Rolex GMT-Master II "Root Beer" Rose Gold Black Dial Oyster Bracelet 126715CHNR - BRAND NEW

Rolex GMT-Master II "Root Beer" Rose Gold Black Dial Oyster Bracelet 126715CHNR - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
Current Production
Model Number
GMT-Master II
Model Year
Current Model


Screw Down
Case Back
Rose Gold
Case Size
40 mm
Case Type
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers


Band Material
Rose Gold
Folding Oysterlock Safety
Bracelet Type
Heavy: New Style


Watch Style
Dress Watch
Country of Manufacture
Date, GMT
Water Resistance
100 Meters (330 Feet)

Description is an online store that buys, sells, trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so our customers can easily choose the best watch for themselves in the comfort of their own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online, and if you want to know the price of the watch, simply click on the links in the description below. If you enjoy our videos, we'd greatly appreciate it if you would buy a watch from once in a while. All right, so today we're gonna be reviewing the Rolex GMT-Master II. This is also the Root Beer watch nicknamed. This is the model number 126715, and this was recently released in the Baselworld show of 2018. We'll be going over the dial, bezel, case, crown, bracelet, clasp, and we'll talk about the movement towards the end of the video. All right, so jumping right into the dial, the dial is just a simple glossy black dial with maxi-style hour markers, which are the circular hour markers with rectangular indices for the six and nine o'clock position, triangular for the 12 o'clock position, and of course fashioned in 18-karat Everose gold. Same can be said about the hands, as well. We have the Mercedes style hour hand and the minute hand, second hand, all fashioned with that 18-karat Everose gold, as well. We do have the additional GMT hand, as well, and actually, I do apologize. I have the GMT hand blocked behind the minute hand, so let me move that out of the way there for you. There we are. So at the two o'clock position, you can see additional GMT, the additional hour hand, the GMT hand right here with the triangular tip, and that's all luminous for up to eight hours with a highly legible Chromalight display with long-lasting blue luminescence. So you would have easy visibility during the day and during the night, as well. Specifically why this watch is called the Root Beer is a throwback to the older style of the GMT line with the five-digit numeral 16753, the original Root Beer, but doesn't quite share the same semblance of that older style with the ability to have a brown-style dial. This watch is only available in black-style dial, and there is no nipple-style dial as, or nipple-style hour markers, as well, where the fashioning of the gold is sort of more than the luminosity in the center of the watch. This one we just have the modern-style dial. For the six o'clock position, one thing I wanna mention is that we have the GMT-Master II name glinted, so that means it has a nice little shine to it, in the Everose gold, as well. At the 12 o'clock position, of course the Rolex name with the crown logo right beneath that 12-hour triangular marker, and then back again at the six o'clock position, we have the Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified stating Rolex, basically Rolex stating that they have a COSC-certified movement with, as within Swiss specs, which we'll go over towards the movement section later in the video. Of course, we have the date window at the three o'clock position with a cyclops lens on top of that sapphire crystal, and you can see that little protrusion of it there, and that helps magnify, the 2.5 magnification, so you have an easier time viewing that date. Moving on to the bezel now, the bezel is certainly one of the highlights of the watch, as we do have the separation of black on the top portion of the bezel and brown on the bottom portion of the dial. The sort of brown portion of the dial is really what makes this watch the Root Beer watch, as it does have that similar coloration from the previous Root Beer style. The previous Root Beer style did instead have a gold half with brown half instead of a black half with a brown half. The brown actually plays very nicely with the light, as well. As you can see if I tilt it towards the light, you kinda see it's sort of like a milky, chocolatey color, looks very gorgeous, and then when I tilt it down past the light, you can see it sorta just turns into this little, very dark chocolatey color that sort of meshes into the black portion of the bezel very well. So it plays very beautifully with the light. Of course obviously you can see the shine as it's very reflective, as it is polished very, very nicely. So the bezel itself is a ceramic bezel. It is a bidirectional bezel, as it is a GMT bezel, not a diver, and this is not a diver's watch, so you can shift the bezel both ways. Of course, the bezel feels absolutely silky smooth to just be able to adjust either direction. We have the graduations of the 24-hour period all throughout, even Arabic numerals with odd numerals being indicated by the circular dots. The Arabic numerals themselves are coated in the Everose gold, as well, so it keeps that sort of nice contrasting coloration of that, the reddish pinkish of the Everose gold against the black gradient of the dial, of the bezel, and it looks absolutely gorgeous together. One small snippet to note is that specifically the reason why, one of the reasons why they have this sort of half coloration of the black top and the brown top, or brown bottom, is that it actually is an estimate of the day and night cycle. So that's one little interesting snippet there. So you can assume that obviously 18 to the six on the top is nighttime and then the six to the 18 would be daytime. The bezel functions itself works with the crown functions in order to show you the GMT, show you different time zones, up to three different time zones, by using the adjustment of the bezel and the crown functions. I'll show you those functions as we get to the crown, but I won't go through a detailed step-by-step process on how to set three different time zones. You can check out our YouTube channel for those specific, for that specific video on how to set the three different time zones. We're gonna be moving on to the case now. The case is a 40 millimeter size in diameter casing. So from my index finger to my thumb here, that's 40 millimeters in diameter. It is a super casing style, which is obviously gonna be different from the older vintage style of the GMT, as most modern-day sports piece Rolexes do have a super-style casing, which is a larger style casting, while also keeping that 40 millimeters in diameter, so it's just a little bit larger, it's a little bit larger on the wrist, but not really that large. One thing I wanna mention is that even... One thing I wanna mention about the casing is it's a little bit different from typical sort of half-sporty, half-dressy watches where the lugs of the case are typically high polish when the center of the bracelets are also high polish, but for this GMT-Master II, the Root Beer, we have them in a nice sand finish that really contrasts with the high, the sort of high polishing on the sides of the bezel, and also the crown guards, as well, are nicely high polished, as well. So interesting choice there, but still nonetheless looks absolutely gorgeous front on. As you can see that the sand finish really helps bring that sorta shine out of the high polish for the watch. So for exact dimensions, as we're still on, talking about the case here, I actually want, I actually do have my caliper here with me, so I wanna show you the exact sizings there. So we're gonna do a lug, a side of the case to crown. Side of the case to the crown, we're looking at around 44 millimeters in diameter, or 44 millimeters across, and from the thickness of the case, which probably you're more, more people are interested about is the thickness, how high does it sit on the wrist? Doesn't sit too high at all. We're looking at a 12.3 or so. There we are. So let me try that once more. Caliper's not working too well with me right now. All right. Yup, there we are. Around the, so around the 12, 12.3 or so. So it doesn't sit too high off the wrist, will fit under suit coats, dress coats very nicely. I wanna show you that side of the case again. You can see very beautiful high polish on the side of the casing down to the sides of the bracelet, keeps that nice shine on the sides. On the other side, as well, it's mirrored. You can see the high polish again from the side of the casing down to the sides of the bracelet, as well, along the crown guards, as well. As we move on to the crown, I do wanna mention here for the crown itself, you can see three little dots underneath the Rolex logo there. That indicates that this watch has a triple lock, triple waterproofness system, and that is simply unwound counter-clockwise as shown. In the standard position is where you can wind the watch. About 20, about 15 to 20 winds clockwise is all you need to get the watch started once more. Pulling the crown out to the next position will allow you to adjust the date, or not the date, but the hour hand, as this is a GMT watch. And to be able to quickly adjust for those additional time zones, they decided to do a quick hour jump system where the hour hand simply just jumps onto each hour marker very quickly, very easily. Of course, two revolutions will change the date, a 24-hour period. So we're gonna do one more there. All right, set it back to around the 10 o'clock position. And the final position here is where we'll be stopping the seconds hand. We're gonna go ahead and stop it right at the nine, at the 10 o'clock position, as well. There we are. See how simple, easy that was just to stop that seconds hand, and then you can just adjust the hands bidirectionally to set the time however you like. But specifically, stopping the seconds hand does allow for precise time setting, such as to an atomic clock online. You can set it down to the exact second. And as you see as I push the crown back in, the seconds hand will start once more, and you'll always wanna screw the crown nice and tight in against the case, as you wanna keep your crown nice and protected. Don't wanna bump it into anything that's outside of the crown protector area, and it helps give this watch a nice water resistance of the 100 meters or 330 feet. Moving on to the bracelet now, the bracelet the oyster-style bracelet. You can see it has a nice beautiful high polish down the center of the three-piece links, while the outer of the three-piece links are nicely sand finished. Once again, that juxtaposition of these two different polishing styles really help bring the shine out of each other. Rather than being just a straight shot of just sand finish, it has, this high polish is really mirrored very nicely against that sand finish. As you can see, the patterning of the links does sort of equalize towards the back of the casing. You can kinda see from this link onwards, it sorta has that same sizing, but the first one or two, first three links or so are nicely tapered to help keep it a proportional view of the watch. As you can see as I pull it back towards the back here of my lightbox, you can see very beautiful proportional viewing of the watch itself. Those links, the first three links tapered very nicely towards the back, and then on the back, you can see, very nice parallel of the links towards the back, as of course, if you're looking directly head on your watch, you want it to look that nice proportional view. This was a problem on other sports pieces, specifically the Deepsea, which, it's actually changed now to sort of help with this proportional view, but it used to be sort of looking like this skinny little bracelet with this large casing, which did not look great. But we have that nice tapering on this watch, and it looks absolutely fantastic. One thing I do wanna mention about the bracelet, though, is that we also have nice gappage between each link. You can kinda see there's a little gappage between each link, and that really helps with if you have a hairy wrist, then you won't have any hair stuck between the links and then catching and obviously pulling when you're taking off the watch and such. So just minor details. Rolex is all about those little minor details that really make it worth the cost and really pay attention to what helps the consumer. So we're gonna go ahead and move on to the clasp now. The clasp is a safety folding oyster clasp. You can see by the Rolex logo here that the little indentation here is how you open the safety. That sits on top of this folding oyster here. So you open up that folding portion of the clasp, and you'll see the Rolex name embossed onto this beautiful high polish clasp blade with that Everose gold. And then we'll show you the back of the clasp, as well. You kinda see this GMT-Master II does have the easy-style link, which will allow you to adjust the bracelet about five millimeters inwards or outwards on the back of the clasp there. So if you're, on hot summer days, if your wrist does swell up a little bit, you can adjust it further five millimeters and give your wrist a little bit of breathing space. So once again, let me show you that opened up. So completely opened up. And once again, I'll close that up. I'll close that together. So folding first, safety on. Nice curvature of the clasp itself so it fits very comfortably underneath the wrist. And then of course as we move on to the movement, the movement is housed in this simple Oyster case backing with the high polish around the outer edge of it while it has a nice sand finish at the very top, the very top portion of it, as that'll be the part that sits on your wrist, and obviously you don't want that sweat to be sort of just accumulating onto that high polish, as it'll show much, much more. One thing I did forget to mention about the Everose gold, as this whole watch is pretty much Everose gold. The crown, the crown protectors, the case, bracelet, all of it is just Everose gold. Absolutely gorgeous to work with that brown coloring, as the previous model, the previous older-style Root Beer used a yellow gold coloration. I believe the Everose gold actually looks much, much better, and it's unique in its own way. Of course, both watches have their pros and cons. But the Everose gold is an in-house made gold by Rolex that they use an assortment of metals, platinum being one of the main metals that they use to keep this rose gold coloring throughout the watch. As other watch brands do make a rose gold or a red gold or extremely red gold, that sorta coloration tends to fade over the years and become sort of a different color than it originally used to be. That mixture of Platinum and assorted metals for the Everose gold for Rolex actually helps keep the coloration of this gold throughout its lifetime, so the gold coloration you see here will be the same 10 years from now, 20 years from now, it will still look absolutely gorgeous and the same coloration. But enough about that. Let's go ahead and talk about the movement. So the previous style movement on the GMT-Master II was a 3186 movement, and that movement is now updated to the 3285 movement, which is in this GMT-Master II now. That 3285 movement has made some improvements, as the previous model did have a 50-hour power reserve. We're looking at a 70-hour power reserve on this GMT-Master II, mainly due to one of the, mainly due to different upgrades to the movement, one of 'em being the addition of the in-house made Chonergy escapement. And what the Chronergy escapement is is it helps reduce the inertia of the escapement wheel, and it is skeletonized for that reason. Also made out of a nickel phosphorus that pairs with a Blue Parachrom hairspring to reduce the resistance against, actually, add resistance against magnetism so your watch doesn't get magnetized and it runs too quickly and not within the Swiss specs. And that energy efficiency from the Chronergy escapement actually helped bump that from the 48-hour power reserve or 50 hours up to that 70-hour power reserve, meaning you put this watch down on a Friday evening, pick it back up on a Sunday afternoon, and it'll be keeping time just fine. But besides that, the movement itself is still pretty much the same. It's a perpetual mechanical self-winding movement that has a precision of minus two, plus two seconds a day, which is within the Swiss specs of the COSC specifications. Like I said earlier in the video, at the six o'clock position, they boast about it with the Superlative Officially, or Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified at the six o'clock position there. And one thing that they've also done is that very, very, at the very, very bottom right underneath the rectangular six indice, you can see that they've added the Swiss Made on the... The Swiss Made at the six o'clock position there, but they've added the Rolex crown logo in between that, as well, and they started doing that with the newer models that they've updated the movement with. The most recent example I can think of is the 2017 50th Anniversary Sea-Dwellers, the 43 millimeters, and also the new updated Deepseas, as well, have that additional crown logo in between the Swiss Made to sort of indicate that the movement has been updated. All right, now let me actually go ahead and show you this watch on my wrist now. So we're gonna go ahead and open up that safety folding oyster clasp. As you can see, very easy to open, very secure, bam. And there it is. So you can see the dial itself just one of, it's just a very basic modern Rolex-style dial. I would've loved to see a brown dial with this, with the brown bezel and the Everose gold, but, I mean, Rolex does what they do. So we have the beautiful glossy black dial instead, just a glimpse of the GMT-Master II sort of breaking that sort of monotony of the black and sort of helping with that fashioning of the 18-karat yellow gold that sort of glistens on each individual hour marker. That bezel itself is a very, very unique style bezel. Of course you can't get this on any other watch. So you can either keep your eye out for a full Everose gold GMT-Master II Root Beer or the two-tone version, as well. We do have the two-tone version video on our YouTube channel if you wanna take a look at that review, as well. But that high polish on the bracelet looks absolutely gorgeous, that proportional view from the tapering of the links, even from the bottom portion just looks absolutely gorgeous. There's just enough shine on this watch to make it work, but not overpowering, and that choice of the sand finish on the lugs again really help with that case. And here's the side profile before we end off this video, so you can see doesn't really sit too high off the wrist, will fit under the suit coats, dress coats very nicely, and that beautiful high polish on the bezel itself, on the very outer edges, just all work together to bring in unison this very, very unique and gorgeous watch. So if you're interested in this watch or any other watch for the lowest possible price, check out our website, We have the lowest prices guaranteed. We offer a one-year warranty. And if you liked the video, please like, comment, and subscribe below. Thanks for watching. Hope to see you guys soon.

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