What is the Rolex Luxury Watch Grey Market?

In many ways, the free market and the convenience of online shopping are the enemy of luxury watch brands like Rolex. After all, anyone who knows anything about economics knows the principle of supply and demand, yet luxury watch manufacturers misjudge the demand (and, therefore, the price) of their models all the time. Moreover, they also occasionally make models intentionally scarce, artificially adding to their prestige.

Based purely on demand, for example, there should be more stainless steel Rolex Daytona models. Yet, the company keeps numbers limited to build a sense of exclusivity. If you attempt to buy one from an Authorized Dealer (AD) you will need to be extremely lucky, or you may need to buy it alongside other less desirable Rolex models.

Luxury Watch Brands Create the Grey Market

Rolex Grey Market Online Shopping Jaztime Blog Review Showroom

For Authorized Dealers, watch manufacturers misjudging supply and demand is a problem. Dealers have to pay before they even know which watches they will receive. This can lead to problems when trying to clear their inventory of unsold, unpopular or obsolete timepieces. For instance, a Datejust 36mm with a pink diamond dial could be hard to shift, as it is too big for most women’s tastes, but too feminine for most men.

The solution? In many cases, they try to sell these less desirable watches together with more desirable models to a grey market dealer, who buys in bulk. Of course, the Official Retailer is unlikely to make as much this way, but sometimes cash flow issues and reducing the inventory are more important considerations than trying to sell watches in strict accordance with Rolex’s demands, which can be completely unrealistic.

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GUIDE: How to Sell a Rolex Watch on eBay

How to sell your rolex watch on ebay

If you have a used Rolex watch, or any other luxury watch that you are looking to sell, one of the most obvious options is to try to auction it on eBay. Certainly, when armed with the right knowledge and expertise, eBay can be a great marketplace and you should be able to receive a decent amount of money for your timepiece.

With that being said, there are many things you should keep in mind when trying to sell your Rolex on eBay, and some potential pitfalls to avoid as well. In this article, we take you through some of the most important of these.

Disclaimer: Here at Jaztime, we offer a free quote service for those selling Rolex and other luxury watches. With this service, you can find out how much your watch is worth in hours and receive cash within a few business days. Get your free watch valuation by using our free watch quote form (here). Nevertheless, we also have experience in selling Rolex watches on eBay and are more than happy to share some of the secrets to success with you.

How to sell your Rolex Luxury Watch on eBay:

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New 2017 Chanel Watch Collection

Since establishing its watch-making division back in 1987, Chanel has steadily emerged as one of the top names in the world of luxury timepieces. With celebrity wearers including Angelina Jolie and Kirsten Dunst, it is little wonder that the manufacturer’s watches have become highly sought after status symbols.

Although traditionally associated with ladies’ and unisex models, Chanel have recently branched out by designing dedicated men’s models too, increasing the anticipation of new releases from the brand. In this article, we take a closer look at some of the new models the company showcased at this year’s Baselworld Fair.

1. Premiere Camellia Skeleton Caliber 2

Chanel Premiere Camellia Skeleton Caliber 2 Review

Chanel’s foray into the watch-making field began with the release of the Premiere and this year marks the model’s 30th anniversary. To celebrate, the brand has released a new version of the rectangular watch, featuring a skeletonized dial. The new release is available in standard, diamond set and fully diamond set options.

All of these models are powered by the second exclusive in-house movement manufactured by Chanel, which is known as Caliber 2. The movement has been carefully designed, with skeletonized bridges spiraling outwards from it, creating the central dial pattern, which resembles a Camellia flower.

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