Grand Seiko Heritage Collection Stainless Steel White 41mm Dial Bracelet SBGA211 - PRE OWNED

Grand Seiko Heritage Collection Stainless Steel White 41mm Dial Bracelet SBGA211 - PRE OWNED

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Box & Papers
Grand Seiko
Production Year
Current Production
Model Number
Grand Seiko Heritage Collection
Model Year
Current Model


Screw Down
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Case Size
41 mm


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Stainless Steel
Fold-Over Clasp
Steel Bracelet


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture
Power Reserve
Water Resistance
100 Meters (330 Feet)


Hey, welcome back to Jaztime. is an online store that buys, sells, and trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so you can easily choose the best watch for yourself in the comfort of your own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online, and if you'd like to know the price, simply click on the links in the description below. We'd greatly appreciate it if you purchase your next watch from us at Today, we'll be talking about the Grand Seiko. This one, nicknamed the snowflake, reference number SBG8211. This one within the Grand Seiko heritage collection. This one, a 41 millimeter case with a spring drive. All right, I'll be, I'll be going over all the features of this, including the case, the dial, the bezel, the crown functions, as well as the movement and bracelet. I'll be giving you my thoughts on these throughout the video. So again, this case is 41 millimeters in diameter. That's the two to eight o'clock position. Also known as the 10 to four position, same, same diameter, same distance, 41 millimeters, nice and large across it's 12.5 millimeters thick, and they give the perimeter of the band 193 millimeters total. Well, that doesn't really matter all that much because that's a full, a set of links. This one is a previously owned version, a pre-owned version. So it's missing one link. But anyway, I digress this one, rather large on the wrist. Although if you have a wrist larger than seven inches, you'll be doing just fine. So taking a look at the full construction of this case, it's a full titanium build with a set and brush finishing or what they call a zaratsu polish, rather, meaning that it is all done entirely by hand. The finishing done entirely by hand with fully like just absolutely precisely made curves with bevels. They're just absolutely sharp to the touch. They won't cut you of course, but you can definitely feel it on, you know, on this case to the touch. It's incredibly precise. Now, taking a look at the finishing here, it's a nice sand brush finishing across the front of this case as you can see across the front of the lugs and that's the high polish along the sides of the case, right? And you get very much the same sort of look with this bezel, all high polish, again, going all the way around this watch gives me giving it a very nice sort of glowy feel when you look at it face on. Now, when you look at this, you have the Sapphire crystal, nicely domed on the front actually, and also a glare proof treatment on the underside. So you don't get an echo of the dial when you look at it at certain angles right now, taking a look at this dial. This one is why they call it the snowflake. It looks like it's freshly fallen, snow, you know, nicely fallen on the ground with a very uniform pattern, giving a very interesting texture that you just won't find on any watch, any watch by Rolex or autumn RPK or even Patek Felipe, no watchmaker seems to make any sort of texture like this. And so Grand Seiko, well, Seiko in general have really exceeded, you know, the sort of watchmaking standard with not only creating the quartz movement, but also making dials that just you can very easily get lost. And just by looking at their texture and just seeing how finely made that they're, how finely made, they are. Now this, this dial I believe actually does have an 18 carat white gold finish for those index. Hour marks larger marks for the 10, six, and nine with the three o'clock being taken up by the date aperture. Very nicely made as well with smaller index markers for the rest of the hours. You got the Grand Seiko logo at the 12 o'clock position, and you have the mention of this spring drive with a power indicator at the bottom left near the eight o'clock position. Now, what is the spring drive? Spring drive is basically what makes this thing work. If you haven't noticed yet the seconds hand in a blue Lance style actually has been moving so incredibly smoothly and that's due to the movement. Now, before I go any further, this, the functions of this watch will work as follows, simply unwind the crown at the three o'clock position doing so or winding the crown at the first position allows you to then charge the power reserve. It feels a bit rough to the touch, almost like you're scurrying sandpaper in there, but this is actually powering the main spring barrel. As you can see, the power reserve is going up from top to the left. So when your gauges all the way down at the bottom, as you can see, that is one, it has reached the full power and over time it will simply tick upward as it empties, right, or rather as it discharges, pull it out to the next position. You can then wind the crown a little bit further, actually rotating it counter-clockwise will advance the date. Now it's about a quarter turn to advance the date by one. So it's an incredibly sensitive, very fast and easy to quick set the date, right? So if you find yourself on the 30th of a month, you can simply just move it quarter turn to advance it to the first of the next month when midnight rolls around, nice and easy. You can then pull the crown out to the final position, doing so stops that seconds hand so you can then place the minute hand precisely wherever it needs to go based on a position of that second hand, wait for it. And time o'clock to roll around, simply press the crown back in, screw it back tightly against the case to ensure the superior water resistance of a hundred meters or 330 feet below sea level. Now, again, the movement is what makes this possible. It's the spring drive named the caliber nine R six five. The spring drive combines the best of both worlds, both mechanical and quartz movements. So there is a quartz crystal in here, but it's powered entirely with a main spring barrel with no back and forth movement of an escapement. So all of this works with very, very little friction ever. So you also have no power supplied by a third, a third party power source, like a battery doing so. The power is actually done by the main spring barrel charged up through the bi-directional winder on the insight here, as you can see also by the winding crown, as you can see, as indicated by the power indicator. All right, so you have the main spring barrel charging all of the internal workings to basically make this work very smoothly with the, with the precision of a quartz watch within, I believe they say it's a plus or minus 15 seconds per month on average. So you have around a plus or minus one second per day, time differential, that exceeds basically the highest standards of even a Rolex auto market gate and Patek Phillipe. You basically have this working like a literal quartz watch but with the smoothness of a mechanical watch or even smoother because you can't even see the ticking it's just sweeping so smoothly. And so precisely actually that is a Japanese engineering at its finest. All of this gives you a 72 hour power reserve. So you can set this down for three entire days, pick it back up after a long weekend, and you won't even need to wind the watch. And even then you can still see the power left on that power reserve indicator at eight at the eight o'clock position right now, taking a look at the framing here of this watch. You have a matching integrated titanium bracelet with alternating set in brush with polish finish. Now these are actually five-piece links going all the way across. You have the two outer intermediate links being high polish, nicely framing the larger intermediate satin brushed finished link. So only when you take this apart, will you actually know that it's actually five pieces across, but it sort of mimics that three-piece oyster link that you would find on Rolex watches. It also comes with a half link on either side of the clasp here so that you can have, you know, precise sizing. Should you so desire. You also have a double button deployment fold over clasp with the Grand Seiko logo directly on that, on that clasp there. Sandblasted on the inside high polish for the logo and satin brush finishing for the clasp itself nice and elegant in its presentation, press both sides to open it up. And you have a relative, relatively simple sort of button pressing a release system. That's actually incredibly, incredibly robust. There's no fear of this accidentally opening, you know, unless you actually press in both sides to open it. All right. And while we're here, I can try it on and give you my thoughts as to how it wears on the wrist. Now keep in mind, my wrist is seven inches in circumference or 18 centimeters, so it will appear a little bit larger on me, although it doesn't really seem like a 41. Although the dial size does tell me that it is indeed a large watch and certainly 41 millimeters makes sense to me. Now, looking at it on the wrist, incredibly easy to read those index hour marks, a nice contrast against the white snowflake face of the watch. It gives it a very easy read as well as those Dauphine style hands makes a nice and bold, very easy to read the minutes and hours and that blue land style seconds hand nicely sweeping from the center makes it also a very nice touch of elegance to little nice touch of color subtle, but it's certainly there on this. Otherwise the monochromatic color of this dial and watch case now looking at it down the wrist, it actually fits my wrist quite nicely, even though it does seem a little bit big. The curvature of these lugs are made to fit even smaller wrists and certainly with the, the way that the, the bracelet will fold in, you can certainly wear this as small as maybe even, you know, six inch wrist or so, or even smaller than that. Anyone can certainly wear this watch, even though it is a bit on the larger side is generally marketed for men because it is well, you know, 41 millimeters, but certainly you have that capability. Should you so desire because my wrist still relatively small, it fits me just right. Especially with these lugs curving downward, just nicely. So what sort of thing would you wear this with and what are your thoughts on this watch? Let us know down in the comments below, be sure to like this video and subscribe hit that bell notification. So you can be notified when we go live with another video like this one. And as always, if you'd like to purchase this watch or any other watch visit our store at where you can get it for the lowest price anywhere online, anywhere online, links in the description below where you can see this watch and you can purchase it as well. So we'll see you in the next video. Take care.