, and put it up on eBay. But you need oftentimes need excellent feedback over the course of many years, and you need verified feedback selling high-priced items - not your typical garage sale stuff. Would you buy an item from some stranger without any positive reviews? In general it can take quite some time before you can find a buyer who is willing to pay a decent price there. Don’t forget about the eBay fees which can be up to $750/watch not including the paypal fee which is another 3%, in many cases it’s over $1,000 just in fees. And then, cross your fingers that you don’t encounter an unscrupulous buyer who decides to do a chargeback on Paypal (Paypal almost always sides in favor of the buyer) or makes use of the 4-week return policy.

8) Professional Luxury Watch Dealers like JazTime
You can get a free quote for your watch within few hours just by filling out our online form. Once you receive your offer you can decide if you want to sell at that price or not. It's one of the fastest and safest way to get true market value for your watch! If you find a better offer, we will match it. As resellers, we can offer you a good price because we know the watch market inside-and-out and can wait until we find the right client. JazTime is located in Orange County, California, but serve the entire United States via our online store. Since we do not have an expensive walk-in store front any more (primarily for security reasons due to the robbery) we can operate with low overhead costs, and thus provide very thin margins between buying and selling prices.

Thousands of customers have sold their used Rolex and other Swiss luxury watches to JazTime, either by coming to our office or sending it to us by mail. You can check their customer experiences with us on independent review websites like Yelp, Google and eBay. JazTime uses a transparent and fair process for all of our customers. Fill out our "Sell my watch“ form to receive your free quote.