Rolex Sky-Dweller Yellow Gold Black Index Dial Fluted Bezel Rubber OysterFlex 326238 - BRAND NEW

Rolex Sky-Dweller Yellow Gold Black Index Dial Fluted Bezel Rubber OysterFlex 326238 - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
Model Number
Model Year
2012-2023 1st Gen Skydweller


Screw Down
Yellow Gold Fluted
Case Back
Yellow Gold
Case Size
42 mm
Case Type
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Folding Oysterclasp


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture
United States
Date, Annual Calendar
Water Resistance
100 Meters (330 Feet)


There, welcome back to Jaztime. is an online store that buys, sells and trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so you can easily choose the best watch for yourself at the comfort of your own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online. And if you like to know the price, simply click on the links in the description below. We really appreciate if you purchase your next watch from us at Today, we'll be talking about this Rolex Sky-Dweller, yellow gold, black dial, Oysterflex strap. Reference number 326238. We'll be going over the case, the dial, the bezel functions, yes, that's right functions. Crown functions, movement, and this Oysterflex strap . And we'll be talking about, I'll be giving you my thoughts on all of those as well throughout this video. All right, so start off with this case from finger to thumb, two to eight position. That's the 42 millimeter diameter, as you can see from two o'clock to eight o'clock. It's the same as from 10 to four. Same diameter, 42 millimeters, nice and large. You have the mono block middle case with the screw-down case back and the Rolex winding crown, to ensure water resistance down to a 100 meters or 330 feet below sea level. You also have a full yellow gold construction in what is known as sort of this, they call it a Yellow Rolesor. That's basically Rolex's own version of both Oystersteel and yellow gold, to make a very strong yet still beautiful, high polished finish on this casing here. High polish on every surface minus the back, which also does have these hole marks, to show you that you are indeed dealing with precious metals. All right, in this case, yellow gold. And sitting on the front of this case, you have this fluted yellow gold bezel, which actually does have a function. Now on the Datejust videos that I've been making, the flute bezel has no function other than to just look pretty. Well, this one actually does have a physical function. It's a command bezel. So, what it does is, it actually rotates depending on its position and depending on what you want to change on this watch. So right now it's sort of the locked position where all you really can do is just wind the crown, and wind the watch therefore. But all the other positions allow you to do something different. And I'll show you those in just a moment. But first, let's look at this nice, bright, black dial as they call it. It has a bit of a sun ray finish, a bit subtle. As I move it or through the slide box, you can kind of see it. It's not the easiest thing to see. I can see it much better with my eyes. Yeah, much better with my eyes, harder to see on the monitoring here. But, it looks incredibly easy to read, even though this is probably one of the lesser popular models of this model. The other two color dials being like a really bright white and also a champagne color. Champagne sort of blending in with the yellow gold here. But this black one, I actually very much like more because of the high contrast. I like being able to see my hour marks. I like being able to see the 24-hour sub dial as well. And you can also see the date aperture nicely and clearly, which is nice and small on that dial. But underneath the Cyclops lens, on the sapphire crystal, scratch resistant as well. You can see it very clearly as well. Now, taking a look at these sort of aspects on the style. Again, you have the index hour markers for the hours, but you also have this 24-hour, sort of offset dial. It goes up to 24-hours. It's basically your second measurement. Your second timescale basically referenced by that red triangle at the top, pointing where it is. So right now it's after, well, 1:00 am basically. And also you have these tiny apertures at the very edge of the dial, with only one of them being red. So that basically marks the month number. So right now it's December, if you have say, the first aperture turned red with all the others white, then that means it's January, February, March, and so forth. So it's a very good perpetual calendar in that sense. Made possible by the Saros, professional calendar developed by Rolex. More on that in a moment, but taking a look at the crown functions here in conjunction with the bezel. So basically if you unwind the crown to the first position, this allows you to wind the watch, regardless of the bezels position. So if you ever need to wind the watch, if you're at a dead stop, about 30-ish full winds is all you need to get nice and started up and running again. Let's start with the bezel, turn all the way counterclockwise, all the way to the left. With the crown pulled out to the final position, this allows you to stop that seconds hand and therefore, adjust the minute hand. But more importantly, you can also move... This is the only and easiest way to move the 24-hour dial. And the 24-hour dial. Let me see if I move it all the way around. Okay, so yes, the 24-hour dial functions independently of the date wheel. All right, so keep that in mind when you are setting the 24-hour dial. Just set this one first for whatever time it happens to be. Let's say it's just after one at our home location. And let's say locally, well it's 10 minutes past the hour, all right. Move the bezel to the right and once you can now move the hour hand, which is set locally and also by extension sets the day, or the date in the aperture. So you can set this. If you set it backwards, it's not gonna do anything, so you will actually have to set it forward. You can quick set the date on a different function of the bezel. So just move it forward. And once it moves past midnight, that's when you know which side of noon or which side of midnight you are on. So, let's say it's 10:00 am where I am right now. You can rotate the bezel one more. This allows you to change and quick set the date in the aperture, and by extension the month aperture. So you can just do so rather easily. And doing this is a little strange because you can actually quick set the date, to a date that does not technically exit. So if you're in February, you can actually set it to the 31st of February, which is completely and utterly impossible. But, if you wanted to, you could. But keep in mind that let's say, hmm... let's go to a more concrete example. Okay, let's go to April, the month of April. Maybe April only has 30 days. You can set it to the 31st of April, which again does not exist either. But let's say you're on the 30th and you set the hour hand forward. It will automatically move to the 1st of May. It will skip over to 31st. So thanks to Rolex's excellent engineering, they have made it so that it basically skips over the days that basically don't exist in the month. The only exception being the month of February, because it's different depending on leap years. So that's basically how all of this is worked, or how all of this works when it comes to setting the time and the date, as well as the month for this Rolex Sky-Dweller. So basically what makes all of this work is the 9,001 caliber made in-house by Rolex. You can't see through the case back, you do have that gold content there though for that extra value. So what it is, is it's a perpetual mechanical cell finding dual time zone annual calendar. Thanks to Saros, the name of the annual calendar within this watch. So it also has a precision of plus or minus two seconds per day, time differential. So it gives you that Superlative Chronometer official certification as printed on every Rolex dial. Oh, you can actually see the sun ray patterning very nicely at this angle, by the way. So it also has the center hour and minute, and seconds hands constantly going the 24-hour display on this off-center disc. The second time zone indicated in that method. It also has the instantaneous annual calendar at the three o'clock, and the rapid setting of the date, month display via the 12 apertures around the peripheral of the dial. It also has these stop seconds for precise time setting, all of those functions which I had literally just read off the website. It's all the things that I had just demonstrated, with the functions of the crown and the bezel together. By the way, if you move the bezel all the way to the right, this is sort of the locked position. So if you pull the crown out to the final position, it doesn't do anything, literally nothing happens. That's sort of the sort of safeguard position. And if anything, you just help yourself by just winding the watch at the first position, still works, okay. Now the oscillator on the inside is a Paramagnetic blue pair chrome hairspring. It also has high-performance Paraflex shock absorbers, meaning that you can get relatively close to magnetized surfaces or surfaces that could be magnetized. And you can also take a few bumps here and there, you'll be keeping track of time just fine. No need to worry about the timekeeping ability of the movement, at least. Just don't throw it into an MRI, and you're good. It also has a bi-directional, self winding rotor center mounted. It's a perpetual running rotor. So you can basically just wear this. If you wear this every day, you literally don't even need to wind the crown at all. It's all automatic winding. All these features packed into this nice, well, it's a 42 millimeter case. So I wouldn't say it's small, but it's a small package. Still, has 72 hours of power reserve, literally three whole days of power reserve. So you can set this down on Friday evening, pick it back up Monday morning, no need to wind the watch. If that's your thing. If you just pick it up like once every three days, you literally do not need to wind the watch. Just wear it for one day afterwards and it'll nicely wind all the way back up by itself automatically to the full power reserve. Now take a look at the framing of this watch. You have the Oysterflex bracelet. This one, well, every Oysterflex bracelet sort of has this main channel down, sort of echoing this integrated bracelet link. That basically just keeps that bracelet, or that keeps the Oysterflex from having too much space, or it keeps it nice and clean in it's presentation. It echoes that overall look. So you have that middle, "link" being sort of just pulled all the way down. And underneath you also have the little channels, this little flexible channel underneath that, it sort of elevates the strap off of your wrist. And therefore on the inside, it being hollow also allows your wrist to breathe. And you can do some micro adjustments on your wrists, in case it sort of slips upward or downward, depending on how you wear it. It allows you to actually move it around, move it about on your wrist, nicely and easily. So very good engineering from Rolex there. And also, it has a metal plate on the inside that sort of basically goes up to where those channels are. So that you have that sense of the form factor. It keeps that form factor without flaring out and potentially folding the little channels underneath a little too much. There's nice gentle taper down to the Rolex folding clasp, which is giving my camera a hard time focusing. Just lift the top and there you go, you have the Rolex stamped logo on the inside. You have the hole marked again, so that you know that you're dealing with a gold clasp, all yellow gold. And also underneath, there is a glide lock extension system. So what this is, is basically it gives you up to 20 millimeters of extra bracelet length, essentially. So at the smallest position, that's sort of the base, you can extend it a little bit more just by pulling it straight outward, and just sliding it to wherever your wrist happens to be. So, I'll just set it to the smallest position and leave it there. All right, grip nice and easy there. Also keep in mind that Oysterflex straps are basically one size only. You can get a different size strap from your authorized dealer, should you pick one of these up at your authorized dealer. But you know, we can also get a different size strap for you from here at Jaztime. The links in the description below, you should be able to get one. So, just keep that in mind when you're shopping for anything with an Oysterflex strap, there's just one size to each type of strap. There are different straps for different lengths based on your wrist size, but whatever strap you have, that's what you're stuck with. Unless you get one changed out. And while we're here, I can try it on my wrist and give you my thoughts as to how it wears. So at the smallest size, this actually fits me quite nicely. Although the case tells a bit of a different story, it's rather large on my wrist. There's plenty of overhang of these lugs, which does actually help with the channels underneath to help vent the wrist and allow me to, basically wear this all day if I so desired. So that's certainly not a bad thing. But looking at it face on, I can't say that I hate it. In fact, I quite like it because again, black dial makes it very easy to read. And with the black Oysterflex strap, it just very much fits with the overall color, sort of the colored chroma, the choice of color is here. Because Oysterflex only comes in black. It just seems to fit with the best with this black dial, because it just sort of... as if the case were the sort of loophole. Or the loop in order to see what is on this dial, all the little details and all the amazing functionality within. And with this thing on the wrist, it's incredibly chunky. Certainly it won't fit under a suit cuff, unless you have a really loose suit cuff. Certainly a jacket sleeve, not a problem. And very nice form factor to accommodate that, because the fluid bezel does slope upward a little bit. Although, I would say with its overall weight, with the Oysterflex strap, it's very good that the Oysterflex is in fact made of rubber. Because without the rubber this will very much be flopping everywhere. I wouldn't say it's heavy, but it's a noticeable amount of weight on the wrist. Well you can't not know that you have a Rolex on your wrist in general, and this is certainly no exception to that rule. So, a bit of what I think, what do you guys think about this watch? Let us know down in the comments below, what do you think about this Rolex Sky-Dweller, with a black dial yellow gold construction with the Oysterflex strap. Be sure to leave a like, as it helps us out. Be sure to comment, let us know what you think about this watch. Would you get it in the white dial or the champagne dial, or does this black one do it for you just as well, or even better? Let us know down in the comments below. And if you'd like to purchase this watch, be sure to check out our store at Link's in the description below where you can purchase it at the lowest price possible anywhere online. And we'll see you in the next one. Take care.