Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Stainless Steel White Dial 37mm 15450ST.OO.1256ST.01

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Selfwinding Stainless Steel White Dial 37mm 15450ST.OO.1256ST.01

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Box & Papers
Audemars Piguet
Model Number
Royal Oak
Model Year


Screw Down
Case Back
Stainless Steel
Case Size
37 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers
Grande Tapisserie


Band Material
Stainless Steel
AP Folding Clasp


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture


Welcome to Jaztime. is an online store that buys, sells, trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so our customers can easily choose the best watch for themselves in the comfort of their own home. If you would like to know the price simply click on the link in the description below. If you enjoy our videos, we'd greatly appreciate it if you would buy a watch at Today I'm going to be reviewing the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak self winding 37 millimeter reference one five four five zero S T dot oh oh dot one two five six S T dot zero one. I'm gonna talk to you guys about the bezel, the dial, the case, the bracelet, the movement, try it on and give you my thoughts. So let's dive right in. As I said, it's a white dial also or you can call it a silver dial. Kind of depends on what you call silver and what you call white. To me, it looks very, very white as I'm looking at it here under these lights but some people have called it silver. To me, it looks white. So it's a white dial with a stainless steel case. And actually the whole watch is stainless steel and it's 37 millimeters from my thumb to my index finger. And as I said at the beginning I didn't say at the beginning, I showed you the movement. The movement is automatic. So what is special about this watch? Well, Audemars Piguet makes their Royal Oaks for men they used to only make it in 41 millimeter. Now they've sized it down to a 37 millimeter. So what does that mean? Well, either a man who has a smaller wrist or prefers smaller watches to go with the 37 or a woman who prefers larger watches can go with the 37 millimeter. Now women can also choose between I believe it's a 33 millimeter quartz or a 37 millimeter automatic and men can choose between a 37 millimeter automatic and a 41 millimeter automatic. So let's go ahead and talk a little bit more about this watch. As I said, the case is 37 millimeters from my thumb to my index finger and it's all stainless steel. What else notable about this? Which I really like about the Royal Oak collection is the thickness. The thickness is 9.8 millimeters from my thumb and my index finger right here. and that's the thickness. Now by comparison a Datejust is around 11.5 millimeters so this makes it about 10 to 15% thinner, which actually makes quite a big difference. And what else I want to show you about this case is two things. One, the polish and two, the design. Now on most watches, when it comes to the lug here and the bracelet connects, you'll notice that this one connects at a degree, at an angle. Most other watches go straight down and this one comes at an angle, which actually makes the watch look bigger than it really is because if you look at it straight on, the bracelet kind of comes out. So it's actually meant to be not as big as your entire wrist. Hopefully that makes sense. And you know what? You can kind of tell. You see how the case it's slanted right there, like kind of a 45 degree angle and that makes the bracelet you see the bracelet itself is going at a 45 degree angle. Kind of makes it look bigger than it really is and actually wears bigger than it is even though it's only 37 millimeters. It's still a very good size. I think a lot of men are going to be changing to this one or to 37. People used to think 41 was like the best but you know it's proven to be a little bit too big for most people, for many people that is. What also I would like to show you about this case, okay, it doesn't differ all that much from its older brother the 41 millimeter, but it does have some of the cool features I do like. Now, if you look at this side right here as I'm pointing down where my finger just ran that's all high polish right there. And if you look at the way that they've done their polish it's just incredible. I mean you can see right here where my thumb is high polish. And then here on the side of the case is brushed finish. And they do that on the rest of the watch and it really keeps the continuity going. And if you look down the center case it's also brushed polish. Now moving onto the bezel, okay, the bezel is also has a very beautiful polish. If you look at it here on the edge where it's kind of reflecting back black, well, that part is high polished. And the front side of the bezel is using a brushed polish right there. Now I think that's pretty neat. I really like that about and that's what I've always noticed about AP watches. is that the polish is just absolutely incredible. Okay. And I guess I should bring your attention to this other thing. These screws here are actually white gold screws. And if you notice they're all pointing in the same direction and they're actually false screws they're actually a hexagon. So you might wonder, well, how do you turn a hexagon? Well, you don't. So this case is held together by bezel, gasket, case and case back. So what you do is you put in this top screw right here on the left, and then on the bottom, you see how there's a screw right there where my index finger's pointing, you use this screw right here where my index finger is and screw it through. And the hexagon screw over here is the acceptor. That makes sense? And then you squash the pieces together. Very, very smart design if you ask me. And it actually also has a gasket as you see here. And on the older ones they used to be really fat gasket, very noticeable but they've gotten rid of that. And I think wisely so, cause the gasket was a little bit unsightly before. I like that they've thinned out the gasket. It actually can't even tell it's a gasket if you know what you're looking for. It actually just looks like a space. And that's just, anytime you have two pieces of metal connecting with each other, you need to have a rubber gasket to seal it so that the water doesn't come through. Okay, anyhow, it still has a water resistance of 50 meters. And as I said, a case thickness of 9.8 millimeters and a case size of 37 although it wears larger for those reasons that I told you earlier. Okay, now let's move on to the bracelet. Now the bracelet is also another really awesome feature of AP. Audemars Piguet. And I'm kind of turning it left and right like this so you guys can see the light kind of like glimmer off of it. Not to sound cheesy, but it really sparkles. and it really catches your eye. And why is that? Well, I've actually looked at it and kind of figured out why. If you look at the top of the bracelet, it's brushed steel, right? And if you look at the side there's this line of high polish. In-between, you see like where my pinky is pointing? There's like a tiny little bit of high polish. It's crazy. It's like AP went through the lengths of high polishing each one of those end links on both sides to make sure that the watch sparkles even though it's a steel watch. You see that? So the effect of that ends up making this bracelet kind of sparkle as if it were a diamond. Now unless they hold this watch up close or they watch this video, I of course, having handled thousands of watches noticed that and I thought wow, what a cool feature of this watch. I know why other companies probably don't do it because it just takes a lot of fricking work. And I assume that means a lot of money and this has gotta be done by hand. So yeah, that's probably why they don't do it but AP does it and it looks very beautiful. Now let me show you this stainless steel AP folding clasp. How does it close? You simply close the top and then close it like that. And as for the dial, the dial is a grand tapestry pattern with white gold applied hour markers and Royal Oak hands with luminescent coatings. Okay. So let me show you this one right here. Okay. That's what it would look like at night. Okay. Yeah. Pretty cool. Huh? At least you can see it. Okay. Now let's move on. Well, actually, you know, I guess you could see it. I can't really see it that well at night. You know, if you wanted to see something really well I know you probably have to go with a Royal Oak but this is the Royal Oak. Oh, sorry. Royal Oak Offshore. This is the Royal Oak. Okay. Now let's talk about the movement here. The movement is also a thing of beauty here. In fact, it's probably the most beautiful part on this watch and they really hit it on the head. What do I mean by that? Well, they have an exhibition case back here and that means that you can see right through the movement. And I don't know why other companies don't do that. It's a really really smart idea. I mean, if you're going to spend all this money, and time and effort, well, you should make it so that people can actually see your movement. In fact, AP movement has 280 parts. Power reserve of 60 hours and a frequency of three Hertz. That's pretty impressive. Imagine putting together 280 parts and then concealing it so no one could see. Wouldn't that be kind of retarded? No, you should display it with an exhibition case back like you see here so that people can actually admire your 280 parts of work. If I were AP, that's exactly what I would do. So I don't understand how come other companies don't do that, but it might be because their movements aren't really that good looking. You ever think about that? And I was thinking, well, maybe that's why, you know they don't do that because they can't make their movements up to snuff like AP can. Okay. So the movement on this is a three one two zero. It's slightly different than the 3126 which is its larger big brother. I don't really know what the exact difference is but to me it basically looks the same. It still has this monoblock 22 carat gold rotor. That's this thing what my finger is pointing to and I'm tapping on. And if you actually look at it with a loop, it's absolutely perfect. There's no mistakes. And a number of joules on this thing is 40 joules. So anyways, with all that said this is a pretty awesome watch and time for me to try it on and before I do so and show it to you, if you want to buy this watch, please go to because that's the reason we're making this video. So customers like yourself can choose which watch they want and then go to our website J A Z T I M to buy it. Now onto my thoughts. Well, this is a 37 millimeter watch. I have an average wrist. And as you can see, does it look too big or too small on me? No, in fact it actually looks perfect. And for the reasons I stated earlier, 36 could be small. However, if you look at the way that AP rolls their bracelet which is kind of put it at an angle, then you'll understand why 37 millimeters is still a pretty darn good size. And if you asked me for the price point around 20 K its main competitors would probably be that of like maybe the Rolex Daytona which is also a steel watch in that 20 K range. But I gotta be honest. I think the AP kind of smokes the Daytona and the reason is because, well you can see that it's an exhibition case back. The movement is superior. The bracelet is also superior. The size is about the same to me to be honest. It actually kind of wears just like a 40 millimeter Daytona. It, you know, because a Daytona, yeah anyways that's- it kinda does. And it kind of has a special look with this octagonal bezel. So I got to say, you know, for my money if you're going to spend it's a really hard toss at this 20 K range, you've got the Daytona, you got this one. If I had the money and yeah, I would probably choose this AP if I wanted a little bit different. And I also liked that it's thin, check that out. See how thin it is. Thanks for watching.

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