Tudor Black Bay P01 Black Dial Stainless Steel Bezel & Bracelet 42mm 70150 - BRAND NEW

Tudor Black Bay P01 Black Dial Stainless Steel Bezel & Bracelet 42mm 70150 - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
2010-2020 Recent
Model Number
Black Bay P01


Screw Down
Stainless Steel Domed
Case Back
Case Size
42 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color


Band Material
Fold-Over Clasp


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture


Welcome to jaztime.com. jaztime.com is an online store that buys, sells, and trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so you can easily choose the best watch for yourself in the comfort of your own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online. If you'd like to know the price simply click the links in the description below. We greatly appreciate if you buy your next watch from us at jaztime.com. Today, we'll be talking about the Tudor Black Bay P01 stainless steel on a leather, a brown leather and rubber strap. Model number 70150. Now note that I specified this as the Black Bay P01. The P01, meaning that it's prototype one developed in the late 1960s and proposed to the U S Navy. So there's a bit of history behind this particular watch. The product actually didn't make it out of the sixties until very recently. Here is a real verified and only model in the prototype line that was finally released in 2019 last year, which came out of a prototype. So we're actually shredded very largely in secrecy. So, you know, being a division of the U S military and all, confidentiality is quite the hallmark. And you know, what did come first, however was actually Rolex's Deep Sea model, which reportedly was a literal copy of one of the prototypes for the U S Navy and again, charted in secrecy. So I can't necessarily verify that for you, but, you know simply I'm not old enough to have lived through that time period, but onto this watch. We're going to discuss the aspects of the case, style, bracelet, clasp, and I will discuss the bezel at the end because I have quite a bit to say about it. And I'll give you my thoughts on it as we go through all of these features. Alright. So this case measures 42 millimeters in diameter finger to thumb. It is 14.2 millimeters thick with a 22 millimeters between lugs and over 55 and a half millimeters tall from lug to lug. It seems much larger than it really is. It is made entirely out of stainless steel with satin brush finishing on every visible surface. Alright, note that there are very broad yet sharp profiles on every side of this watch. And if you notice there's only one small slight beveled edge on the underside. Yeah. Kind of hard for the camera to pick that up, but there you go you can kind of see it there. Very, very small. And it's also brushed satin, which essentially underscores the otherwise sweeping motions of this case. The case back also contains that typical screw down. Look what the, with the, the the etching, that's the word the etching that you'd expect from a Tudor brand watch, alright. The crystal on the front is of a transparent scratch-resistant sapphire. So there's no fear of suit threads or buttons possibly damaging it. And if you look closely it actually has a slight domed feature to it. Very interesting design choice there. The dial on this model is black with the thin minute graduations with the applied lumen loom hour markers, not unlike a say sub mariner models, but note that these markers are not actually raised or applied onto 18 karat gold settings. If I can zoom in a little closer there, you can see that they're painted directly on to the dial with precision. Alright. As with a some mariner models from both Rolex and Tudor the 12 is triangle with the six and nine hour markers being rectangles helping to tell the time in dark underwater situations and underwater is where this watch can very easily go With it being water resistant to 200 meters or 660 feet as you can see in red there. The date window remains tiny at the three o'clock position. There was cyclops lens to magnify it but notice that it's inside its own little painted box to sort of push it up, that visual hierarchy the hour hand follows the typical black bay. hour hand of that era that continues to this very day known as the snowflake, which you know directly indicates Tudor at a single glance. The second hand also has a similar scaled snowflake look only to compliment the elongated minute hand that very lightly overlaps the minute hash marks around the dial. And when I turn off the lights you can actually see the luminescence let me turn the lights out, alright? And you can see very clearly 12 o'clock triangle secondhand, sweeping motion all the way across the dial with that snowflake dots for all the hours except the six and the nine which are rectangles. Alright now, turning the lights back on. Alright. So if you look at the case you'll notice that the crown is actually not at the three o'clock position but at the four o'clock position, interesting design choice. And while this is not, you know, necessarily uncommon it's quite uncommon knowing that this is a black bay model. And however it is buttressed between, you know two crown guards, which are very, very strong, actually. So you have that peace of mind, knowing that this crown will retain that water resistance and you know, simply bumping it somehow. You know, you, you won't damage any of the internal mechanism either. And while we're here we can demonstrate the function, simply unwind it. And In this first position you can simply wind the watch to power the movement within so that it retains that power reserve. You can pull out to the next position, hold on a minute let me move the minute hand. You can pull out to the second position and rotating it. Counter-clockwise you can advance the date. Now it takes about a 90 90 degree turn to advance the date fully but has a very tactile feel. It feels very nice. Pulling it out to the final position, stops the seconds hand, so you can then move the minute hand for precise timekeeping, as you like, and remember press the crown back in to start up the seconds hand and wind it tightly against the case for that superior water, water resistance. Alright. And the strap, as I indicated earlier fits between these 22 millimeter lugs as you can very likely change these out if you'd like but as this is the only possible option for this watch you'd expect it to be good enough. And it certainly is exceptional note that the the strap is actually connected with two pivot points where the attachment to the case is a single link that houses the strap on one side connects to rather tightly to the underside of this case, allowing for smaller wrists to take advantage of wearing this timepiece. The 12 o'clock side also is a bit closer for a feature. We'll talk about when we get to the bezel, it's a very comfortable wear both on the wrist and against with a leather exterior, with that bread or beige or air crew type of stitching onto a very thick piece of rubber and the interior of which let's see if I can show you actually has an etching or not etching a pattern, a very specific rubber pattern that mirrors that of say like the snowflake There we go. That matches that of like the snowflake hand that you can see. Alright. And while we're here, the clasp on this is actually not unusual as well, but it might be uncommon to some of you is also adjustable while wearing a while. Also being a foldover with a safety catch as you've seen all satin finished to match the case. So taking a look at the strap here this is the safety clasp, simply lift it and pull on that to release the single folding lock there. And if you need to adjust the strap there's a single pin that comes out from under this triangular end here that you can then just pull to size as necessary alright now I size this watch for my wrist a little bit earlier So that's about the setting that I'd want it to be in. Alright. And while we're here, we can just try this watch on take a look at it on the wrist. Okay. And while we're here also the most important part of this timepiece from a technical standpoint would be the movement. It is the N T 612 caliper made in-house by Tudors COSC certified eight diameter of 31.8 millimeters 6.5 millimeters thick beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour or four Hertz with 26 joules. The balance spring is made of silicon and therefore anti magnetic with the variable inertia balance oscillator. The functions also all include what I've shown previously the hours, minutes, and central seconds with the date functions, as well as hacking seconds. So you can set the time precisely as you adjust the minute hand altogether the power reserve for this watch is 70 hours. So you can set this down for almost three whole days. You'll be keeping time just fine. Now here's the part where I talk about the bezel, it's quite a unique bezel. And I can probably, actually ask you a few questions. If you've seen a number of our videos, you know there's no standard things that you'd see about you know, rotatable, bezels. Well, I just gave you a small hint there. And while, while the rotating bezel, you know it doesn't actually move right now. I could probably ask you, you know what do you notice about this? Well, if you said that there's a locking mechanism on top you'd be right. And as you can see why this 12 o'clock link actually folds down more is so that locking mechanism can be popped open, right? And once you open that locking mechanism you can then rotate the bezel. And you know, if you said that this is a bi-directional rotator what does rotatable bezel you're certainly right. It also has a very exact and crunchy, tactile feel. Something that feels very nice with the hands. And you know, if you said that this is an entirely brushed steel to match the case. Yeah. You'd be right. If you said that the neural edges make it easy to rotate either forward or backward, you'd be right. If you said that the numbers are all engraved in black you're still right. You're straight a students so far, but what else do you notice about this bezel? Can you see it? Alright. Let me give you another example. How about now, what do you notice about the Tudors bezel? Still don't quite see it? Well, let's match it to the sister company Rolex. What do you notice about the bezel? If you said it was a number of markings, you'd be right. The number markings on the bezel for this Tudor is actually hour markings. So why hour markings, if you've seen our videos on submariners or even sea dwellers, or even, you know this yacht master that I have on hand you'd notice that all the numbers on those bezels indicate minutes, which is vital for tracking decompression stops, diving time, or you know, distance, the, the amount of time that it takes for you to travel from one point to another which would be typically in minutes. But remember this, this was a watch to be used by the US Navy, or at least based on the prototype. So why would you need to measure decompression stops or diving time by the hour and not the minute? There's also another factor missing. If I turn out the lights again there's no luminescent capsule at the zero hour marker to indicate the start of your timekeeping. So tracking time, isn't very practical in the dark depths of the ocean. Also note that the U S Navy would want a simple model that just works. Would they really want to faff around with a bezel lock? Seems a little suspicious to me. Alright. And alright, now, since I'm done talking about the bezel that was quite a mouthful but quite a lot to think about actually right. Trying this watch on again. And just for little reference here the easiest way to put this on is to have the safety latch open all the way aim your strap through the little holders there and just push it closed. Easy safety clasp over, and you're done easy. Now, looking at this on my wrist if you'll notice the lug to lug distance, you know, being over 55 millimeters long really makes this seem a lot longer than it really is. It's a whole lot of case for a single watch. And, you know, the 12 o'clock side really does seem to stick out a little bit more than on the six o'clock side. So, you know, if ever, if ever I get into an altercation with someone, you know, which side is gotta be sharper. And that said, however, this time piece itself feels quite heavy compared to the strap, you know, understandably. So, which is good that it comes on rubber. So it does not flip around my wrist, like a hula-hoop. So who exactly is this for? It's very strange watch indeed, who is this for? Not likely for real divers, even though the waterproofness is there the bezel doesn't really tell you much unless you plan to spend half your day under water, this model, you know technically being a black bay, but at the same time not really being a black Bay means that this is for anyone Who's kind of going against the grain and still wants that peace of mind that, you know you get what you expect out of One of the most popular model lines coming out of Rolex is sister company, but you maybe you want something different and this is who that watch is for. But enough about my thoughts. What are your thoughts on this time piece? Let us know what you think down in the comments below. Be sure to leave a like as it really helps our channel out. Be sure to share this video with anybody looking for the next watch. And don't forget to subscribe, click that bell notification. So you can be notified when we go live with another video. Don't forget if you want this or any other watch. be sure to put in your order at jaztime.com. They're a little bit harder to close since it's not on my wrist, but there you go.

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