Rolex Day-Date 36 President Yellow Gold Champagne Diamond Dial 128238 - BRAND NEW

Rolex Day-Date 36 President Yellow Gold Champagne Diamond Dial 128238 - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Production Year
Current Production
Model Number
Day-Date 36
Model Year
Current Model


Screw Down
Yellow Gold Fluted
Case Back
Yellow Gold
Case Size
36 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers
Set with Diamonds


Band Material
Yellow Gold
Concealed Folding Crownclasp
Bracelet Type
Heavy: New Style


Watch Style
Dress Watch
Country of Manufacture
Date, Day Date


Welcome to jaztime. is an online store that buys sells trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so our customers can easily choose the best watch for themselves in the comfort of their own home. If you would like to know the price simply click on the link in the description below. If you enjoy our videos, we'd greatly appreciate it, if you would buy a watch at Today I'm going to be reviewing the Rolex Day Date 36 Champagne Diamond Dial with president bracelet reference one two eight two three eight. I want to talk to you guys about the case the bezel, the dial, the bracelet, the buckle, the movement try it on and give you my thoughts. So let's dive right in this watch is 36 millimeter as I said earlier, that's why it's called, "The Date Date 36." They also make the Day Date 40, which is as you would think, 40 millimeters this is the 36 millimeter. So that means both a man or a woman who likes larger watches could wear this watch. It has an oyster case. That means that what the case is made out of which is what houses the movement here is made of 18 carat, yellow glow gold. In fact, it's a model block middle case with a screw-down case back in winding crown all that means is they take one gigantic piece of gold. They make this case and it's one piece kind of makes sense. As I said earlier, it's 18 carat yellow gold. So it's the entire watches, 18 karat gold. That means the bracelet, the case, the bezel, everything. That's probably why it's 30 K plus. Okay. Now, as I said earlier, that's the case size. Now you can decide which one you like best 40 if you're a man or 36, if you're a woman or if you're a man who likes smaller watches or has a smaller wrist 36 would also be appropriate for you. Okay. Now let's move on to the bezel. The bezel is a fluted 18 carat, yellow gold bezel. Now they used to make it in domed bezel, but they don't do that anymore. Okay. And it has a fluted bezel. Now the bezel used to have a functional purpose of keeping the watch watertight it's no longer has that purpose. It's purely there for aesthetics now but it is a hallmark of Rolex. I guess I should say this is the updated date, eight 36 and how it differs from the old day, day 36 is that these lugs you see where the case meets the bracelet is thinner and more streamlined. That's one of the differences. Okay. And it actually also another difference. We'll get to the movement when I get, okay. All right. Now let's talk about the dial here. The dial is a champagne with, as you guessed it diamond dial, but it has some interesting things about it at the six and nine. It actually has baguette diamond dial at the 609. And the rest as you see the one, two, four, five, seven, eight, ten, eleven have round diamonds and they're housed of course in 18 karat gold as well. And Rolex only uses the highest quality diamond. So you can bet that there are near colorless probably, D color and natural stones. And of course the absolute best. Okay. Now, since we're talking about the dial, what do you notice here? You have both the day and the date, hence the name, 'Day Date.' And it has those two functions which makes us a more complicated watch. It has both the day and the date now Rolex does make other more complicated watches but this one is still pretty complicated in that it has both the day and the date which is good because sometimes we don't remember if it's Monday or Wednesday or whenever you can simply look at your watch and tell and you can also have the date and see what the date is. One through thirty-one. Okay. Now that kind of brings us to the next section here. As I said earlier, this is the new Day Date 36. So it has the new movement. It's caliber is three, two, five, five. It has a precision of plus minus two seconds a day and a power reserve of 70 hours. How does it differ with the old 31 55? Well, it's more precise and it has a longer power reserve. The old power reserve was around 50 hours and the old precision was like plus minus seven seconds a day. So they've improved that. Now you might ask yourself, well, what does it matter? Well, does it matter if your cars are four, six four cylinder or six cylinder? Well, to some people it does. And to some people it doesn't. So if it doesn't matter to you then get the old one that's cheaper. If it matters to you, then get the new one. That's more expensive as you wish. We have both of [email protected]. And since we're talking about the back here I want to bring your attention to something else on the case you see at the four corners here you have these hallmarks, they look like little dots. They don't look like anything. Well, if you actually use a loop and look at it those are actually gold hallmarks that tell you that you're wearing 18 carat yellow, gold. Okay. Now let's talk about the bracelet. There's this bracelet is a president bracelet and that's probably how it's also got his name. And if you look at the bracelet it is a semi circular three piece link. And what does that mean? Well, his semicircular means it is a half a circle. And if you look at the center it's high polished and brushed down the sides. All right. And it doesn't diff differ at all from the old one, one eight, two, three eight. The bracelet is exactly the same. I want to bring your attention to the buckle which is a concealed folding crown class. And it simply closes like that. Now it's very good in that it's concealed. The bad thing is that it doesn't have any micro adjust. You cannot adjust it further. It's only one size, that's it? So if your hand gets hot or cold you only have one size to accept. Now, since we're talking about this buckle you can look here again at these little marks right here. You see these little marks, those marks are again gold hallmarks telling you that this watch is gold stamping it in there so that you don't mistake it. Okay. All right. So I've given, gone through the entire watch. And I want to tell you a little bit about my thoughts. Okay. So if you want to buy this watch please go to jazz J a Z T I M We sell this watch at the lowest price anywhere online. So my thoughts on this are, you know people wanted to go to 40 because they thought, you know it's so much better or as big or bigger means better. Well, that's not necessarily true, you know is having like, you know, the biggest shoes possible or the biggest clothes possible the best, you know I mean, you know, biggest computer, is that the best? No, not really. Right. You need to have something that fits. So whatever fits you best is what makes most sense. So what we suggest, or I suggest if you buy from us is for you to go try on the watch at your authorized dealer and come back to us for price you can check out 36 millimeter versus 40. See which one fits better for you. Now, if you're a man, you don't have a big wrist then you know, a 36 fits really well. Now I'm an average man with above average intelligence, but my wrist size is about average. And this watch still looks very, very good on me. And I think, you know, if I had to choose a thirties or 36 or 40, you know, I'm not sure I would mind, you know I wouldn't mind this 36 actually. Not only would I not mind it. I think it's a very good buy. And it's actually also, I believe cheaper. So, you know, that's another thing to think about. So, I mean, you know, you got to choose the watch that makes sense for yourself. Now, if I were to choose between the old movement and the new movement or the old version and the new version I definitely would choose the new. Somebody asked me that. In fact, it was the person who bought this watch who asked me that, would you choose the new or the old? And my answer to him was, well do you want a 2017 model car or 2020 model car? And his answer was, well, I'd rather have a new one. I was like, well, then you should buy the new watch. So that's my answer. I mean, it depends on you of course, but that's my answer. Tell me what you guys think in the comment section below. And if you want to buy this watch please go to

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