Watch Authenticity Guarantee


Luxury watches command high prices, but this has led to a problem with fake or counterfeit timepieces flooding the market. This is especially problematic when attempting to buy a watch from a website like eBay and Craigslist, but even some seemingly respectable websites may actually be dealing in fake luxury watches.

At Jaztime, however, we guarantee that every single watch for sale on our online store is 100% authentic. As a result, you can buy from us with complete confidence and rest assured you will be getting the real deal, every time. Check our Google Reviews (click here) to see what hundrets of satisfied customers are saying about us.

Brand New Watches


How can you be sure that only deals with 100% authentic luxury timepieces? After all, is not an Authorized Dealer (AD) for any of the watch brands we offer in our online shop. In fact, brands like Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Panerai explicitly forbid their Official Retailers from selling online.

Yet, as the Financial Times reports (here), 20 percent of the entire luxury watch market takes place in the 'grey market' - a section which operates according to free market principles. Many Authorized Dealers sell off parts of their inventory to grey market dealers, like, in order to manage stock and clear less in-demand models.

Therefore, despite the fact that is not an Authorized Dealer, all of the brand new watches we sell originate from ADs, and those ADs are supplied exclusively by the watch brands themselves. There are many advantages associated with buying from the grey market, including a lack of waiting lists for in-demand models and lower prices for most watch models. => Find out more about the "grey watch market".

Pre-Owned Watches

Rolex claims that its watches last a lifetime. While this is obviously a good thing, not everybody wants to hang on to their watch throughout their entire life. Thus, many opt to sell their high value timepiece, or trade it in for a newer model. buys used luxury watches from all major brands and also offers a trade in service. These watches are then sold through as part of our range of used timepieces.

Again, as with buying brand new watches, we guarantee that all of the used timepieces for sale on are 100 percent authentic. Our team of experts have extensive experience in dealing within the luxury watch market and are able to identify fake or counterfeit models very easily, removing the risk.

We do not buy fake watches from customers and our security checks also go a step further. Using an international database, we can also tell if a watch is stolen too. This is all in the interests of our customers, so that you can have complete confidence in your purchase, regardless of whether you are buying a new or used model.

All of our watches are provided by reliable sources and are 100% Guaranteed to be Authentic. Every piece of our inventory is opened and fully inspected prior to purchase. Jaztime does not purchase "fake" watches, nor do we affiliate with any business or website that sells fake or replica watches. All product listings are intended to be as transparent as possible. Any customizations or modifications made to patricular products are represented in the pertaining listings. Note: Errors or omissions in descriptive, typographic, pricing and/or photographic representation are subject to correction. If you have any question or regarding the merchandise, please contact us prior to placing an order.

You bought a watch somewhere else and now you are wondering if your watch is authentic? Or need a letter of appraisal for your watch Insurance? Check out our "Authentification & Appraisal Service page".