Rolex Submariner 16613 Men's 40mm Black Date 18k Yellow Gold Stainless Steel - PRE-OWNED

Rolex Submariner 16613 Men's 40mm Black Date 18k Yellow Gold Stainless Steel - PRE-OWNED

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Box, No Papers
Production Year
1990-1999 Retro
Model Number
Model Year
1990-99 Holes Case, Non SEL


Screw Down
Case Back
Steel/Yellow Gold
Case Size
40 mm
Case Type
Case Shape


Dial Type
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Yellow Gold/Steel
Traditional Locking Rolex Clasp
Bracelet Type
Non-Gold Through


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture
Water Resistance
300 Meters (1000 Feet)


This certified authentic Used Rolex Submariner Sports Watch, with the Model Number: 16613, has a Stainless Steel 40 mm Round Case with Screw Down Crown and a Aluminum Bezel. This Men's Rolex Submariner has an attractive Black Dial with Luminous Dial Markers. The high quality Rolex Automatic Movement will keep perfect time for you. The reliable Rolex Oyster Bracelet will look great on your wrist.

Welcome to Jaztime. Today, we're going to do an unboxing, review and how to video on the Rolex Submariner two-tone watch, 16613 black dial. Comes with this instruction booklet. Also, there's a warranty card. It folds down into six pieces. Some of the fakes, they fold out into nine. This one also has this hologram if you look upward toward the light. Kind of hard to see for you guys but at least for me, I can see right there, right there and a couple other places that there's a watermark that goes through this entire thing to see if it's real or fake and also the texture of the paper and also the embossing. If I run my fingers over this Rolex right here, it's raised. I know it's hard to see from there but it is raised. Okay. It comes with this care manual. Shows you how to take care of your watch and we do that. You can probably also download it on their website. Has a Rolex Submariner pamphlet. Tells you a little bit about the Rolex, some history and a few other instructions on it. Let's look at the watch itself. In the box, it comes with this pearloid box. You see this pearloid type box? This was used from between 1990 and 2004. They kept it for about 15 years and they started using this style box that I have in my hand from roughly I think late 90s until about 2004 when they changed over to a different style box which looks like this, Alright, let's take a look at the watch. Here we go. Voila. The Rolex Submariner two-tone steel and gold watch. This watch has a black dial. Let's talk about a few of the cool functions here. You'll notice that it's obviously has gold and it has these gold center links coming down the center and these gold center links are high polished and that's contrasted with this stainless steel brushed on the sides that helps keep the strength and integrity of the band so that it doesn't turn into a slinky after you wear it for a lot, long time. Okay and what you'll notice about this watch is it has a steel clasp and what that should tell you for those who know is that this watch was produced between 1990 and 2000. So a span of 10 years, they produced these non-gold through as they're known clasp. And the good thing about it, some people prefer it because when you wear this and you go to work, you fold the clasp down, you sit at work and you rub your watch back and forth on the desk and it gets all these desk dives and people don't like that. So some people actually prefer the steel and gold. Let's open up this watch and take a look at the back side. You'll notice here that it's got these two piece end links and what that means is that there's two pieces connecting the end link where my thumb is pointing to to the case of the watch. You'll also notice that there's a hole. You see that hole right there where my thumb is pointing? That hole connects this bracelet to the case and that is called a two piece end link with a holes case and those were produced between 1990 and 2000. Okay. Pretty interesting facts. Now, let's go ahead and take a look at the bezel. Now, you're looking at this bezel and you're thinking, well, what's the difference between this and a stainless steel version? And the difference is that the stainless steel version looks like this, this bezel, and you can't just swap them because the stainless steel version has this white and the gold has obviously this gold right here. Okay and yes, all it is really is just a aluminum bezel, this little insert here, and you can actually take it out and swap it if you'd like. Okay? And you'll also notice that hour hands, they have yellow gold surrounding them and as well as this crown is yellow gold and this bezel surrounding it, that's going all the way around, that's also yellow gold so sometimes people think, hey, I can just swap my Submariner and make my steel one look like gold. Well, no, you can't because you have to swap all these other things and by the time you do that, it's not worth it anymore. So alright? Let's go ahead and take a look at this, what this looks like on my wrist. There you have it, the steel and gold Rolex Submariner produced between 1990 and 2000. Has the holes case, two piece end link and a non-gold through clasp. If you like this video, click on the Subscribe button below. For other videos that we have, visit us at We offer a one year warranty, free shipping and a low price guarantee. I'll hope to see you at Jaztime.

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