Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel 40mm Black Dial Aluminum Bezel SEL Oyster Bracelet Holes Case 16610 - PRE-OWNED 2000-04

Rolex Submariner Stainless Steel 40mm Black Dial Aluminum Bezel SEL Oyster Bracelet Holes Case 16610 - PRE-OWNED 2000-04

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Box & Papers
Production Year
2000-2009 Modern
Model Number
Model Year
2000-03 Holes Case, SEL


Screw Down
Case Back
Stainless Steel
Case Size
40 mm
Case Type
Case Shape


Dial Type
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Stainless Steel
Traditional Locking Rolex Clasp
Bracelet Type
Single End Link (SEL)


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture
Water Resistance
300 Meters (1000 Feet)


Welcome back to Jaztime. is an online store that buys, sells and trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so you can easily choose the best watch for yourself in the comfort of your own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online. And if you'd like to know the price, simply click on the links on the description below. We greatly appreciate if you purchase your next watch from us at Today we'll be going over quite an interesting watch here. This is obviously a Rolex submariner, but this is the reference number: 16610. This particular one is a case serial, meaning that it was from 2001 or 2002. According to the papers, this one is a 2002 manufacturer. So, what does all that mean? Well, that kind of influences basically what goes inside and what you see here on this watch, all right. But first, we'll be going over the case, dial does little the crown functions, specifically. The movement, as well as the bracelet. And I'll be giving you my thoughts on all of these throughout the video. All right, so starting off with the case, we have... What is before the super case? This is 40 millimeters from finger to thumb. That's the diameter. Right, so we have the monoblock mill case as you would typically see, but it has holes in the lugs that gives it, sort of the more industrial sort of look, industrial sort of feel. Some people don't really like these and that's fine, I understand. All right, we have the screw-down caseback and the Rolex winding crown to ensure waterproofness down to a hundred meters ,or actually 300 meters or a thousand feet below sea level as you can see on the dial there. We have a nice brush finishing along the front of the case and a high polish along the sides. Right, as you can see, which sort of mimics, um... Well, it doesn't really mimic much because this was made in 2002. This is sort of the general formula going into the mid 2000s at least, with the brushed finish face of the case with the sides being a high polish. Now take a look at the bezel here, this is what was the aluminum bezel, the aluminum insert bezel. All right, we have the steel outer portion here with the very deep knurling, makes it very easy to turn that bezel with that signature submariner sound. Let me see if I can get it. Yeah, so not all that loud, but not entirely quiet either. Now, here we have the... Again, the aluminum bezel all black matching that of the dial. All right, so this is one of the last models to actually feature the aluminum bezel, which does have a more of a diffuse look when it comes to the reflection of light, if that matters to you, the ceramic is more directly reflective when it comes to light. So, these light beams that you see moving on this bezel as I move the watch around are more of a little bit fuzzy around the edges and that's due to the diffused nature of this aluminum on the ceramic, you get really clean, sharp lines. So, it's a little different but that's the overall difference there. At least the main difference when it comes to those bezels, all right. This dial leading in here, we also have what was before the maxi dial on the submariner. So, the maxi dial featured much larger index markers there, so these circles wouldn't have quite as much space around them. Although, it's still incredibly easy to read. And also, note it says that Swiss Made at the six o'clock position. That means that this one is made also with Chromalight super, or actually before Chromalight, but made with Super-LumiNova as it's luminescence applied on there. So, if I turn out the lights you can see it works just as well as Chromalight, although it doesn't last quite as long. So, we have very bright green overall tone here with the tiny Pearl for that seconds hand moving slowly around the dial. We also have one on the zero marker for the bezel. So, you can just simply place it and align it with your minute hand. And there you go, you can time it rather easily. First 15 minutes are the most crucial. So, you have more hash marks along that does bezel, should you need them. Now, placing it back there and let's turn the lights back on because it is starting to lose some of that glow in the dark capability. Again, Super-LumiNova not Chromalight which lasts significantly longer than that and has a slightly bluish tint to it. So, now looking at the functions of this watch, also before that we have the Sapphire crystal on the front with the built-in Cyclops lens. So, you can easily read the date and speaking of which, we can actually adjust all these things about the watch first. So, on screen the crown to the first position. Note that this is the triple lock waterproofness system. So, you have that extra rubber gasket inside there in the screw system. So, when you have this screwed in tightly, you definitely have that 300 meters of water resistance. No need to fear about that. Okay, so this first position allows you to wind the watch. So, if you're at a dead stop, 20 to 34 winds is all you need to get to the full power reserve. Let me move this minute hand out of the way here. Okay, now pull out to the second position. We can actually adjust the date rather quickly and this movement actually is the first within Rolex's line to feature this quick set date feature, especially on these submariners. So, it's about a quarter turn to advance the date by one. A little bit... It feels a little bit more than a quarter, but it's certainly nice and easy. If you find yourself on the 30th of the month you can just simply turn it real quick and get to the first of the next month, very easily. Pull the crown out to the final position and note that it stops that seconds hand, allowing for that hacking stop seconds function. So, you can then adjust them in the hand and place it precisely, depending on the seconds hand position, align it with an atomic clock. Push the crown back in and screw it back tightly against the case to ensure that superior water resistance. So, what makes all of this work is the caliber 3135 featured for the first time in this Rolex submariner at least. Well, around like the early 2000s, again, this is the 2002 model of this watch. It is a... It sort of introduced two very special features. One of which I already went over which was the quick set date, because previous models of the submariner required that you just simply move the minute hand and therefore the hour hand forwarded backward. And it's quite a task if you have to move the, you know... Use the hands to adjust the date over time, especially if you're 15 minutes, or 15 days ahead or 15 days behind. That's the longest you'll have to rotate it. So, you'll be there screwing that crown back and forth for very long time. This one allows you to just adjust the date really easily, no problem. The second is that it introduced a higher beat rate which is the standard that you'd find across all modern Rolex models today, which is the 28,800 vibrations per hour or four Hertz. And that basically means that your seconds hand moves eight times a second, almost giving it that very smooth sweeping motion as you can see. It has 31 jewels, has a diameter of 28.5 millimeters allowing for that center-hour minute and seconds hand function, date aperture at three o'clock with rapid setting as long, as well as the stop seconds for precise time setting. All of which I had just demonstrated. It also has the certified chronometer, the superlative chronometer, meaning that it meets and exceeds COC standards, meaning that it is within a plus or minus two second per day time differential. So, you're basically not losing or gaining that much time. No need to manually set the time, all that frequently as compared to other watch brands and watch models. This power reserve for this watch gives you 48 hours. So, simply winding the watch all the way using the crown and wearing it on your wrist. The natural movements of your wrist will allow the bi-directional winding rotor on the inside to keep it wound up to that 48 power reserved. Very, very significant step forward for Rolex when this model was made. Now, taking a look at the framing here, we have the oyster style bracelet entirely brushed on their three piece links all the way across. Brushed, brushed, brushed, including the sides. All right, so this is definitely an older style bracelet and note that we also have the hollow links here. So, this one is sort of like the earlier 2001, 2002 model, meaning that, the newer forms of the submariner actually have heavier links and therefore they're solid all the way through with only holes for the little screws that keep them just together. We have the safety class here with the Rolex logo stamped directly into the class there. So to open it, simply lift the top as you typically would and then lift the tab right underneath there. Nice and easy. You have the Rolex standard logo on the inside. Very elaborate. And what's interesting here is we have this divers extension, so you don't have an easy link, no five millimeter extension. You don't have an easy link extension here. This is just for diving. So, typically you would have this watch sized to your wrist by removing or adding links. And then once you need to put your wetsuit on to do that 300 meter dive, you'll need that extra space to... Like the extra linkage to basically be able to fit this around your wetsuit. So, if you look very carefully, there's a little circle divot on one of these links. Press on it. And doing so... Oh, I had it open already. And doing so, will allow you... I'm actually having the hardest time doing something extremely easy. There we go, it was way too easy for me, actually. I was just trying a little too hard. So, all you need to do is just press that circle in. It pushes these two interlinks outward so that you can then open it up. But more than that, you can pull it out even further to then get that divers extension. So, let's do that again in focus now, okay. Now, simply press on the little dot. It opens up and then just pull out again from there to get that divers extension. That's basically four hole links, three hole links actually from that pin hole placement. Makes it very nice and easy to fit this over a wetsuit. Nice and easy to put back in as well as you can see. Now while I'm here, I can actually try the watch on, give you my thoughts as to how it fits on the wrist, how it looks, because this is quite an interesting model. It's sort of bridges the gap between vintage and modern because it does have that vintage overall look, but with all the modern functionality in it, because you have that excellent movement. That is still actually used to this day with this sort of overall... Like it looked that you'd really don't see on any submariners anymore. And this is before the super case that has the lugs that sort of point downward a little bit more, they don't really point outward. And certainly this one has the holes in the case, meaning that this is even older than before the maxi or super case, depending on which way you want to call it. So, either way you have it, you have a different way to remove the bracelet if you absolutely need to, or if you need to change it out for whatever reason. But anyway, how it fits on the wrist. My wrist is seven inches in circumference. So at a 40 millimeter diameter, this does take up quite a bit of wrist space. It has that wrist presence, as you as you can see in the monitor here on my... In the camera, and I can see on my monitor that it's quite large on my wrist. I get barely any framing of the bracelet from the 12 and six o'clock side. Of course, if your wrist is larger, your mileage may vary. As you can see here, if you have a larger wrist this'll definitely fit you much more proportionally but you know, that's not to saying that's a bad thing because when I have a larger case I do get more breathability underneath these lugs because there's more overhang. As you can see from these lugs sort of pointing outward. And it doesn't exceed the width of my wrist at all, really. So, that's as more of a win situation for me because I get more venting of the wrist. It's getting closer to summer now. So, I very much appreciate that even though the oyster links do give you plenty of breathing and no unceremonious epilation of risk hairs. Now, taking a look at how it looks on the wrist. Well, you can't go wrong with this as a mariner. This is probably one of, if not the only legendary watches in existence because so many watch brands have tried to copy this, many have tried to fake it but you can't replace the submariner. Well, only Rolex really can. Because they've included the, say Sarah Chrome ceramic bezel and very slight updates to the dial and such, but basically it remains essentially the same. The only difference here is that, well, this one's a 2002 model. It's got a slightly different sort of form factor, but overall, you can look at this and you'll know that it's a submariner, easy to read in any lighting situation, in the dark, low light, even when it's bright outside. It gives it a very nice sheen, depending on the lighting angle. When it comes to the overall weigh, it's not too terribly light but it's not accessibly heavy either. The Sea Dwellers and the Deep Seas, those take the cake when it comes to the weight. Skyy-Dwellers too. But you know, this one, this one's actually very much on the lighter end when it comes to submariners. The more modern submariners with the super cases do tend to weigh a little bit more, at least in my experience. When it comes to the subjective experience of wearing this watch. Very light, otherwise in comparison and the counterbalance of this bracelet, not quite enough to fight against the case or to counterbalance the case. So, you're gonna get more wobble on the case on your wrist, but that's if you're taking this out for sporting activities, which, you know, this is the leading sports model from just about any manufacturer, the Rolex submariner. But anyway, that's all I have to say about this, what do you guys think about this watch? Let us know down in the comments below, be sure to like this video as it helps us out. Be sure to subscribe if you haven't already. And if you haven't already, hit that bell notification so you can be notified when we go live with another video like this one. And as always, if you'd like to purchase this watch or any of the watch, new discontinued like this one, excellent condition, by the way. Visit us in our online store, Links in the description below. We'll see you in the next one and take care of each other.

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