Tudor Black Bay GMT Black Dial Red/Blue "Pepsi" Bezel Stainless Steel “Terra di Siena” Brown Leather Strap 41mm 79830RB - BRAND NEW

Tudor Black Bay GMT Black Dial Red/Blue "Pepsi" Bezel Stainless Steel “Terra di Siena” Brown Leather Strap 41mm 79830RB - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
Current Production
Model Number
Black Bay GMT


Screw Down
Case Back
Stainless Steel
Case Size
41 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color


Band Material
Tang Buckle


Watch Style
Sports Watch


Welcome to Jaztime. Jaztime.com is an online store that buys, sells, trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos, so our customers can easily choose the best watch for themselves in the comfort of their own home. If you would like to know the price, simply click on the link in the description below. If you enjoy our videos, we'd greatly appreciate it, if you would buy a watch at Jaztime.com. Today, I'm going to be reviewing the TUDOR Black Bay GMT, reference: M79830RB - 0002 Also known as Pepsi GMT TUDOR. I'm gonna talk to you guys about the case, the bezel, the dial, the bracelet, the movement, try it on and give you my thoughts. So let's dive right in. The case is 41 millimeters. That's my thumb to my index finger, making it one of the largest, if not the largest TUDOR sports watch that they make. The case is pretty interesting. It's stainless steel, as you can see. But I'm gonna give you, show you guys a few little things about this case that make it quite interesting. Number one, if you look at the side of the case right there, you'll notice that on the top section, it's hype, it's a brush polished. And then, it's kind of hard to see from this video, but I can see it very clearly with my eyes, the grains and the finish on the top portion where it has satin finished is really, really nice. And then, well, this watch is brand new, so it has a sticker on this outer edge right here. So you can't see how high polished it is. I'm not gonna take it off 'cause obviously it's brand new. However, if you look at this line, you see this little line on my fingers pointing? That line right there, that's all high polish. So they, they do like a beveled edge is really interesting. And I'm really actually surprised to see that to them to have such care on a white watch at this price point, which is, you know roughly retailing for around $4,000, at least as of 2020. And for them to do this kind of polished job on that, reminds me actually, of much higher end watches such as AP, that also do this. And I'm just surprised that TUDOR at this price point can afford to do that 'cause it looks really nice. It gives the watch more of a 3D look to it. Okay. So I'm sort of turning it sideways, so you guys can see. Also, I want to show you this crown here. Oh yeah. I guess I should say, so it's 41 from my thumb to my index finger. That's the size of it. So it's a good size. It's a big size. It's bigger than most Sports Rolexes, which are on 40. This is 41. And also I gotta tell you, it's a little bit thicker than a, that most Rolexes. I think I have a submariner here. I can show you by comparison. It's just a tiny bit thicker. All right. And let's, let me show you that. Can you guys see that? The differences? It's not much but the submariner on the right is a little bit skinnier. So if you like a fatter watch, you know, like your watch to wear a little bit bigger, you know, the TUDOR would be a good choice. Now, just keep in mind the submariner, the GMT which would be the TUDOR Pepsi's older brother. It's the same size of this submariner, so it's just kind of the same thickness. So it's funny actually, the little brother is actually has a smaller case size or has a big, has more of width then the younger brother which is the GMT that I have here. The younger brother has the, is thicker. You would actually think that older brother which is the Rolex GMT would be thicker but it's actually the TUDOR that's thicker. Okay. All right. So let's move on here and talk about what next. The bezel. The bezel, it turns it's bidirectional rotatable. It has 48 notches, one for every half hour. It's in steel and it's 24 hour graduated. And the bezel insert itself is and denies aluminum disc in matte, burgundy and blue. What does all that mean? Okay. Well, basically, this insert right here, not this silver thing that stainless steel. This, the insert, this, this colored part is aluminum. Now that's good and bad for couple of reasons. One is give a scratches, it's cheap to replace. But two, it does fade over time. Now that could be a good thing or bad thing. Some people like it to look vintage and fade over time. And aluminum will fade over time because it's basically paint on top of aluminum. So with time it would fade like its older brother, the ceramic will not scratch. But if you hit it, it'll crack and it doesn't fade. So there's positive benefits to both. Now, yeah. So that's the bezel there, okay. Let's talk about the dial. Now the dial, I like this about the TUDOR actually. And I'll point it out to you. What? Check this out at night. This is what it would look like at night. I'm shining a UV light at it. That's what it would look like at night. That's pretty darn legible. And if you compare that to its older brother, the Rolex GMT, it's not as legible as this one. Why? Well, because TUDOR has put these huge hour markers at the GMT hand and the hands they've made them very, very legible so that it's very easy to read at night. And also it's a bigger watch. Now this watch only comes in black, a black dial. So yeah. Oh yeah. Hey, I forgot to mention, you know, there's this bezel, one of the other things you can note about it, is that it's matte as in, it's not shiny. Now it's older brother, the Pepsi GMT Rolex is shiny. Now some people don't like their watch shiny. Some people like it matte, it just depends. It's like, do you want your car shiny? Or do you want your car matte? It depends. Everybody's different. So they make a different watch to suit different taste. And this particular watch is matte finished. They call it burgundy and blue. Burgundy, I don't really even know what burgundy means. I'm assuming that means red? But I don't know why they don't just call it red. I guess red and blue would be a little too boring. So they had to call it burgundy. Okay. So anyways, the crystal here, I want to show you something else kind of cool about the crystal is the TUDOR website calls it a Domed sapphire crystal. That means it's sort of has this bump to it or this curvature to it. I kind of see it, but not really, you know, a little. I kinda mean, I kind of see it, you know. But anyways, they say it's there. So I assume it's there. Okay. Now let's move on to the movement here. Now you guys can't see the movement anyways and I'm not gonna open it. But the movement is a MT 5652. It's COSC certified. That means it's certified to a particular precision. It has a power reserve of 70 hours. It's self-winding, it's automatic. You do not need to wind it, so that's a very good thing. Okay. Now let's see. Now the brace, this watch all, let's talk about the bracelet. The bracelet on this one that you're looking at, obviously is leather. It's a Terra di Siena brown leather strap with folding class and safety catch. Let's see what all that means. Here's how you close it. Now, by the way, you simply put the leather strap through here. That little pin right there where my right thumb is pointing. That's where it locks in. You simply insert the tip of this here, close it shut and then close the safety catch. Not that difficult, but I do like that because look. It makes the watch very secure, so it doesn't fly off your wrist. I think that's a pretty good thing. A leather. They also make this watch on stainless steel strap and they also make it on a canvas strap. So you got a couple of different options. Just depends on how you like to wear your watch in what style you think it is cool. I don't really have an opinion. I actually think all of them are cool. They make leather strap. They make stainless steel shot. They make canvas strap. So they really make it in every variation which leaves you no reason not to buy this. Because whatever strap configuration you like, they make it. Okay. So here onto my thoughts but not before telling you where you can buy this watch at the lowest price anywhere online at Jaztime.com. J-A-Z-T-I-M-E.com. Most authorized dealers, don't have it. We here at Jaztime do. Simply click on the link in the description below to buy it. Okay. So here are my thoughts. I really love this watch. And I'll tell you why. It's the TUDOR GMT. It's a younger cousin of, or younger brother of the Rolex GMT, which is gonna cost most people around mid to high teens as in like $17,000. If you can get it on the gray market. If you can get it from an AED which is very unlikely, you know, it's still gonna be around 10,000. But this one looks very similar to it. It has all the same functions, the GMT hand, you know, the red and blue, everything basically. And you know, it still has the name, not a Rolex name but it's still pretty close, you know. And you can even have a selection of leather canvas or our stainless steel strap. So to me, that's a really big benefit. You can pretty much choose. Like, I just think it's a very good value. You know, the retail price on this is roughly $4,000. And for me, a $4,000 watch is not a very expensive watch. You know, it's a luxury watch obviously. 'Cause $4,000 is not nothing but it's not a super expensive watch. And for the price point, you know, if you compare it to its competitors, let's say Omega and some others. You know, this is a very good watch at, you know, considering as competitors, maybe Omega, maybe, you know, some of the base model pan arise, you know. So it's a very good buy, in my opinion. You get a lot of name recognition. You get some good functions that GMT. You get a little bit of color being this little red and blue. And you know, it's a pretty cool watch. I think you could wear this daily and be very happy with it. So check it out at Jaztime.com. J-A-Z-T-I-M-E