Rolex GMT-Master II White Gold Meteorite Luminous Dial & Red/Blue Ceramic Bezel Oyster Bracelet 126719BLRO - BRAND NEW

Rolex GMT-Master II White Gold Meteorite Luminous Dial & Red/Blue Ceramic Bezel Oyster Bracelet 126719BLRO - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
Current Production
Serial Number
Warranty Date 2020
Model Number
GMT-Master II
Model Year


Screw Down
Case Back
White Gold
Case Size
40 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
White Gold
Folding Oysterclasp
Bracelet Type
Heavy: New Style


Watch Style
Dress Watch
Country of Manufacture


Welcome to JazTime. is an online store that buys, sells, trades, authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so our customers can easily choose the best watch for themselves in the comfort of their own home. If you would like to know the price, simply click on the link in the description below. If you enjoy our videos, we would greatly appreciate it if you would buy a watch at Today, I'm going to be reviewing the Rolex GMT Master 2, reference 126719-BLRO, meteorite dial, point gold, on oyster bracelet, with a Pepsi Bezel. I'm going to talk to you guys about the case, the bezel, the dial, the bracelet, the movement, try it on, and give you my thoughts. So let's start. It's 40 millimeters from my thumb to my index finger. Now that's the case, and the case is an oyster case. It's also made of white gold, 18 karat white gold, and Rolex actually makes their cases out of a model block middle case with a screw-down case back and winding crown. It has a pretty thin profile. I believe it's around 12 millimeters, last time I checked. And, Rolex makes their sports watches in either 40 millimeter, 43, or 44 millimeter. Most of their sports watches are 40 millimeter. So it's very comfortable on the wrist. And, of course, it being white gold, doesn't look so flashy. Yet, it's still a very expensive and very sought after watch. Now let's move on to the bezel. Now, as you can probably see the bezel is blue on top, red on the bottom. This is a GMT, which is used to calculate time, two time zones. This second hand right here, or not secondhand, this red hand, is a 24 hour hand. It goes around once every 24 hours. And it uses these graduated markers right here, to tell you what time it is. So, for example, this red hand is pointing to eight, that means it's 8:00 AM in a different place, like in Asia, or Europe, or something. Now, when this second, this red hand gets over to here, for example, 16. It means that in whatever place you designate, it's 4:00 PM over there. Like for example, in Europe, it'll be 4:00 PM when this red arrow shows up at 16. That makes sense? So, the bezel is a bi-directional rotatable 24 hour graduated bezel, and it's bi-color, two color, blue and red. And it has, if you turn it, it's not like the Submariner where it clicks, it moves on every hour, and you could actually calculate a third time zone using the bezel by turning it. But, I'm not going to go through that here. Now, why is it red and blue? Well, red signifies the day. So 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. That's red, presumably I guess you'd be awake, right? And then, blue would be night time, signifying night. From 6:00 PM to 6:00 AM. As I think, that's a pretty nice touch. It's also classic Rolex. Okay, and the bezel is ceramic. Rolex calls it Sarah Chrome Insert and Ceramic. Basically, it's just ceramic. Okay, if you take a look at that. And, it makes it so that the bezel does not scratch, and it's very scratch resistant, all right. Now, let's move on to the dial, which is probably, not probably, it is the coolest part of this watch. And, it's what makes this watch so expensive. Now, as you can see, I'm trying to hold it up in different lights for you. You can see, the dial is a meteorite dial. And, what do I mean by that? Well, Rolex says on their website that this meteorite dial comes from the heart of an asteroid, or possibly even a planet that has exploded. Propelling material across the solar system, until by chance it brings it into our planet, into our orbit, and gravity pulls it to earth. Holy smokes. Really, so basically this thing is from outer space. I mean, tell me what other things do you own that are from outer space? Probably nothing. Which is probably why, Rolex is asking a lot of money for this dial configuration, and which is probably why it's going to continue selling above retail. In fact, my guess, of course, I'm no fortune teller, but, my guess is that this dial will eventually not be made anymore. Because, well, they'll probably run out of asteroid I suppose, but who knows, right? Your guess is as good as mine, but anyhow, it makes this dial very, very valuable. And if you look at it, wow, it really is a joy to look at if you have the money, you know. Buying a watch that has an astroid inside it, and is from outer space, I think it's really worth the money. Even if you do have to pay a little bit more for it. And, the people that are buying this watch, you know in the 50K range, you know, they're not even, I don't really think they're having to worry too much about you know, a few thousand dollars. So, that's just my thoughts. But anyways, if you want to buy this watch, we have it at, which is why I'm reviewing it, cause a customer actually bought it. I'm gonna sell them this one, but I'm sure I could get you another one, if we don't already have it in stock. Check out our website, Okay, enough about the dial, let's move on to the bracelet. Now, the bracelet is 18 karat, white gold. And, how do I know that? Well, one of the ways that you can tell, that is by looking at these little insignias here, you see those stamps. Those stamps are 18 karat hallmark stamps, right? And, of course the bracelet is much heavier than steel because it's obviously made in white gold. It's an oyster flat, three piece link across, and it has a folding oyster lock safety class with a easy link, five millimeter comfort extension. So, you simply close it like this, close the top, and that closes it. That's pretty standard. It also has a five millimeter comfort extension, which I'm going to open right now. And, it works like that. Not too different. Actually, not different at all from other oyster bracelets. It's pretty much the same. Now, I told you I was finished talking about the case, but, I guess since we have it turned over we're about to talk about the movement. Which is a Caliber 3285, it has a precision of plus minus two seconds a day, and a power reserve of 70 hours. It's a new movement. The old movement for the GMPs used to be a 3186. This one's a 3285. It's more precise, and it has a longer power reserve. And, if you have actually opened it and looked at it, which is inside here, which I doubt you guys will. But, you can take my word for it. It looks more modern. It looks better. They've been using that old movement for a very long time. I want to say like 30 years. Although, it used to be a 3185, then it turned to a 3186, probably because it had minor variations from a 3185 to 3186. But, now, it's completely different. So, they've changed the caliber number to 3185. And, I think that makes sense. I mean, we're now in 2020, that older 3186, 3185 movement had been around for a very long time, like 30 years. So yeah, this one's more precise and it has a longer power reserve. Although you can't see it, so I'm not sure if that matters, but anyways. Look at the back of this case, you see these hallmarks. You can't see that from the video, but if you look at the pictures on our website,, you can actually see that those are 18 karat gold hallmarks that denote, that this watch is 18 karat white gold. All right. So, all right, anyhow, that's it. But, I am going to give you my thoughts. Now, my thoughts are that this is probably the king of the heap when it comes to sports watches. Why? Well, because it's white gold, and it's actually probably one of the most expensive and unique. It's white gold, which is very expensive, obviously. They don't make any watches that are in sports watches that are more expensive, other than maybe platinum. So, I guess that would be, you know, a contender for this flagship, or the very top of the heap. But, it's white gold, which is a precious metal. It has the iconic red and blue bezel, which is very unique. I don't know of any other watch that has a red and a blue bezel, other than maybe the Tudor, but that's only like a few thousand dollars. So, it has that, and this makes it super, super unique. This dial, holy smokes, a meteorite dial from outer space. I mean, can you just think about that for a moment? You have a watch on your wrist, that has something from outer space. You literally have it, it's sitting on your wrist. I mean, that could have been floating. That was floating in outer space. I don't know how long ago, but it was floating there, maybe for billions of years. And, now it's on your wrist and it only costs you like $50,000. I mean, I think it's a bargain. Now, I'm telling you 50,000 as of 2020, I don't know what's going to be in 2025. So, please don't quote me and say, "well you said 50,000 on 2020". Yeah, well that's 2020. I don't know what it's going to be in 2025. It might be higher. Might be lower, I don't know. But at any rate, if you want to buy it at the lowest price anywhere online please go to Don't watch my video and buy it from someone else. I'm making this video for you on a Saturday afternoon, so that you'll reward me and buy this watch at

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