Rolex Day-Date 36 White Gold Silver Index Dial & Fluted Bezel President Bracelet 128239 - BRAND NEW

Rolex Day-Date 36 White Gold Silver Index Dial & Fluted Bezel President Bracelet 128239 - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
Current Production
Model Number
Day-Date 36
Model Year
Current Model


Screw Down
White Gold Fluted
Case Back
White Gold
Case Size
36 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
White Gold
Concealed Folding Crownclasp
Bracelet Type
Heavy: New Style


Watch Style
Dress Watch
Country of Manufacture
Date, Day Date


Hey, welcome back to Jaztime. is an online store that buys, sells, and trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so you can easily choose the best watch for yourself in the comfort of your own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online. If you'd like to know the price, simply click on the links in the description below. We'd greatly appreciate it if you purchase your next watch from us at Today, we'll be going over a Rolex Day-Date 36, reference number 128239, entirely in silver, silver sunray dial, indexed hour marks, white gold bezel, with white gold all the way around the case as well as the president bracelet. I'll be giving you my thoughts on all of these features, the case, dial, bezel, bracelet, the case, the crown, functions, as well as the movement. And I'll be giving you my thoughts on all of these throughout the video. All right, starting off with the case, 36 millimeters as indicated in its name the Day-Date 36, from finger to thumb only 36 millimeters. It has the motor block middle case with the screw-down caseback and the rolex winding crown to ensure water resistance down to 300 meters or a hundred meters, sorry, or 330 feet. And looking at the case here a little bit more closely. We also note that there are little hallmarks underneath each lug. So you know that you were dealing with precious metals in this case, white gold. All right, now this entire construction is white gold, the side of the case, as well as the front of the case, the lugs, at least that you can see here, are all high Polish as well as the fluted bezel, which you can see shining very radiantly on this watch front. Now the fluted bezel was originally made to physically screw onto the front of the case to ensure the water resistance, but modern technology has sort of made that well, not really necessary anymore. So now it's just kept as a mark of distinction. So every time you see this fluted style bezel, it's definitely a Rolex and it's always made in precious metals in this case, white gold to match the case, as well as the bracelet and the dial here. Now, looking at the dial, we also have the silver sunray dial, typical of Rolex construction here. We have that sunray sunburst look and effect there, depending on the lighting condition. It gives them a very distinct look. And certainly so, especially with those index, hour marks. Now these are not loomed. All right, now I can turn off the lights and you'll see that there's no luminescence on them whatsoever. It's completely dark. All right, but don't let that discourage you because these are incredibly easy to read in any other lighting situation. Please focus. There we go. Very easy to read because, you know, as, as you've been seeing, as I've been moving it back and forth through this light box and up and down, they separate themselves out by physical like height. If you can actually see I'm zoomed in as close as I can be, but you can see that there's an actual height to all of these index, hour marks. And that's something that you don't really get as much with say the date just, or even submariners or, you know, any other watch or even the oyster perpetual line. You get really, really big, solid blocks there of 18 karat white gold to match with the case and the overall look here of the swatch. All right. So very easy to read. Otherwise, outside of the dark end, probably you won't be taking this into a dark tunnel or a spelunking, you know, with this watch specifically, but Hey, I'm not going to stop you. Anyway, on to the functions of this watch. The Day-Date is kind of like a day just, but takes it a step further, right? So on the crown at the three o'clock position to wind the watch, right. Very nice and easy. All right. If you're at a dead stop, you'll only need about 20 to 30 full lines to get to the full power reserve. And once you started feeling that damping starting to ramp up near the end, then that means you are close to your power, approximate power reserve, and therefore no need to wind the watch any further, right? Pull the crown out to the next position. And this allows you to change the date and the date apertures, right? The date aperture is under a cyclops lens the day after and not so much. All right, then that's, you know, really to keep it a really consistent look across the entire Rolex catalog. Also the cyclops is directly built into not even built into it's a literal part of this scratch-resistant sapphire crystal on the front. So it's very useful there. All right. Now note that when you rotate the crown clockwise, you advance the date by one. It's around a quarter turn to advance it, right? So rather easy there. If you find yourself on say the 30th of a month and tomorrow is the first, you can simply just whip it about halfway around. And it's a very quick set there. All right, same with the day. Simply rotate the same crown at the same position, but counter-clockwise to advance the day, and the aperture forward. It's about the same amount of throw. So there's a good sense of consistency there. One's changing a completely different dial, right? So very useful there as well. Okay. Now pull the crown into the final position, and note that the seconds hand has actually stopped. That's the hacking function for this, which allows you to then adjust the minute hand and place it precisely based on where the seconds hand is set it to an atomic clock, press the crown back in to ensure that the mechanics start up again and then simply wind it back tightly against the case to ensure that superior water resistance. nice and easy. Okay. So what allows all this to work is the 30 to 55 in-house caliber made by Rolex. You can't see it through the case back, because you get a solid case back, but you do get your white gold's content worth. And it's certainly there. Okay. It has a plus or minus two second per day time differential after casing exceeding these Swiss standards of the plus five or plus seven minus five second time differential. All right, allowing us to have the superlative certification. All right. As printed on every Rolex dial, all of it allows you to have the center hour, minute, and second sands with instantaneous date end date in the apertures with unrestricted rapid setting, meaning that it doesn't matter what time of the day that you use that you are in. You can still set the day and the date, because typically the restriction would be sometime between 8:30 PM and 6:30 AM. The date aperture at least would be engaged. And so changing it then could potentially damage the mechanisms use to control that date aperture, and as well as the date, if the watch allowed for that day as well. But considering that this is unrestricted rapids setting, you can do so at 11:59 PM any day, and there won't be any damage or, you know, any extra wear on the movement on the inside. So very, very good engineering from Rolex there. And finally it has the stop seconds for precise time setting. Again, all of these features I had just demonstrated, okay. The oscillator on the inside is a paramagnetic blue pair chrome hairspring with high-performance perfect shock absorbers, meaning that you can get relatively close to magnets and you can take a few bumps here and there, and there won't be any effect on the oscillator of the movement. So it will be keeping track of time, just fine, no need to worry about it. And finally, there's also a bi-directional self winder with a perpetual rotor, meaning that all you need to do is simply just wind the watch using the crown and simply wear it on your wrist. Your natural wrist movements will keep the watch wound up to its approximate 70 hour power reserve. Meaning you can have this watch. You can set it down for nearly three whole days, just two hours short of three entire days, and you can pick it up again and you can still use it, and it'll still be functioning. No need to line the watch. All right. So now looking at the bracelet, this is the framing for the case here held together by these lugs. This bracelet is the president bracelet again also in white gold, high polished down the center, three piece links across with the outer two lakes being a satin brushed finishing, right, and high Polish along the sides. Okay. There's a very gentle taper down to the concealed folding crown claps. Now what that is is that it maintains this consistent look overall of the president bracelet. So you have real, no actual separation of the bracelet, but how you open it? Rather simple. Simply just get your finger under the top of this crown here. The only indicator of the class here and just lift it nice and easy. All right. There's a Rolex stamp logo on the inside of this class, along with some hallmarks on this bracelet, at least while every president bracelet has additional hallmarks to show that you were dealing with precious metals and in this case, white gold. All right. And while we're here, I can actually try it on and give you some of my thoughts as to how it wears on the wrist. And if this is not your first time seeing one of my videos, at least you'll know that I love the day date, that I love the 36 millimeter watches. They fit my wrist just fine. Seven inches in circumference. If you have the same measurement. Excellent, excellent watch because you have a good framing, a good ratio of case to bracelet. It's about half and half actually, when it comes to the ratio of the dial to how much bracelet you see. You get an excellent sense of framing there. Right? And looking under the lugs, there's a nice, good breathable portion there. It doesn't hug the wrist perfectly. And that's actually okay because I personally like having my lugs taper outward just a little bit, not so much downward to hug the wrist entirely. And so when it sticks outward a little bit, there's a little bit more space in there to allow the wrist to breathe less chance of, you know, pulling arm hairs out, et cetera. So it's overall just a good idea. Okay. And looking at the president bracelet, we also have plenty of space among all of these links because you have the best of those worlds, the strength and durability of the oyster bracelet, as well as the comfort and the breathability of the Jubilee bracelet, because these links are nice and tiny. The oyster links are about double the size when it comes to length. And so there's much more risk coverage there, less breathability. This one gives you just about as much as the jubilee and I can even attest to it myself. I've worn one of these present bracelets for nearly a week without even really having to take it off other than to, you know, go to sleep. And honestly, I did not feel any sort of sweat. There was no weird arm air, hair, or skin polling. It was extremely comfortable and this is no exception. Okay. The counterweight of this bracelet against the case, not exactly the best, but you know, you're certainly getting your gold contents worth in this case here. So this bracelet, while it is also white gold, well, it does a little bit to counter the weight of the case, but I'm still sort of throwing around this rather heavy time piece on the top of my wrist. Right. And when it comes to the overall looks, you can't go wrong with silver because the silver is the most neutral of all neutral colors. And therefore this will fit with just about any sort of dress, any sort of suit, anything that you happen to have, because this will just shine radiantly. There's no real color aspect here. Only if you really want to look super closely, there's a slight warmth to it. That's because of the very nature of white gold, it being, you know, slightly warmed because you are dealing with gold and the whiteness is sort of a bit on the warm side, but it's so minor. You won't even notice it. All right. So anyway, enough of what I think. What do you guys think about this Watch? Let us know down in the comments below what you think about the Day-Date 36 entirely silvered out, white gold everywhere. All right. Be sure to leave a like down in the comments, or rather be sure to leave a comment down for us below. Be sure to like the video as it helps us out, be sure to subscribe as it also helps out our channel, and hit that bell notification so you'll be notified when we go live with another video like this one. And as always, if you'd like to purchase this watch or any other watch, be sure to visit our website Links in the description below. And we'll see you in the next one.

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