Tudor Heritage Black Bay Champagne Dial Black Bezel Two-Tone Yellow Gold & Stainless Steel Leather Strap 41mm 79733N - BRAND NEW

Tudor Heritage Black Bay Champagne Dial Black Bezel Two-Tone Yellow Gold & Stainless Steel Leather Strap 41mm 79733N - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
2010-2020 Recent
Model Number
Heritage Black Bay


Screw Down
Stainless Steel Domed
Case Back
Case Size
41 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Dial Color


Band Material
Fold-Over Clasp


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture


Welcome to Jaztime. Jaztime.com is an online store that buys, sells, trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so our customers can easily choose the best watch for themselves in the comfort of their own home. If you would like to know the price, simply click on the link in the description below. If you enjoy our videos, we would greatly appreciate it if you would buy a watch at jaztime.com. Today, I'm going to be reviewing the Tudor Black Bay, SNG Reference M79733N-0003. I'm gonna talk to you guys about the bezel, the case, the dial, the crystal, the bracelet, the movement, and then give you my thoughts. Now before I start, I just wanna let you know that we don't make these videos for free. And we make them so people like you who are sitting at home, can watch these videos and then buy it from Jaztime, not somebody else. Somebody actually came to me earlier and said they were watching our videos, and they love our channel. And when I asked him where you bought his watch, he's like, "Oh, I bought it from somewhere else." And I'm sitting here scratching my balls, wondering, why am I even making these videos. So that our competitors can sell their watches using our videos? Hmm. Yeah, right. So anyhow, I'm actually making this video so you, the watcher, can buy this watch at Jaztime. So with that, let's begin. The case is 41 millimeter steel case, with polished and satin finished. Now, what does that mean? It means if you look here at the lugs, it has a satin finish or brush finish. A very nice beveled edge right there, I don't know if you can see that at home, and then high polish on the sides. Now to me, that looks really bad-ass because that means somebody or machine or something really had to do a good job polishing. So, I like that. It is 41 millimeter, which makes it kind of large in comparison to its older brother, the Submariner. Now let's talk about the bezel. The bezel is a uni directional rotating bezel in yellow gold with 60-minute graduated, matte black and a nice aluminum disc gold markings. Well, what does all that mean? Let me break it down for you. They're saying that this right here, the part that houses the movement, or sorry, the bezel that has this mill grain or coined edge to it is actually made of yellow gold. It doesn't say it's 18 carat gold, but it does say it yellow gold. So I don't know if that's 14 carat or what, or 10 who knows, but it is yellow gold. It doesn't really matter though, right? It's gold. Now this part, the bezel insert, the insert itself is made of aluminum. Now, that goes back to the old school ways that the Submariners have been made, their bezels have been made. Now, they're made of ceramic. Now, I'm gonna bring another one for you to compare. This one has a ceramic bezel, and it's a lot shinier and doesn't scratch, but it's a lot more expensive. It's unidirectional, because presumably, this is kind of like a dive watch. What you do is you take the little triangle, you put it at the minute marker, and then you can calculate your lapse time. It's also unidirectional because you don't wanna be diving and thinking you have more time than you really do. It has a waterproofness of 200 meters, which is a hundred meters less than the Submariner, but still more like 200 meters more than you would probably need, since most of us are wimps and we can't go diving anyways. Now, let's talk about the movement. The movement is a Caliber MT5612, which has a self-winding mechanical movement with a bi-directional rotor system. It also has a power reserve of 70 hours. Now, what does all that mean? To you, basically, nothing. It's automatic. It has 70 hour power reserve. It works. It keeps time. I mean, what more do you really wanna know? Well, it's not like most of us are watchmakers and it's not like we really need to know all the inner workings. I mean, does the darn thing work or does it not? I mean, do you follow? Yeah. So that's all I have to say really about the movement. Now, I would like to talk a little bit about the dial. I actually am kind of a fan of the dial. And if look at this now, what do you notice? It has has this really funky, interesting, like hour hand, and I wanna show you what it looks like when it's lit up. This is what it will look like at night. That's pretty darn visible. In fact, I would say it's even more visible than its older cousin, the Submariner. Look at the hour markers. Which one could you more easily tell time? I mean, if it were me, I definitely could tell time easier on the Tudor. And for those of you who are over 40, telling time on your watch isn't all that easy 'cause your eyes aren't as great. And I don't mean that jokingly. I just mean that as a practical matter it's easier to see these big hands. I think Tudor probably did that on purpose. I'm not certain, but I certainly think so. Now, I actually also wanna talk about the winding crown. I don't usually talk about the winding crowd 'cause it's usually something kind of boring. But in this situation, this winding crown is a yellow gold screw down winding crown with a Tudor rose engraved and lacquered black, with black and a nice aluminum winding crown tube. What does all that mean? It basically means that this crown is yellow gold. Now, if you compare it to the Submariner, the Submariner is steel. Well, I guess on a two-tone watch, it would be yellow gold. So, but still, I mean for Tudor to have a gold crown with this black, lacquered engraving right here, I think that's pretty cool. And I really like how it's fat. Have you noticed how hard is it to change the time on the Submariner compared? I mean, if you look at the size of the crowns. Well, it's kinda hard to see it from this angle. There you go. But it's just a little bit harder and I think this big, huge crown right here is pretty cool. It has aluminum winding too. That means that little black thing right here. I'll just pull it out so you can see it. I just think it makes it really easy to change time. They really thought this through, in my opinion. Now, let's talk about the dial. We already talked about the dial. Let's talk about the crystal. The crystal uses a champagne colored and domed. Now, I don't know why they said that the dial itself is domed. I don't see that at all. I do see that the crystal, however, is domed. D-O-M-E-D, domed. It's hard word to say. But hey look, if you compare the Submariner on the right look how flat this crystal is, as opposed to the crystal on the Tudor which is domed. Yeah? Well, I think that's really cool. I would only think, however, what maybe one zonk against it, maybe, is that a domed crystal is more likely to be scratch. But I'm not really sure about that. I've never really scratched this. Anyways, let's talk about the bracelet. The bracelet uses a brown aged leather strap with folding clasps and safety catch. So this bracelet, they call it a brown aged leather. They could have called it an old leather boot, 'cause that's kinda what it looks like. I guess if you like that look, and a lot of people do like that look. People, not everybody wants to have a shiny leather strap. It looks a little bit too fancy. So I think that's pretty cool. The contrast of this sports watch, it being a sports watch but it has this gold, but then it has this aged leather strap right here. I don't know. It's cool. It's contrasting and it's interesting. Now, they call this buckle right here, a folding clasp with safety catch. So how does that actually work? We stick it in here. Click one and click two. I think that's a really nice way to make the buckle. I like it better than tang. It looks more eloquent and... Not eloquent, elegant. And it does what it's supposed to do. I like it. So I told you I would give you my thoughts, but not without making a plug to the company that is making this video which is Jaztime, which is the company that sponsors me to make this video for you. So that you, at home, can decide and buy this watch from Jaztime based on these videos. If you have questions about this, give us a call. If you wanna actually buy it and you like this watch, click on the link in the description below and check us out at jaztime.com.

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