Panerai PAM 389 Luminor Submersible Amagnetic 1950 47mm Titanium Diver BOX PAPERS - PRE-OWNED

Panerai PAM 389 Luminor Submersible Amagnetic 1950 47mm Titanium Diver BOX PAPERS - PRE-OWNED

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Box & Papers
Production Year
Serial Number
R Series
Model Number
PAM 389
Luminor 1950


Pull / Push with Protective Bar
Case Back
Case Size
47 mm
Case Type
Luminor 1950
Case Shape


Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Tang Buckle


Hours, Minutes, Small Seconds, Date, Calculation of immersion time


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture
Water Resistance
300 Meters (1000 Feet)


Hey guys, this is Kevin from is an online store that buys, sells, trades in authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so that our customers can easily choose the best watch for themselves in the comfort of their own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online, and if you'd like to know the price of a watch, simply click on a link in the description below, and if you enjoy our videos, we would greatly appreciate it if you would buy a watch from once in a while. All right, so let's go ahead and move on to the review now. Today we'll be reviewing the Panerai Luminor Submersible 1950 Amagnetic, reference number PAM 389. We'll be talking about the dial, bezel, case, crown, strap, buckle, and the movement towards the end of the video. All right, so let's go ahead and move on to the dial. So the dial is very beautiful, just a black dial with luminous hour markers, with luminous tips on the second subdial at the nine o'clock position and the hour and minute hand also having luminous tips as well. The hour markers are painted on. Painted-on hour markers fashioned in 18 carat white gold, as you can see. The little sort of high-polish tintings to each hour marker. The hands themselves are skeletonized towards the middle to not block the second subdial or the day window or the name of the Panerai and the Luminor Submersible at the twelve and six o-clock position. Second subdial also luminous as well as you can see. Nice little painted-on markers there as well. The twelve o'clock position has two indices just to have a landmark to make it easier to view at a quick glance so you can easily tell the time. Specifically for the dark as well, if you have the watch on you can see two glowing indices at the twelve o'clock position and immediately know the time as well. We have a date window at the three o'clock position with obviously, of course, the date. Moving on to the bezel knob, the bezel is a beautiful ceramic bezel. It's a unidirectional bezel that helps track elapsed time. Unidirectional meaning that it can only turn to the left as you can hear the very beautiful clicking of the bezel shifting around. It does not turn the other way. The reasoning for that is this is, as I said, is a Luminor Submersible, stated at the twelve o'clock position. This is a diver's watch, meaning that if a diver was to use this to track the time they have left in their oxygen tank, you wouldn't want to accidentally bump that bezel the other way and give yourself a false reading of oxygen levels. That would be fatal. So that's why the bezel only moves in one direction. Of course, you can also use it for everyday activities as well, such as running a lap or checking how long a meeting can take, just by simply moving the luminous peridot to the minute hand, and you can track the elapsed time. Each little circular indicator in the steel represents a five-minute increment, so five, ten, 15, as you can see the Arabic numeral of the 15, Arab numeral of 30 and 45. Okay. Moving on to the case now, the case is a titanium case. It is a 47 millimeter case, so from my index finger to my thumb here, 47 millimeters in diameter. Fully titanium case. Also, the case thickness as you can see, very very thick case. It sits very high on the wrist. Probably around the same thickness as a Rolex Deepsea, which is about 17.7 millimeters thick, and the reason for the thickness of the case is because this watch is highly antimagnetic, as stated by the amagnetic name in the title of the watch, and you'll also see the engraving on the back of the case back, you'll see that amagnetic as well on the case back there. The reasoning for that is that there's actually two cases, so we have the outer titanium case and the inner case which is made out of a soft iron of the highest purity that encloses and isolates the movement so it diverts the flow of magnetic fields away from the movement so you can keep a precise reading throughout. All right, moving on to the crown now. The crown is housed in this nice little patented Panerai crown protector. You can see nice and protecting the crown. You can see this little smidge of the lever holding that crown down to keep it nice and water resistant for the 300 meters or 1,000 feet. Simply adjusting is an ease, just by pulling that lever down you can wind the watch from the standard position here. About 15 to 20 winds is all you need to get the watch started once more, and the power reserve of the watch actually boasts a three-day power reserve, so you can put this watch down on a Friday evening, pick it back up on a Monday afternoon, it'll be keeping time just fine. Tugging the crown now to the next position will actually allow you, so that we can move this minute hand out of the way here, so the first position of the crown will allow you to move the hour hand independently of the minute hand, and this is actually how you adjust the date of the date window as you see. It'll take two revolutions, of course, being a 24-hour period to change the day once. Okay. This is specifically useful if you're changing time zones or such, such as if you have a meeting or you're leaving from London at 12:25 or 12:26 or so and you're going to the Philippines for a business meeting. You can just simply adjust seven hours ahead which is the different time difference from Philippines or from London to the Philippines. So you can adjust easily to seven hours ahead and there you are. Nice and easy. But to the final position of the watch, you can actually just adjust the time however you like with the bidirectional hands. This will stop the seconds hand or the hack movement. You can see the second subdial stopped. Pressing that back in starts that second subdial once more, keeps this watch nice and water protected, as stated to 300 meters or 1,000 feet of water resistance. Moving on to the strap now. We have a beautiful rubber strap with the Panerai name. See the Panerai name embossed on there. The buckle, which is a simple titanium tank buckle. Panerai name embossed on there as well, but not a high polish, a nice sand finish instead, as this is more of a sporty watch then a dress watch, so a sand finish is usually seen on sportier watches. From the case back, we can see the official Panerai name embossed around it, and then the amagnetic underneath it as well on the case backing. The movement for this watch that's housed from the titanium case and that soft iron casing is the Panerai in-house made movement which is perpetual mechanical self-winding movement, Panerai or P9000 movement, as I said, is a three-day power reserve, and just has the functions of the hour, minute, and second subdial with the changing of the hour hand independently from the minute hand and of course the date as well. All right, so let me go ahead and show you this watch on my wrist now. Give me one second here. See. All right, so there's the watch on my wrist. It's a 47 millimeter watch, so a very, very large watch. As you can see, it almost fits my whole wrist, almost takes up my whole wrist space. Very, very high profile, like I said, similar to Deepsea and has 17.7 millimeters of thickness. Rubber strap actually looks very beautiful in terms of matching with the nice black face and ceramic bezel. Nice overall look of the rubber strap. Nice aesthetic to it, has the riveted edges. Overall nice design. Sand finish on the tank buckle for the additional resistance or durability. So if you're interested in this watch or any other watch for the lowest possible price, check out our web site at We have the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer a one-year warranty. And if you like the video, please like, comment, or subscribe below. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you guys soon.