Rolex Sky-Dweller Yellow Gold/Steel Black Index Dial Fluted Bezel Oyster Bracelet 326933 - BRAND NEW

Rolex Sky-Dweller Yellow Gold/Steel Black Index Dial Fluted Bezel Oyster Bracelet 326933 - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
Model Number
Model Year


Screw Down
Yellow Gold Fluted
Case Back
Steel/Yellow Gold
Case Size
42 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Yellow Gold/Steel
Folding Oysterclasp


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture
Date, Annual Calendar, GMT


This certified authentic Brand New Rolex Sky-Dweller Sports Watch, with the Model Number: 326933-0002, has a Stainless Steel 42 mm Round Case with Screw Down Crown and a Yellow Gold Fluted Bezel. This Men's Rolex Sky-Dweller has an attractive Black Dial with Index Dial Markers. The high quality Rolex Automatic Movement will keep perfect time for you. The reliable Rolex Yellow Gold & Stainless Steel Oyster Bracelet will look great on your wrist.

Hey guys, this is Kevin from and today we'll be reviewing the newly released Rolex Sky-Dweller from the Basel World 2017 show. The reference number for this watch is 326933. We'll be going over the price, the dial, bezel, crown, case, bracelet, clasp, and we'll talk about the movement towards the end of the video. Okay, as the price, as of November 2017, you can get this from your Rolex authorized retailer for $17,150 or you can come to and get it for $19,000 as this is a newly released watch and very high in demand and very hard to find, that is, it's going to have a higher pricing to reflect that market value. Okay, so let's go ahead and talk about the dial now. So, the dial color I currently have in my hand is the black dial of course. The other dial colors it comes in is the Champagne, and the White, specifically for the dial. This actually seems like a very simplistic dial, nicely done, however there's actually a lot going on on the dial that you might not notice the first time around. So, first thing we have is the index hour markers. They're fashioned in 18 carat yellow gold to prevent any tarnishing and they have a highly legible Chromalight display with long-lasting blue luminescence and it lasts up to eight hours so it has very good visibility in the dark. Same can be said about the hands, as the tips of the hands have that same Chromalight display luminosity. For the hands themselves, they are made of the 18 carat yellow gold, however, towards the center of the hands, we have this skeletonization towards the center as it tries to not obscure this 24-hour dial. The 24-hour off-center dial actually allows for a dual time zone and it helps to actually clearly distinguish between the different times of day, so you can tell the difference between a 10 a.m. or 10 p.m. The red triangular indicator will be the set position for the 24-hour timer so you know where you are on that sort of off-center dial. Along with that, at the very edge of the dials you see these small square white aperture, as you can see. And one of these open apertures is a red one, which is at the 12 o'clock position currently, and actually is a annual calender, so you can actually track the month as well on the watch, so because it's at the 12, it would be on December. Besides that, we have the date window at the 3 o'clock position with a cyclops lens on top of that sapphire crystal for magnification easier viewing of that date. Okay, so moving on now, moving on to the bezel now. The bezel is a fluted, bidirectional, rotatable Rolex Ring Command bezel made in 18 carat yellow gold. The Rolex Ring Command bezel is unique to the Sky-Dweller and also the Yacht Master as well, and that allows for different crown functions when rotated. And I'll actually go ahead and show you that, as we move on to the crown now, crown made up of 18 carat yellow gold as well is a screw-down Twin-lock double waterproofness system that helps keep this watch water-resistant for 100 meters or 330 feet. Simply unwinds counter-clockwise in the standard position in which you can wind the watch. From a dead stop about 15 to 20 clockwise winds is all you need to get the watch up and running again. Pulling it out to the second and final position, as you can see, no adjustments are made in this current position, and that's because the Command bezel is at the utmost first position which is all the way centered on the right, as you can see you can't adjust any more to the right. In this position, nothing is changed here. In the next position, you can adjust the date, see at the 3 o'clock position. Let me actually go ahead and move this hand out of the way really quickly, okay, so one tick to the left, and look at that, easy adjustment of the date just going clockwise or counter-clockwise, either way works. And you know how I mentioned earlier about the annual calendar? There's that red square at the top there, filling it out as the December date. If I were to go all the way to the 31st date, you'll see that it will tick over to the next date aperture, or the next aperture at the side there. And, once more, I'll show you again just very quickly, and bam, goes into the next aperture. So that's how you use the annual calendar and the date wheel In the same position, you can actually go ahead and move it over another tick to the left, and this is where it has the function of the quick hour jump as you can see only the hour hand moves independent of the minute hand, the second hand, and that off-center sub-dial, and this is useful for if you're moving into another time zone, let's just say it's London time right now. Philippines time is seven hours ahead so you would move forward seven hours, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, and there you go. Easy adjustment, second hand doesn't stop, so you always keep that precise timing, along with the minute hand as well. Of course, there's also stopping of the second hand, once you move the Ring Command bezel one more tick to the left, and there we are. It stops the seconds hand and this is the final position of the Ring Command bezel in which you can adjust the minute hand itself, as you can see, bidirectionally very simply, and it also shifts over that 24-hour sub-dial as well so you can track a different time zone. Okay, and stopping the seconds hand does allow for precise time settings such as to an atomic clock online, you can set it down to the exact seconds. Of course, shifting that Command bezel all the way back over into the first position, the standard position, will start the seconds hand once more. Make sure the crown is pressed in nice and tight against the case, as I mentioned about the water resistance, you wanna keep this watch water-resistant, okay? So that's the function of the Ring Command bezel with the crown. Moving on to the case now, as this is more of a dress watch than a sports watch, we have this very beautiful high polish on the lugs of the case. The case size itself is a 42mm case, so from my index finger to my thumb here, that's 42mm in diameter, from the side profile we have this beautiful high polish along the sides, matches very nicely with the bracelet, and it's on both sides as well, see once again, the high polish, very beautiful. Alright. Moving on to the bracelet now. The bracelet is a two-toned bracelet, and it's what Rolex refers to as the Rolesor, which is using a combination of steel and 18 carat yellow gold. As I mentioned, this is more of a dress watch, so down the center, we have this beautiful high polish 18 carat yellow gold down the center of the Oyster links, being contrasted by the sand finish or brushed steel of the outer of the three-piece links. The clasp has that same pattern as well, nice 18 carat yellow gold high polish down the center. And the clasp itself is a very simple folding oyster clasp. Opens up to reveal the high polish clasp blades with the Rolex name embossed on there. Behind the clasp itself, pulling at a 45 degree angle will open up the clasp a little bit. This is the open position of the bracelet, and behind the clasp itself there, you can actually adjust the bracelet in 5mm increments forward or backwards and that's what Rolex calls the easy extension link or the Easylink. And that allows for more comfortability on the wrist such as on a hot summer day your wrist swells up, you wanna have a little more breathing room for your wrist you can adjust that bracelet 5mm outward and it'll give more breathability to your wrist and vice versa for colder days. Okay, moving on to the movement now. The movement is housed in this Oyster case backing and it houses Rolex's perpetual mechanical self-winding movement that has the functions of the dual time zones, the annual calendar. The caliber of the movement is 9001. It's one of Rolex's more complicated movement because of all those different functions that I've shown you with the Ring Command bezel and the crown. The oscilator is a para-magnetic blue Parachrom hairspring and it adds additional resistance to magnetism. Also, it has the high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers that absorb 50% more shocks to the watch than the industry's standard KIF shock absorbers. And the power reserve of this watch, you're looking at a very high power reserve of 72 hours, meaning you can put this watch down Friday evening, pick it back up on a Monday afternoon, and it'll still be keeping time just fine. Okay, so let me actually go ahead and show you the Sky-Dweller on my wrist now. It's very simply folding Oyster, opens up, closes in, see that two-tone bracelet, and there we are. So this is the Sky-Dweller on the wrist. Okay, one thing to mention, I do have an average man's size wrist, which is a seven inch wrist. As you can see there's still a little bit of room in there. Alright, if you're interested in this watch or any other models, check out our website at We have the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer a one-year warranty and if you liked the video please like, comment, subscribe below. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you guys soon.

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