Rolex Sky-Dweller Yellow Gold White Index Dial Fluted Bezel Oyster Bracelet 326938 - BRAND NEW

Rolex Sky-Dweller Yellow Gold White Index Dial Fluted Bezel Oyster Bracelet 326938 - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
Current Production
Model Number
Model Year
Current Model


Screw Down
Yellow Gold Fluted
Case Back
Yellow Gold
Case Size
42 mm
Case Type
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Yellow Gold
Folding Oysterclasp
Bracelet Type
Heavy: New Style


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture
United States
Date, Annual Calendar, GMT
Water Resistance
100 Meters (330 Feet)


Hey, welcome back to Jaztime. is an online store that buys, sells, and trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so you can easily choose the best watch for yourself in the comfort of your own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online. If you'd like to know the price, simply click on the links in the description below. We greatly appreciate it if you purchase your next watch from us at Today, we'll be talking about the Rolex Sky-Dweller, a 42 millimeter case, reference number 326938, entirely in yellow gold with an intense white dial, as Rolex seem to call it themselves. All right, we'll be going over the case, the bezel, the dial, the crown functions, as well as the movement, and the bracelet. I'll be giving you my thoughts on all of these throughout the video. All right, so beginning with the case, again 42 millimeters, from finger to thumb. Every Sky-Dweller is 42 millimeters in diameter. They have the monobloc middle case with the screw-down case back and the winding crown to ensure water resistance down to a hundred meters or 330 feet, nothing new there. All right, so taking a look at the overall finish here, we also have a high polish along the entire side of this case, as well as the front of the case itself, going down the lugs, as well. And it also has the end links here on the oyster style bracelet brushed, polished, brushed, giving it that nice, sort of alternating look. Very interesting and kind of suitable to go with this fluted style bezel or fluted, literally a fluted bezel. Also, in yellow gold matching that of the case and the fluted bezel originally was made for basically, just waterproofing the watch. So, they would place the crystal and place the bezel and screw it in physically to prevent water from entering the watch. But, you know, modern technology has made that kind of, well, not really necessary. And in fact, Rolex have gone ahead and went several steps further with that. So what we have here, on this bezel, is actually quite special, on the Sky-Dweller only. This is the only watch I know, in existence, that actually has this sort of, interesting use with the bezel. It has a command feature. All right. So, what this does, is that the bezel allows you to change all of the functions with the watch. So, taking a look at how this works, you simply unwind the crown to the first position. In every situation, unwinding to the first position allows you to wind the watch. So, 20 to 30 full winds is all you need to get to the full power reserve. But, you pull it out to the next position, and that's the only other position you have here. If you have the ring turned all the way to the right side, the counterclockwise side, it does nothing. Nothing is happening here. No winding, nothing is changing. That's fine because this is sort of like, the safety sort of, position. To set this watch, sorry, simply turn the command bezel to the left or counterclockwise, all the way until it stops, which is at most, three times. This will allow you to move the minute hand and by extension, the 24 hour offset dial. So, simply just turn the hour hand until you reach the correct, or the desired hour of the day, of a second time zone. So, say you want to set it for around noon, where it happens to be, in your second time zone. Be that, you know, additional workplace somewhere on the other side of the planet, or you know, or maybe just a few times zones over, it's up to you. So this 24 hour dial is, it shows exactly the hour of a second time zone using this red triangle just at the very top, to point at the hour specifically. And it only shows the even numbers because it would be a little clutter if you want it to show every number. But say you want it to go to 12:10, just 10 past noon. All right, simple enough. Now simply, you can set the current time in your local time zone. Also note, it features the hacking seconds. So, when you know that you've pulled the crown out all the way, and you see the seconds hand stop, then you know that you are all the way, and all the way to the left, and you can actually set the minute hand, and the second time zone hour. All right. Rotate it to the next position. You can then adjust the hour hand. The hour hand does not move the minute hand, it only moves the hour as well as potentially, the date there. But, we'll move on to that in a moment because this is sort of, a very slow way of setting the date. So, all you need to do is just look at the 12 hour dial, with all these index hour marks and just set your hour hand based on that. Now, I recommend moving it forward and also noting where exactly you are within the 24 hours because the hour hand does take into account whether it's daytime or nighttime, okay? So say it's 10:00 a.m., where we are, okay? Now, rotate the bezel to the last position. And now you can very quickly adjust the date in either direction. All right? So note that if you rotate the crown clockwise, you advance or you regress the date. Whereas, if you rotate it counterclockwise, you advance the date by one. It's about a quarter turn per day so it's rather quick and easy. But not only that, you'll advance the date and also the calendar because what else comes in multiples of 12 other than the hours of a dial? Months. So, you can simply just keep rotating this, and note that each little index mark has a little aperture at the very end to allow you to see into, you know, whether it's colored red or colored white. And if it's red, that means that it's the month that it currently is. So, say for example, we're in April, that is the fourth month of the year, all right? And, if you want, you can use this method to set a bogus date, like say May 31st. There are no, you don't have 31 days in May. Wait. That's actually incorrect. Let's go back to April. You don't actually have 31 days in April, but you can do it with this function only. Now, what is inside the movement here is what Rolex calls "Saros", their own patented movement, which actually keeps track of how many days are in each month. So you don't actually need to set this yourself. The only way you can have a 31st of April is if you've manually do it yourself. Because, you know, doing so, let me see if there's, if you can actually advance the date. Yeah, see? So, if you saw what happened there, if you advanced the date naturally by say, using the hour hand, it will actually skip over the 31st of a month that does not have the 31st. So, we'll do that again. Okay, so we're here on the 30th of April, right? So, you can advance it to the 31st, but there is no 31st of April. So, we're still on the 30th of April. And, well time's coming up, and well, we don't know exactly what's gonna happen, or do we? Thanks to Saros, you don't need to worry about that because advancing the hour hand, automatically moves it to May 1st. You've completely skipped over the 31st of April. Very, very intelligent technology that Rolex have put into a wristwatch, fully mechanical. There's no computer inside this other than, you know, all of the mechanics that go along with it. Now it's kind of debatable as to whether it actually is a computer because, you know, it is computing things. But you're not actually entering much information or data and getting a different result because the result will be the same every time. All right. So anyway, that's all of that. That's how all of this works. Now, simply wind the crown back into the case to ensure that superior water resistance. Now, I've skipped over the dial, but we'll go over that now. So this dial is the intense white dial, as Rolex call it. There's no sunray or sunburst effect. It's completely, like a matte finish, I would say. So, it doesn't actually reflect light, it more diffuses light so you can actually see all of the features on here at any angle, as you can see, minus the, you know, the minimal glare that you actually get on the Sapphire crystal on the front. Also, scratch resistant with a cyclops lens over the three o'clock date aperture. Okay, so looking at the style here, we have the index hour marks, that's what all Sky-Dwellers have. And it's actually, probably the best use here because well, I wouldn't go with a Roman numeral hour marks, I wouldn't go with say, diamond hour marks on a Sky-Dweller, because well, the original purpose of a Sky-Dweller was for people who dwell in the sky or otherwise, people who travel a lot using airplanes. And so, you know, if you've traveled in an airplane for any extended period of time, say you flew into Japan, Korea, China, or Australia, or you know, just to the UK, somewhere in Europe from America, you'll know that you will have to pass through nighttime. And so, having the Chromalight display on those index hour marks makes it incredibly easy to read. And actually, there's so incredibly bright look, this is actually, I never noticed this before, but if you have the minute hand in that cyclops lens, it actually also lights up that date aperture. Strangely enough, I don't think that that's actually intended, and I certainly didn't expect that to happen, but you know, it's certainly a good feature to have. Well, probably not the best thing to do to, you know, physically change your minute hand just to read the date because you can just bring out your smartphone, turn on the light and look at it. But, should you need it, the functionality is there. The Chromalight is actually very long lasting. And as you saw during that entire time, it didn't even start fading at all. It was, it just stayed intensely blue. And it's a very, very nice tone of blue on those Chromalight applied luminescence. Okay, again, 18 carat yellow gold applied index hour marks with slightly skeletonized hands here. And, I actually do appreciate the skeletonization of these hands because it doesn't actually block that 24 hour subdial, the offset subdial. Because, you know, if your hour hand is closer to the top, what's more important is being able to read the hour closer to that red triangle, right? So, you'll want to be able to read it, and no matter where your hand is, your minute hand will never actually fully obstruct that hour, and neither will the hour hand either. All right, so moving the hour hand, it will never actually fully obstruct the number there. So you can actually fully read it very easily, okay? So that's another excellent point of engineering from Rolex on the Sky-Dweller. And, this is honestly why it's probably my favorite watch out of the entire Rolex catalog. Okay. Anyway, I'm done floating around with this, enough faffing around. What is the movement? What makes all of this possible? It's the 9001, made in-house by Rolex. It has the perpetual, mechanical, self-winding, dual time zones with the annual calendar as I have just demonstrated. It also has a precision of plus or minus two seconds per day time differential after casing, meaning that it exceeds COSC standards. It fully goes with the Superlative Chronometer Official Certification there, as printed on the dial, and it's tested. Every watch was tested after it has been fully cased. All right The functions allow for a center hour, minute, and seconds hands, 24 hour display on the off-center subdial. There's a second time zone with the instantaneous annual calendar at the three o'clock, and rapid setting of the date. Wow, there's so much that this does. Month display, the 12 apertures around the circumference of the dial. It also has the stop seconds for precise time setting. All of which, I have already mentioned and demonstrated. All right. The oscillator. Well, unfortunately you can't see it through the case back, but you know, when you have a yellow gold watch like this you have the content, please focus. Okay, you have the full yellow gold content within this case back. So you are certainly getting a hefty chunk of rare metals here. And, speaking of rare metals, underneath these lugs here we also do have hallmarks. I'm zoomed in all the way in, but there are hallmarks under each lug to tell you that you are certainly dealing with precious metals. And then this case, yellow gold. This is a very heavy watch. All right. So, speaking of which, it has the paramagnetic blue Parachrom hairspring with high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers. Not the very newest form of the hairspring, however, it's good enough for most people. If you're riding on an airplane, you're probably not gonna be exposing yourself to too many magnets, and you're probably not gonna be, you know, going roughhousing on an airplane. That would just be really dangerous, don't do that. But you know, simply the oscillator will be keeping track of time, no problem. You can take a few bumps. You can get relatively close to, you know, magnets on a day-to-day basis, but you know, just don't take it to an MRI and you'll be just fine. All right. So, the winder has the bi-directional self-winding via a perpetual rotor. It's on the inside, just underneath, just behind this case back. But what that means is that you can just wind your watch fully using the crown, and put on your wrist and your natural wrist movements will keep winding this watch throughout the day. It has a total power reserve of approximately 72 hours. That's three whole days. You can set this down, you can leave, you can come back three days later and it'll still be keeping track of time. No need to wind the watch. And also, this has the oyster style bracelet, made for strength, not quite as much in breathability but it's still extremely breathable. You know, I've had an oyster style bracelet on for nearly an entire day and I didn't feel a single drop of sweat on my wrist. So, it has the breathability. It doesn't epilate your hairs on your wrist and it's extremely comfortable. All right. Polish down the center, sand brush finishing along the sides, giving it that very good alternating pattern, as I had pointed out earlier. It has the high polish along the sides and brush finishing underneath. A very light taper down to the oyster folding clasp. Opens very easily, just lift the top and there you go. Okay? You have the Rolex's stamp logo on the inside along with hallmarks on the bracelet itself to also tell you that the bracelet is in fact, precious metals. Again, yellow gold, 18 carat yellow gold. And while we're here, I can also show you that there, the oyster clasp has this little advantage of the oyster, the easy link, five millimeter comfort extension. So what that is, is your wrist will tend to change throughout the day, depending on your local climate heat, as well as your hydration levels, basically. So, if you need the extra five millimeters, simply open up the clasps to this position, just pull it straight out and there you go, extra five millimeters. That's about half an oyster style link. All right, that will allow you to, basically, continue to wear your watch without discomfort. And if you need to put it back, you simply just fold it back in on itself, press it back in against the clasp, snaps in very easily. Okay. While we're here, I can also try on the watch and show you how it looks, how it feels on a seven inch wrist. Okay, so if I wore this a little bit closer to the actual seven inches, it would be a very loose fit. You know, I would have to remove a link, you know, if I were to wear this myself. But, wearing this higher up on my wrist. Okay, we can actually see how it wears, and how it looks. Now, on my wrist, seven inches again. Well, 42 millimeter size case. It's a chunker, I can barely see any sort of bracelet on either side. That's sort of a personal preference. I do like having to see the bracelet because that's actually part of the watch. It's what keeps your watch on your wrist. So, I like to be able to see it, but I can't really complain too much because this thing has everything I could ever possibly need. Has the calendar, the day, the date, as well as, well, it doesn't have the date. It has the date, as well as which month as well as, the hour of a second time zone. And you know, the minutes, they're always gonna be the same, regardless of your time zone. So, it has so much functionality, and it's just fun to play with, honestly. Using this command bezel, it feels very good. It's something that I can't really communicate through the video, but it has a sort of like, this very nice click, a nice haptic feedback almost, in the way that it snaps. And it's just so satisfying. Now, I wouldn't recommend that you fidget with this all the time because you know, this is moving parts, there are, you know, things that will wear down over time, especially with a malleable metal like yellow gold. But anyway, on the wearability of this, if you have this on like say, a thicker wrist, this is like higher up on my wrist, you will not get as much room underneath these lugs because they do taper a little bit downward, not so much outward, like sort of Datejust, but having that downward taper does help it keep that very nice form factor. It won't slide very easily under a suit cuff but if you have a jacket sure, that's fine. And, you should wear a jacket on an airplane. It does tend to get a little bit cold. Okay? And, when it comes to the overall weight distribution, this thing is a chunker, it's heavy. So, you could probably knock someone out with this Sky-Dweller because there's a lot going on in this case. And there's just so much gold content here that the bracelet itself just does not really, you know, it doesn't counter balance it as much. So, you will be throwing this thing around, quite a bit. So be very careful with that. Other than that, the overall presentation, absolutely beautiful. I love this white dial. It's very easy to read. And, against this yellow gold, it has a very like, standout, very, you know, very big wrist presence on here. So, very beautiful indeed. Anyway, enough of what I think, what do you guys think about this watch? Let us know down in the comments below and also like this video, be sure to subscribe, share it with others. If anyone's looking to get a really cool Rolex because you know, we have this for sale, be sure to hit that bell notification next to the subscribe button so you can be notified when we go live with another video like this one. And as always, if you'd like to purchase this watch, any other watch, visit our site, Links in the description below. We'll see you in the next one.

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