The Rolex Day-Date was the first watch to include both the date and the day of the week on its dial, and 18k yellow gold models serve as highly sophisticated, statement dress watches. These timepieces have a 36mm diameter and come with the President bracelet, characterized by its refined appearance, with semi-circular three-piece links. Within this category, there are a wide range of dial options to choose from. In terms of colors, the golden 'champagne' dial is exclusive to the yellow gold material for Day-Date 36 watches and it helps to provide a simplistic, uniformed appearance. However, other options include white, green, grey and turquoise, all of which offer their own appeal. For those seeking something that looks more overtly luxurious, the white mother of pearl dial can help to add an extra touch of class, while a diamond paved dial provides an extra sense of extravagance. Finally, the bezel of the watch can be either a fluted yellow gold, or a bezel set with diamonds, depending on personal preference.

Rolex Day-Date 36 President Buying Guide

There are over 400 different Rolex Day-Date 36 President watches. There is no Day-Date 36 made from Stainless Steel. You have the option between Platinum, White, Yellow or Rose Gold. Platinum and White Gold are not as easy to differentiate as Yellow or Everose Gold. Certain dial colors are only available with the corresponding Material. The champagne (golden) dial is only available with yellow gold Day-Date 36 watches. If you want a Chocolate or Sundust colored dial you have to choose a rose gold President watch. Smooth bezels on the other hand are only available in Platinum. All gold Day-Date 36 Rolex models have a fluted bezel.

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