IWC Big Pilot 5004 Stainless Steel Black 46mm Dial & Steel Bezel Leather Bracelet IW5004-01 - PRE-OWNED

IWC Big Pilot 5004 Stainless Steel Black 46mm Dial & Steel Bezel Leather Bracelet IW5004-01 - PRE-OWNED

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Box & Papers
Production Year
Model Number
Big Pilot


Screw Down
Stainless Steel Domed
Case Back
Stainless Steel
Case Size
46 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
6 o'clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Fold-Over Clasp


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture


Hey guys, this is Kevin from's an online server that buys, sells, trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so our customers can easily choose the best watch for themselves in the comfort of their own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online, and if you want to know the price of the watch, simply click in the links in the description below. We would greatly appreciate it if you would buy a watch from once in a while. Alright, so today, we're gonna be reviewing the IWC Big Pilot. This is the model number IW500401. We'll be going over the dial, bezel, case, crown, strap, and clasp, and we'll talk about the movement towards the end of the video. So, this IWC, the Big Pilot, is one of the more popular IWC pieces. It features a very large dial, specifically around, pretty close to 46 millimeters in diameter. That's just the case sizing. The dial's a block dial with Arabic numerals at the one, two, and you see it go all the way throughout, cut off the three, nine, and the six o'clock position. At the three o'clock position, we have a replacement of that Arabic numeral with the seven-day power reserve indicator. So, this watch has a power reserve of seven days, meaning you can wear this watch, put it down for almost a whole week, and it'll be still keeping time just fine. And I'll show you how that functions later when we get to the crown, along with the day at the six o'clock position as well. And I'll show you how that works as well. Besides that, for the luminosity of this watch, unfortunately, not too luminous. The Arabic numerals are simply painted on. The luminosity that comes on this watch is the hour hand, the minute hand, the three o'clock position, this little square here, the six o'clock position, that little square there, the rectangular square at the nine o'clock and the triangular hour mark at the twelve o'clock position. It's kind of a little bit strange when first looking at it. It starts off with two smaller ones then suddenly turning into a rectangle and then a triangle. But it actually works out very nicely when it actually does have that glow in the dark feature at night. It helps landmark the dials so you can easily tell the twelve o'clock position and the nine o'clock position, and the three and six o'clock position very easily at a glance. So you won't have trouble telling the time at all. Preferably I do like having all the Arabic markers and hour markers nicely lit up. But being able to simply just landmark those four places just really help improve the overall readability at night. All right, so moving on to the bezel now. For the bezel, the bezel is actually a very thin bezel. You can see nicely, high polish all the way throughout. It helps sort of frame that dial very nicely with a high polish. So it isn't just so bland that it's just that black dial and just contrasted by that white and all that. The nice high-polish really helps the face of the dial, helps window it very nicely to make it very eye-catching from that extra shine you get. Just from that small sliver of high polish. Moving on to the case now. The case size is a 46 millimeter case size as I mentioned. From my index finger to my thumb, here, that's 46 millimeters in diameter. And that's pretty much taken up by most of the dial spacing. The profile of the watch, you can see, is a very, very thick watch. It will sit high on the wrist. The exact measurement of this watch is 15.8 millimeters in thickness, so it won't fit under a suit cuff, dress cuffs very easily. It does sit very high off the wrist, but still even with those large dimensions of 46 millimeters and almost 16 millimeters in thickness, this watch still feels very nice on the wrist. And it still feels, actually, very light on the wrist as well, so you won't have that sort of wrist fatigue from wearing a large watch the whole time. As we move on to the crown now, the crown is a screwed on crown, that unwinds counterclockwise as shown. And in the center position you can actually wind the watch. About 15 or 20 winds is all you need to move it up a day or so on the power reserve. And I will show that to you now. You can see at the three o'clock position as I just continuously wind it, you see that easily jump up on the power reserve. So you'll be able to tell when you'll need to wind your watch. Hopefully, you can just do it all in one sitting, get to that seven days, and just leave it, and just rewind it when you need to. Pulling the crown out to the next position, skipped one there, will allow you to adjust the day at the six o'clock position very easily just by going counterclockwise. Very easy to use. And then pulling the crown out to the final position, will stop the second hand where the hand can move in, as shown now. You can see I stopped that at the twelve o'clock position. And then you can adjust the hands bi-directionally as shown. Now stopping the seconds hand does allow you to set the time down to the exact second, such as to an atomic clock online. You can set it down to the exact second and then press the crown back in and start it once more. Always make sure to screw the crown in nice and tight against the case, as you want to keep your watch water-resistant. Specifically for the Big Piot, you are looking at about six bars, which translates to about 60 to 61 millimeters of water-resistance, or two hundred feet. And actually, let me show you a close-up of the crown, nice, beautiful fleur de crown. You see the IWC name embossed on the side of the crown there right in the center. And just overall having that large crown, even though it protrudes actually it doesn't jab into the wrist at all. And the nice fluted-ness helps with the gripping of the crown, so very nice there. Moving on to the strap now. The strap is just a simple, black, alligator leather strap. As you can see, very beautiful, black alligator leather. The buckle itself is actually a fold-over clasp, so it has the sort of feature of the tang buckle, where you can just adjust the sizing of the strap to your liking. But then you can just simply pull the crown off as so, or pull the clasp off as so, and just slip that watch right on. This is a clasp plate here, nice high polish boring on the side with the sand finish down the center with the IWC name embossed on there as well. So once again I'll show you how that works once more. It snaps right in and all you have to do is just pull that right off. But it's still nice and secure. It does take a little bit of force to actually pull that buckle off. So those won't be falling off your wrist anytime soon. Moving on to the back of the case now where the movement is housed. So this movement is housed in this case backing. Nice high polish around the edge, but it also has the IWC name embossed onto there as well. What a very beautiful satin finish. The movement itself is just the automatic movement, in-house made by IWC. It's a caliber 51111 automatic movement that has the functions of the hour, minutes and seconds hand, and, of course, the day complication and also the seven day power reserve complication as well, so you can view that. Alright, so I'm actually going to show you this watch on my wrist. So once more, open up the clasp as so, slip that right on, snap that right back into place. And there we are. So a very, very beautiful watch. Absolutely gorgeous black dial. Like I said, the Arabic numerals, very nice with the landmarking of the glow in the dark features will be at the three o'clock, six o'clock, nine o'clock, and twelve o'clock positions. But as you can see it sits very high off the wrist with that almost 16 millimeters of thickness, with the black alligator leather. Looks very, very nice in conjunction with that dial. A large, large dial. That 46 millimeter case sizing just helps you read the face of the watch very nicely and just looks absolutely simplistic and gorgeous to look at. That nice beaming of the high-polish around the edge of the dial helps greatly as well. So if you're interested in this watch or any other watch for the lowest possible price, check out our website at for the lowest prices anywhere online. And if you like the video, please like and subscribe below. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you guys soon.