IWC Big Pilot IW5002-01 Black Arabic Stainless Steel Leather Men's 46mm - PRE-OWNED

IWC Big Pilot IW5002-01 Black Arabic Stainless Steel Leather Men's 46mm - PRE-OWNED

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No Box or Papers
Production Year
Model Number
Big Pilot


Screw Down
Stainless Steel Domed
Case Back
Stainless Steel
Case Size
46 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
6 o'clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers
Index / Arabic


Band Material


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture
Water Resistance
60 Meters (180 Feet)


This certified authentic Used IWC Big Pilot Sports Watch, with the Model Number: IW5002-01, has a Stainless Steel 46 mm Round Case with Screw Down Crown and a Stainless Steel Bezel. This Men's IWC Big Pilot has an attractive Black Dial with Arabic / Index Dial Markers. The high quality IWC Automatic Movement will keep perfect time for you. The reliable IWC Leather Bracelet will look great on your wrist.

Hey guys this is Kevin from, and today we'll be reviewing the IWC Big Pilot reference number IW 500 201, we'll be going over the pricing, the dial, bezle, case, crown, strap, clasp, and we'll talk about the movement towards the end of the video, okay. So, the pricing of this watch, this watch has actually been discontinued for a few years now. So, as of October 2017, you can get this watch at for as low as $11,000 dollars, around the market pricing there, kay, moving on to the dial now. One thing to mention, as the history of the Big Pilots. The overall design, the overall design of the Big Pilot made sense if, as we go through it, I'll tell you little bits and pieces about the history of the design that we're looking for, when it came to aviators watch, and why the Big Pilot came out as it is now. So, so starting off with the dial color, we have a black dial with white index markers, and Arabic numerals, obviously, that was for more visibility. The black and white contrasting is the best visibility possible, in terms of viewing in colors. The date window wasn't actually there in the original Big Pilot watches, but it was added into this one. The date window is kind of a little bit different as well, as we have instead of the black and white contrast we have that white background and black Arabic numerals instead, which and kind of interesting that they did that, instead of going with the overall aesthetic, of the watch, which would be the black and then white. For the index markers and Arabic numerals both being shown, and that was mainly for for more visibility as well. Arabic numerals had better relation with scientific and professional matters as well. So, it helped in both regards visibility, and the scientific and professional matters. The next notable difference is the central seconds hand. As you see very large, very bold seconds hand, and that was, that was for, because pilots would periodically readjust the timing on their watches, referring to minute beeps on the radio, accuracy and precision of course, was fundamental, as if there's any slight differences or changes in time, they can end up with really bad calculations, which could be fatal, in their flight calculations. Okay. Besides that, besides that, we have this triangular mark with the two dots at the 12 O' clock position, and that was for using the watch as a solar compass to find the earth's true north in conjunction to other devices like a compass, kay. Besides that, the dial, the 3 O' clock position of the dial, we have the power reserve indicator, which is specifically for this watch is the name of the watch states is a seven day seven day indicator, as you can see it's currently at the one, which is at the very bare minimum, but as I wind the watch in this position here, it's already in the winding position, you can kind of, you'll see that indicator just immediately go up, kay, so let's watch, has a power reserve of seven days, which is an hour, so, you're looking at 168 hours. So, whole week's worth that it can be powered for, as you can see. Alright. Alright, so let's go ahead, and move on to the bezle now. For the bezle, we have just a very simple high polish, thin high polish on the bezle. You can see that there. Very thin high polish, very simple. For the case, you're looking at a 46 millimeter case size. So my index finger to my thumb here, that's 46 millimeters. Originally, there were designed with 55 millimeter case, of course, for more visibility, and once again, if you think about it, these pilots are wearing goggles, and they're flying through different weather conditions. So, they need that visibility, with that large, that large case diameter, of course, nowadays, probably don't need that large of a watch anymore, and this is more just for, more for looks that anything now. So, we have a 46 millimeter case size, so, it isn't too big on the wrist. We're, for the thickness of the case, you're looking at a 15 millimeter thick case. So, quite thick, but mainly that is because another design here is that they wanted an anti-magnetic case to ensure the watch was keeping accurate time, and pilots are usually exposed to magnetic fields all the time while they're flying. It wasn't rare situation at all. So, that's why the larger case size for that, resistance against magnetism, but it has that, besides that, it's a very brushed, very nice brushed steel, and that's on both sides of the case, very nice brush steel, even though the case size is a little bit on the thicker side, like I said, 15 millimeters, it actually helps with the crown, the crown specifically, once again, another design here is that they wanted a large onion, large onion crown, as you can see here, very large crown, and they wanted the large onion crown, which has additional and excellent grip on it. So, ya know, pilots that had really, had thick gloves as well could easily grip onto that crown, and adjust when they needed to adjust, but that case size, that 15 millimeter case size, actually helps with when the watch is on your wrist, that the onion crown doesn't actually jab into your wrist, when you're bending your wrist around. So, excellent foresight on that as well. As we move on the crown now, the crown as I've shown you previously, you can actually wind the watch, from this position, in it's standard position where it's nice and closed. The water resistance while the crown is closed down in the case is 60 meters or 180 feet. A simple tug of that onion crown will allow you to adjust the date, going counterclockwise, and you'll see at the 6 O'clock position, very easy, very simple. A final tug of the count will stop the second hand, or the hack moving, and you'll see that here. There we are, and this allows for also bi-directional setting of the hands as well. As you can see going clockwise and counterclockwise, the stopping the second ten is important as well as adjustment of the hack mover second hand's most crucial, as they needed precise time setting. So, they can set the second's hand exactly where they needed it, kay. Pushing your crown back in. Always make sure you push your crown nice and tight back in against the case. As you wanna keep your watch water resistant, and it also restarts the hack movement as well. Okay. Moving on to the strap now. The strap is a buffalo leather strap, as you can see. Very nice contrasting from the stitching as well, kay. Originally, the design for the buffalo strap was supposed to be a large buffalo strap was because pilots obviously were wearing very thick coats. So, they wanted to be able to fit, that strap around the coat as well, the wrist of the coat. Kay, for the claps, we're just looking at a simple deployment clasp as you see, just a very simple tug. We'll go ahead, and pull off that deployment, and we have the IWC name embossed onto a sort of sand finished background, with a high polish of the clasp blades contrasting of that, kay, pretty simple, closes very nicely. For the back of the case, very simple case back, we have IWC name embossed on there, nice high polish, along the edge, and just a very clean, very simple case backing. The movement of this specific watch for the IWC 5002, you're looking at in-house made caliber of 5,011, which is which has a seven day power reserve, and the indicator that you saw in front of the dial, the movement itself was updated from the IWC 5,000 movement, which the changes, the specific changes were that the smaller seconds hand was replaced for a larger central seconds hand, and the added of the date display at the 6 O'clock position as I've shown you, and of course, adding all these extra things, the total of the components, up to 109 different components together all working in unison, kay. So, let me go ahead and show you this watch on my wrist now. Alright, so there we are, kay. Look at that, absolutely beautiful watch, doesn't look, for being a 46 millimeter watch, actually, it doesn't look too big on my wrist. Absolutely very gorgeous, the thickness of it is very high though, like I said, 15 millimeters thick. So, it won't fit under suit cuffs dress cuffs very easily, however, if you are interested in this watch, check it out on our website at, go to the lowest prices guaranteed, we offer a one year warranty, and if you like the video, please like comment and subscribe below, thanks for watching, hope to see you guys soon. - [Narrator] If you want to find out more about the watch you just saw in the video, you can just click below on show more to see the full description. Then you can check the link next to more, less seen in video. Click on it, and you will get to the proper page, where you can see all the details. If you're watching on a mobile phone, you have to click on the arrow down, on the right hand side below the video to see the full description. If you liked this video please give us a thumbs up. If you would like to share this video with your friends, you can use the share button below, and share it on any platform you like. 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