Where to Sell Your Broken Rolex?

Broken Rolex Watches
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Rolex watches are built to the very highest standards. The special Rolex 904L stainless steel is stronger than the steel used by most other manufacturers, while the crystal glass is highly durable. The brand also often utilises scratch resistant materials, and modern Rolex movements are designed to be as shock resistant as possible.

Nevertheless, it can occur that even the most robust, top-of-the-range, authentic Rolex watches become broken. The question for people who find themselves in this situation is: what should you do with you broken Rolex? Is it worth paying to have it repaired? Or can you still sell it, even in its current broken state?

Does Your Broken Rolex Still Have Value?

In most cases, a broken Rolex can be repaired and, for this reason, it will still have some value. With that being said, the value would understandably be less than a watch in excellent condition. The precise value of your broken Rolex is determined by a range of factors, including the model in question, what is broken, and the extent of the damage.

Yet, there is a key problem for those who are looking to fix their watch before selling it – sending a watch to one of the official Rolex Service Centres or affiliates for repair can be extremely expensive. In fact, in some cases, it can even be more expensive than the original retail price of the watch, let alone its current resale value.

Sell Your Broken Rolex

Sell your Broken Rolex for cash
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If you are simply interested in getting whatever money you can for your broken Rolex watch, you can sell it. Unfortunately, watch shops and pawn shops are not a reliable option here, as many will not be interested in a broken Rolex at all, and out of those that are, the majority will offer you a very low amount for it.

At Jaztime, however, we will buy used or pre-owned watches even if they are broken. To sell to us, all you need to do is fill out our free “Rolex Value Estimator” form, providing us with details of the watch model, photos of the watch itself, and as much information as possible about the damage to the timepiece.

Trade in Your Broken Rolex

Broken Rolex Trade in Exchange Value
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Do you have a broken Rolex, but still like the idea of wearing a Rolex on your wrist? One interesting option may be to trade your broken watch in against the price of a new watch, rather than simply selling it for cash. This can help you to replace your Rolex, without needing to pay the full cost of a replacement.

At Jaztime, we offer a wide range of brand new and pre-owned authentic Rolex watches, sold at discount prices. When trading in a broken Rolex watch, the various watches in our Used Rolex ON SALE section may be of particular interest and the trade-in value of your current model could cover a significant amount of the cost.

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