Rolex Submariner Date "Hulk" Stainless Steel Green Dial & Ceramic Bezel Oyster Bracelet 116610LV - BRAND NEW

Rolex Submariner Date "Hulk" Stainless Steel Green Dial & Ceramic Bezel Oyster Bracelet 116610LV - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Model Number
Model Year
2007-2020 Ceramic


Screw Down
Case Back
Stainless Steel
Case Size
40 mm
Case Type
Case Shape


Dial Type
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Stainless Steel
Folding Oysterlock Safety
Bracelet Type
Heavy: New Style


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture
Water Resistance
300 Meters (1000 Feet)


This certified authentic Brand New Rolex Submariner Sports Watch, with the Model Number: 116610LV, has a Stainless Steel 40 mm Round Case with Screw Down Crown and a Ceramic Bezel. This Men's Rolex Submariner has an attractive Green Dial with Luminous Dial Markers. The high quality Rolex Automatic Movement will keep perfect time for you. The reliable Rolex Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet will look great on your wrist.

Welcome to Today we're gonna be reviewing a very, very cool watch. It's a Rolex Submariner 116610LV, ceramic, green, also known as The Hulk. Today we're going to be doing an unboxing, a review, and show you a couple cool things about the watch itself. So let's go ahead and start. This is obviously the watch, as you see here. What makes it special from the other 16610 is that it has a green dial, as you can see. It also actually has a green bezel and a green dial. As I tilt it in this direction, you can clearly see that the dial itself is green. How do they make it green? It's actually aluminum dust that's baked in and gives it this beautiful green hue to it. Since this is a review, unboxing, and sort of a how-to video, I'm gonna go ahead and start with what the watch actually comes with. So let's take a look at that. When I flip down the flip of the box right here, it comes with this manual, and this manual shows some things about how to use the watch. I'm gonna go through that with you so you guys don't have to do it at home. There's this guarantee manual, in a bunch of different languages, showing you how the guarantee works, and here's the warranty card as you see here, and here's the backside. Kind of like a credit card, and of course a little leather pouch. Now let's move on to the watch itself. Sometimes it comes with these hang tags, these two that you see here, sometimes it doesn't. These are just identification hang tags that come with the watch so that the dealers, when it's sitting in the showroom, they realize how to identify the watch. Sometimes they have multiples of the same one. I'm gonna take if off the pillow and talk to you about the watch itself now. What do you guys notice about the dial? Now the dial is very special because the dial is gonna have maxi-dial, and that differs from what it used to be. Do you see these hour markers where my thumb is pointing to? This two, three, four, five, six, these I'm kind of pushing on it? Those hour markers, in fact they glow blue. That's right, blue. And they glow for eight hours. Typically most people sleep between six and nine hours, and that's why Rolex designed it to last that long, because they want to make sure that this watch glows during the entirety of your sleep cycle. Okay? Now that's one very cool thing about it. Another cool thing about this that sets it apart from other Rolexes is that it has what's called this bezel, which my finger is running across, and this bezel is used to calculate elapsed time. For example, the elapsed time that you've been under water. Now how do you use it? You take the proloid, which is what my thumb is bouncing on right there, and you move it to this minute hand, which is what my thumb is also pointing to. And you sort of set it like that. And now, the watch can calculate the lapsed time. As the minute hand moves to its right in this direction that you see my thumb going, then it will, you can look on the bezel, and that will tell you how many minutes have elapsed. Okay? Now what's another cool thing about this bezel is that it's made of ceramic, so that if you hear me clicking on it, the ceramic never fades, it doesn't crack, and it's very, very resistant to any kind of wear, and that was one of the main complaints that they had about the older watch. So they've sort of addressed those issues, and they've also addressed the bracelet. I'm gonna show you that in just a moment, but let's start with this first. This is a triple lock crown. I've just unscrewed it. Now I'm in the zero position. I want to wind it. Winding it sounds like this. Up-down motion, 20 times. Now I'm gonna pull it out one more just to position two. You heard that. Now I'm gonna turn it a clockwise direction and then the date is gonna move, as you can see. Okay? Now, when I pull it to the third position, notice this second hand which my finger is pointing to right there. One, two, bam. You see that? It stopped? That's called the hack. I go ahead and set the time. Now that I have set the time, I push it back in. And now what's gonna happen, this hack, it's gonna go back in. Bam, just like I thought. I screw in the crown. The watch is now watertight, and the watch is, the date has been set. Okay, now I promised you I was gonna show you about this bracelet here. Now what do you guys notice about the bracelet? Well, one obviously it's very beautiful. It's made out of 904L steel, which is one of the hardest steels and it's one of the things that Rolex is known for doing. Okay? You guys can't tell, but in my hand, as I'm feeling it now, it feels very, very smooth to me. Okay? Now let's take a look at this bracelet. Now what's so special about this bracelet? Well, what's so special is that this bracelet, Rolex has figured out an ingenious way to have their bracelets in that they're adjustable without having to use tools. How do you do that? You go like this. One, two, bang. You see how I pulled that out? You see these little rivets here? All I'm gonna do is just pull out the bracelet, and bang, I pushed it in. Bracelet has now been sized, and the watch is now ready to be worn. Should I get hot or cold, I need to change it, I just pull it out like you just saw. I just push it back in. Oops. There. And it's pushed back in. The watch is now sized and ready. And so I can wear it over a wetsuit or when my hand gets hot or cold or even switch it with my friend or dad or whoever. Now you'll notice that this clasp, what do you guys notice about this clasp? It looks a lot different from the old-school flimsy traditional clasp and that's 'cause this is a new updated clasp. This is actually called the oyster safety lock. Why's it called that? Because this is the oyster, bang, and this is the safety lock, double bang. And that, when you close it like this, there's no way that thing's gonna open. Okay? So that's the basics of this watch. Of course there's a lot more. And I'm gonna go ahead and try it on and show you guys how it looks. Okay? So that's it right there. That's the Rolex Sub-Mariner 116610LV Ceramic Green Hulk Watch. Now if you like this video, click on the Subscribe button below. It's free. You can see other videos that we review, and if there's something that we forgot, leave it in the comment section below. Let us know what you think. Good or bad, I promise I won't erase it. Just let me know what you think. If you want us to review other watches, write it in the comment section below. I'll be happy to take a look at that. If you like this watch and you think you might want to buy it, or look at prices, and other things similar, go to That We offer a one-year warranty, free shipping, and a low price guarantee. 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