2023 New Rolex Models Announced at Watches and Wonders

2023 New Rolex Models – What Was Released

Rolex, one of the most iconic and prestigious watchmakers in the world, has recently unveiled new watches at the 2023 Watches and Wonders event, and the excitement among watch enthusiasts is palpable. Rolex has released new watches in the following models, a new Daytona, 1908, Yacht-Master 42, Skydweller,GMT-Master II, Day-Date 36 and more.

These updates are a testament to the brand’s dedication to precision, quality, and innovation. These new timepieces feature updates that range from new dial materials to enhancements in bracelet design. Rolex continues to push the boundaries of watchmaking with its commitment to excellence, and these new releases are no exception.

Here are details you need to know about each new watch released:


The 2023 Cosmograph Daytona Platinum

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Rolex has celebrated the 60th anniversary of its iconic Cosmograph Daytona by updating the entire range of the watch. The updates have been made to the face, case, and movement. The hour markers and counter rings have been resized and restyled, and the dial receives a new graphic balance. The counters and their rings also feature a subtle combination of colours and finishes that accentuate the contrast between them and the dial. These changes bring a modern look to the face of the watch.

The case of the new Cosmograph Daytona has been redesigned to reflect elegant lines of light that are visible from the sides. On versions with a Cerachrom bezel in ceramic, the bezel is edged with the same metal as the case. This redesign gives the watch a refined and polished look.

The new Cosmograph Daytona is equipped with Calibre 4131, a new chronograph movement that Rolex entirely developed and manufactured. This new movement is an evolution of Calibre 4130 and features the Chronergy escapement to reduce energy loss, Paraflex shock absorbers to protect the heart of the movement, and an optimized ball bearing to enhance self-winding. The Calibre 4131 also features a new aesthetic for the brand, including a cut-out oscillating weight and an exclusive Rolex Côtes de Genève decoration on the bridges. The watch is also available in 950 platinum, an alloy consisting of 950 ‰ platinum and a specific dose of ruthenium, with meticulous finishing in-house.

New Rolex 1908

Rolex has launched a new watch called the Perpetual 1908. It is based on an older model from 1931, but has a more modern design with a slimmer case. The watch has a transparent back, which allows the wearer to see the movement of the watch.

The Perpetual 1908 has a new self-winding movement called calibre 7140, which was completely developed and manufactured by Rolex. The movement is fitted with the Syloxi hairspring, Chronergy escapement and Paraflex shock absorbers, which make it very accurate and reliable. The watch has a power reserve of approximately 66 hours.

The new Dualclasp of the Perpetual 1908 is made of 18 kt yellow or white gold and is designed for enhanced comfort. It consists of two folding blades and is easy to open and close, while ensuring a secure closure of the alligator leather strap.

The New Yacht-Master 42

Rolex has released a new watch, the Oyster Perpetual Yacht-Master 42, which is made from a special type of titanium called RLX titanium. This metal is both lightweight and strong, making it perfect for sports enthusiasts who want a watch that can handle the rigors of their active lifestyles. The use of RLX titanium has reduced the weight of the watch by a third compared to a similar watch made from steel.

The Yacht-Master 42 features a combination of polished, high-sheen and technical satin finishes, which create a subtle blend of textures and light. The technical satin finish, with its pronounced grain, is visible on the case and bracelet, while the crown guard and top edges of the lugs have a gleaming polished surface. The bezel of the watch is also made from ceramic and has raised and polished numerals and graduations.

The watch comes equipped with the Oyster bracelet, also made from RLX titanium, which has a technical satin finish carried over to the sides of the links and the edges of the Oysterlock safety clasp cover. The bracelet is flexible and includes ceramic inserts inside the links for added durability. It also has an Easylink comfort extension link that allows the wearer to adjust the bracelet length by approximately 5 mm.

The New Sky-Dweller

Rolex has updated its Sky-Dweller range with several enhancements, including aesthetic and technical improvements. New versions have been introduced, including 18kt white gold, which makes a comeback in the range, and for the first time, an Oysterflex bracelet is being used. The Oysterflex bracelet brings enhanced comfort on the wrist, and it is equipped with an Oysterclasp and the Glidelock extension system. The new versions also feature new dial colours, including a delicate mint green offered on the white Rolesor versions and an elegant blue-green exclusively on the reference in 18kt Everose gold.

The Sky-Dweller features the Saros annual calendar, patented by Rolex, which was developed especially for the model. The calendar displays the current month in one of 12 apertures around the circumference of the dial at the extremity of the hour markers. Automatically differentiating between 30-day and 31-day months, this calendar requires only one date adjustment a year when the month changes from February to March. The Sky-Dweller also includes the Ring Command system, which allows the wearer to select and set the timepiece’s functions easily, quickly and securely. By turning the fluted Ring Command bezel counterclockwise by one, two or three positions, the wearer selects the function in question before adjusting it via the winding crown.

The new-generation Sky-Dweller is equipped with calibre 9002, a derivation of calibre 9001 that has driven the model since its launch in 2012. Calibre 9002 is among the most complex movements designed by Rolex engineers, enabling the display of the hours, minutes, seconds, the date and the month, as well as an additional time zone in 24-hour format. Calibre 9002 includes the latest technical innovations that Rolex has brought to its movements, such as the Chronergy escapement, Paraflex shock absorbers, and a new oscillating weight with an optimized ball bearing.

The New GMT-Master II

Rolex has released two new versions of its GMT-Master II watch – one in 18 kt yellow gold and another in yellow Rolesor – both with a Cerachrom bezel insert in grey and black ceramic. The watch now has an entirely new color combination. The contrast between the gleaming gold of the Jubilee bracelet and the two-color bezel with its dark, muted tones is designed to evoke the path of the sun and the alternation of day and night. The choice of materials and precision of finishes showcases the watch in its best light.

The GMT-Master II features an iconic bidirectional rotatable bezel fitted with a two-color, 24-hour graduated monobloc Cerachrom insert. The watch allows wearers to read the time in two different time zones simultaneously by means of the conventional display and the arrow-tipped 24-hour hand. On the new versions of the GMT-Master II, the 24-hour hand, like the hour markers and other three hands, is made from 18 kt yellow gold, providing an elegant contrast with the black lacquer dial. The new versions of the GMT-Master II are fitted exclusively on a Jubilee bracelet.

Overall, the updated GMT-Master II demonstrates Rolex’s commitment to excellence in both aesthetics and technology. The new color combination and use of high-quality materials highlight the watch’s exemplary craftsmanship. With its ability to track the progress of time in two different time zones, the GMT-Master II is a perfect companion for travelers and those who want to stay connected to the world.

The New Explorer 40

Rolex has released a new 40mm model of the Explorer range, featuring enhanced legibility and durability. The new Explorer 40 is crafted from Oystersteel, an alloy specific to Rolex that offers exceptional sheen and corrosion resistance. For the first time, the Explorer range features the robust and reliable Oyster case, which is made from a solid block of Oystersteel and has a virtually scratchproof sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating. The Twinlock winding crown with double waterproofness system screws down securely against the case.

The Explorer 40 is designed to offer excellent legibility in all circumstances with its Chromalight display that emits a long-lasting blue glow in dark conditions and produces a bright white hue in daylight. The luminescent material used is known for its exceptional performance and is exclusive to Rolex. The middle case, bracelet, and clasp of the Explorer 40 have satin finishes, and the polished flanks of the case reflect light to provide an understated harmony.

The new Explorer 40 retains the simple, robust, and corrosion-resistant qualities that have made the Explorer a reference throughout the decades. The three-piece link Oyster bracelet remains the most universal in the Oyster Perpetual collection and is known for its robustness. With its enhanced legibility, durability, and understated harmony, the Explorer 40 is an invitation to look afresh at this iconic watch.

The New Day-Date 36

Rolex has introduced a new range of Oyster Perpetual Day-Date 36 watches with dials made of decorative stone, which make every watch unique. The watches come in three variants of 18kt gold, Everose, yellow, and white, and are paired with green aventurine, carnelian, and turquoise dials, respectively. The Day-Date 36 watches are also adorned with 52 brilliant-cut diamonds on their bezels and hour markers.

The decorative stones used on the dials, including green aventurine, carnelian, and turquoise, are unique works of art, and their matrices and veins reveal their distinctive traits only after they have been crafted. The individual finishing of each dial is performed to meet the brand’s exacting quality standards. The three new Day-Date 36 versions offer a variety of textures, with green aventurine’s finely crystallized surface, carnelian’s lines of varying shapes and sizes forming an orangey cameo of patterns, and turquoise’s natural veining.

Rolex uses only naturally occurring gemstones of the highest quality, very carefully selected according to strict criteria of purity, clarity, and intensity. The gem-setters at Rolex are recognized for their skill in producing flawless setting and alignment while enhancing the brilliance of the precious stones. The watches are also equipped with the President bracelet, made exclusively from 18kt gold or 950 platinum, which is reserved only for the Day-Date and precious metal versions of the Datejust.


The Final Word on the New 2023 Rolex Releases

In conclusion, Rolex’s latest collection of watches showcased at Watches and Wonders 2023 have been met with great anticipation. With iconic timepieces such as the Daytona, Day-Date 36, GMT-Master II, Skydweller, and Yacht-Master 42, this new collection offers an opportunity to get a unique watch with the latest innovations in movements and craftsmanship .

If you are interested in purchasing any of these watches or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. Our team of experts is always available to assist you in finding the perfect Rolex watch for your needs.


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