Rolex Explorer II "50th Anniversary" GMT Stainless Steel Black Dial 42mm Oyster Bracelet 226570 - BRAND NEW

Rolex Explorer II "50th Anniversary" GMT Stainless Steel Black Dial 42mm Oyster Bracelet 226570 - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
Current Production
Model Number
Explorer II
Model Year
Current Model


Screw Down
24 Hour Graduated, Fixed
Case Back
Stainless Steel
Case Size
42 mm
Case Type
Case Shape


Dial Type
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Stainless Steel
Folding Oysterlock Safety
Bracelet Type
Heavy: New Style


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture
Date, GMT
Water Resistance
100 Meters (330 Feet)


Hey, welcome back to Jaztime. is an online store that buys, sells, and trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so you can easily choose the best watch for yourself from the comfort of your own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online. If you'd like to know the price, simply click on the links in the description below. We greatly appreciate it if you'd purchase your next watch from us at Today we'll be taking a look at one of the newer models released in 2021. This one, the Rolex Explorer 2, this one, a slightly updated version reference number 226570. This one with the black dial I'll be going over the case. The dial, of course the bezel the crown functions as well as the movement, slightly updated as well, as well as this bracelet in the wearing experience toward the end of the video, I'll be giving you my thoughts on all these features throughout. All right so starting off with this case, we are at 42 millimeters, nothing new is different here from finger to thumb, 42 millimeters two to eight or 10 to four, pick your poison, it's the same distance 42 millimeters. You have the model block, middle case. With the screw-down case back in the Rolex winding crown trip block, or sorry, twin lock waterproofness system on there made for the waterproofness down to a hundred meters or 330 feet, nothing too new there. They're basically the same as what you would get with the 216570, the previous generation made from 2011 to 2021. This one is made for the 50th anniversary of the Rolex Explorer 2 model line and taking on the well, basically everything from the previous generation 216570. This one also has the radially brushed steel bezel with the painted on lacquer finish for the numbering, all the even numbers at least to give it a very nice sense of breathability. Very easy to read as well. All of this, a full steel construction, high polish along the sides including the sides of this bezel. As you can see with the radial brush finishing on the top of that bezel, the top to bottom satin brush finishing on the case behind it. As you can see on the front of these lugs, right? And speaking of which, these lugs have been slightly updated to be basically a bit thinner. Their outer profile the same, but the inner profile a little bit different. They've been made thinner too so as to accommodate a bracelet that's one millimeter thicker, one millimeter wider and that's so that when you look at it, you know, face on, it looks a little bit more proportional than the previous generation. You can see our comparison video on this channel or on our website, just click down below. You can probably find it as well on our channel. Okay now taking a look at the dial here, we have the black dial, this one somehow less popular than the white dial and you know, for good reason, I can understand why. But this is my personal favorite of the two because even though the white dial does have this sort of elegance and subtlety to it, I do prefer this black one because it's a bit more practical honestly, much easier to read much easier to read, in fact, such that the maxi hour markers actually just have the highest level of contrast. It's the easiest to read literally the easiest, because you have the white with the 18 karat gold white gold settings, of course, but the white chromalight in the daylight and at night. If I turn out the lights here, incredibly bright blue. If my camera would like to focus, yes, incredibly bright blue chromalight display lasts for a very long time, and for this, the updated 2021 model, I believe they have optimized that chromalight display such that it actually lasts far longer than even previous iterations of the chromalight display. And it still retains that very nice blue, bluish greenish hue. It just looks absolutely beautiful, very nice indeed. Now taking a look with the light back on again the highest level of contrast, especially also with that very bright orange GMT hand, 24 hour hand makes it a very easy read indeed. You have nothing new on the dial other than that, all right. So now taking a look at the crown functions here. At the three o'clock position, just unwind the crown to the first position. This allows you to wind the watch, nothing too new there. All right, so if you are at a dead stop, about 20 to 30 full lines is all you need to get to the full power reserve, rather simple plot to the next position. Now this moves the hour hand only, and it allows the seconds hand to continue to move. So what this does is it allows you to essentially set your time zones on the fly and by extension also the date. And this is the only way to supposedly quote unquote "quick set" the date. It's not really the quickest setting of the date, but it is still incredibly fast compared to the oldest models where, well, you'd have to advance the date by moving the minute hand and doing so was quite a pain, but you know, now this is not the fastest again, but it still works. And it has worked for at least 50 years, this being the 50th anniversary edition of this model, the Rolex Explorer 2. Alright, so this is a rather simple process. If you need to set the date, you know how. Now if you need to set the 24 hour hand, that's another story entirely. So this is actually what you should do first. So pull the crown out to the final position. It stops at seconds hand. Thank goodness, because it actually does help quite a bit. So here you would actually want to advance the minute hand and by extension, the hour and the 24 hour hand and doing so will allow you to move the 24 hour hand. This one is probably the most important portion here, right? And the 24 hour hand, once it does actually, I don't think that if it necessarily passes midnight, it will advance the date yet. The date is connected to the hour hand, that Mercedes style hour hand. So it's actually more important to just set that orange glowing GMT hand to wherever it should go. Let's say it's eight in the morning, okay. And then set the minute hand to wherever it should go. Let's say it's 8:10 in the morning. And then the hour hand back to the second. And let's say, it's well, you could say that it is literally eight in the morning as well. And once this one actually does go for it all the way to midnight, it will actually overlap perfectly with that GMT hand as well. All right, so keep that in mind. Now all you need to do after that is to just simply screw it back in, wind it nice and tightly back against the case to ensure that superior water resistance, all right. So what makes all of this work is the new movement as well on the inside. You can't see it, it's the 32 85 made in-house by Rolex. It has the perpetual mechanical cell finding with the second time zone function in the form of that GMT hand, it allows the plus or minus two second per day, time differential after casing giving it that primitive chronometer official certification as printed on the front of every Rolex style. It has the center hour, minute, and second hands, 24 hour orange hand as well. with the second time zone independent of the rapid setting with the hour hand. It also has the instantaneous state stop seconds for precise time setting. All of which I had just demonstrated with this winding crown function. The oscillator on the inside has a paramagnetic blue parachrome hairspring with high-performance TeraFlex shock absorbers, so what does that mean? You can take a few bumps here and there. You can get relatively close to magnets or potentially magnetized surfaces, and it'll still be keeping track of time just fine. No need to de-magnetize a watch because they'll still be running just perfectly fine. It has a bi-directional self winding through a perpetual rotor center-mounted on the inside, again, you can't see it. You do have that added security of that solid steel case back though. All right, all of this allows you to have up to 70 hours of power reserve. That's another update, thanks to this movement. So the movement basically just gives you a better power reserve, 70 hours, that means you can set this down on a Friday evening, pick it back up Monday morning. No need to wind the watch. Simply just keeping it on your wrist will allow you to wind the watch until the full power reserve thanks to the perpetual rotor on the inside. Now take a look at this bracelet. Again, the bracelet has been updated to be, to be wider by about one millimeter, nearly imperceptible, but when you have this on your wrist and you, or you just look at it face-on it does have a better overall form factor, overall better look to it because of that one millimeter, it just fits a lot more proportionally with that oversized 42 millimeter case. And again, nothing too new here, just satin brush finishing along the top. The oyster style links being three pieces across all satin brush finished again with a nice high polish along the sides there. Gentle taper down to the oyster folding clasps, this one at the safety folding clasps. So in order to open it just simply flip it from the bottom to open up the safety and then just lift it from the top to open up the clasp itself. You have the Rolex stamped logo on the inside, you know that you're dealing with steel and the added benefit of the clasp here is that you do have the easy-link five millimeter extension. So if you have this sized perfectly to your wrist and you happen to walk outside during a California wildfire season, well, that means you can simply reach under here, pull it straight out to have another half link of the oyster bracelet. And that's due to, you know, just natural wrist swelling. Happens to everyone, all right. If you no longer need it, just simply fold it back in on itself, press it back into the clasp there and you're good to go. Again, nicely and snugly fit to your wrist, alright? And while we're here, I can look, I can actually try it on give you my thoughts as to how it wears on my wrist. A seven inch wrist, 18 centimeters, looking at it straight down the wrist kind of long. Well, thanks to the oversized case. Forty two millimeters face-on rather gigantic comically large actually for me. If you have a larger wrist, this will fit you just fine. So imagine that you would have a better framing north and south of the dial there top and bottom 12 and 6 same thing of that bracelet, giving it a very nice frame and nicely proportional as well. So that you actually get a very good overall compositional look, a good sense of unity of that entire case with its design. Now again, this one, a little bit big on my wrist, but you can certainly wear this if you have a smaller wrist because it does have, well, the way that the oyster bracelet works, you can certainly wear this on a wrist. Well, I probably wouldn't go smaller than say 15 centimeters, maybe 6 inches in circumference, but you know, it would just be comically large at that point. But if that's your thing, then go for it. I'm not going to stop you. A little bit of spacing underneath these lugs gives it extra breathability, not that that's a bad thing ever because, well, the oyster bracelet does provide plenty of it already. If it's not enough, well, you get even more if you have a smaller wrist, alright? And when it comes to the overall weight and just the way that it wears on the wrist a little bit heavier. Well, I wouldn't say it's necessarily heavy but it is noticeable on the wrist. Certainly if you're not used to wearing watches, but you know, you're wearing a Rolex, you can certainly feel it. The counterbalance of that strap or the bracelet, not quite enough to center the weight of this watch on the wrist. So it's a bit higher up when it comes to the center of weight, not that that's a huge issue. All right, now, taking a look at, taking a look at it on the wrist, incredibly easy to read again, that black dial just makes it pop so much more than the white dial. The white dial just sort of blends in. It gives it that sense of subtlety and elegance. But I like this one because it is just practical. It's just easier to read. And also another telltale sign that is slightly updated in this 2021 model is that they added that Rolex crown to the six o'clock position between the words "Swiss" and "made". So that's another telltale sign that this is indeed a 2021 model. At least the style is, well, you already know that this is a 2021 model in general because of the thinner lug profile and therefore larger bracelet, all right. Also the updated movement gives it much better longevity over the weekend or during times where, you know, literal downtime where you don't need even need to wear the watch, all right. So that's about it, that's all for me. Be sure to like this video If you liked it, help us out on this channel by subscribing as well, hit that bell notification. So you can be notified when we go live with another video like this one. And as always if you'd like to purchase this watch or any other watch, even the previous generation, we can still get it for you at But honestly, get this newer one better power reserve, much more proportional, and still the same case size. Still incredibly easy to read, easy to use, easy to wear on the wrist. Anyone can recognize it. It's an Explorer 2 because it has that large steel radially brushed bezel that you can't find on any other watch anywhere, honestly. So you can get one at our website, Links in the description below where you can get it for the lowest possible price anywhere online. We'll see you in the next video, take care.