Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar Moon Phases Rose Gold Silver Opaline Dial 5396R-011 - PRE-OWNED

Patek Philippe Complications Annual Calendar Moon Phases Rose Gold Silver Opaline Dial 5396R-011 - PRE-OWNED

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Patek Philippe
Serial Number
2010 Warranty
Model Number
Model Year
Current Model


Screw Down
Rose Gold Domed
Case Back
Rose Gold
Case Size
38.5 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Dial Color
Silver Opaline
Dial Markers


Band Material
Fold-Over Clasp


Watch Style
Dress Watch
Country of Manufacture


Hey, welcome back to JazTime. is an online store that buys, sells and trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so you can easily choose the best watch for yourself in the comfort of your own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online. If you like to know the price, simply click on the links in a description below. We greatly appreciate if you purchase your next watch from us at Till we take a look at this Patek Philippe. This one in the complication section of their catalog the 5396R-011 This one, an annual calendar with moon phases and a 24 hour sub dial all in rose gold, as you can see, with a brown leather strap. Reference number again 5396R-011 All right, So this model has been in production for well over 10 years now. So, you know, if it ain't broken don't fix it, no need. It works just splendidly actually. And for what it does incredibly immense with the absolute sort of the heavy hitting ability of this watch. I'll show you all the functionality for here. As well as the case, the bezel, the dial, the crown functions, the pusher functions as well, and this brown leather strap. I'll be giving you my thoughts on those throughout this video. So, starting off with the case. We have a, rose gold case, all high pie polished from finger to thumb 38.5 millimeters in diameter. Same as what you would have from the 10 to four o'clock position. you have from the two to eight o'clock position same diameter, same measurement all the way across. And as I said earlier, all high Polish on this case, very nicely and very well done. Maintaining the same thickness all the way through with only 11.2 millimeters in terms of the thickness. including the slightly domed and very nice gentle curvature of that Sapphire crystal on the very front. So, it slides very nicely under a suit cuff. definitely under a jacket sleeve. And of course, as I said, all high Polished. So, you do have the intensity of that luster very nicely reflecting off of these surfaces of this watch. Same as what you would get on this bezel. Nice domed and well, slightly domed, almost conical in shape, but sitting very nicely on the front of this case to really give it that sense of glowing on the very front. Depending on your lighting situation, of course. I'm in a dark room with a light box, but if you step outside, it would look absolutely beautiful, like so. And taking a look here at this dial, we have what they call a silvery opaline. It's basically white or a very, very shiny white. Giving it kind of like a matte finish, almost, with a tiny bit of diffusion for that light. Giving it a very, very subtle glow under any lighting condition. All the hour markers here, index with a, almost like a pencil shape index to these hour marks. All 18 karat rose gold. Same as what you'd find with the case. Same with these Dauphine hands as you would find center mounted. Seconds hand also. Almost a Lance style hand there with a nice big counterweight. So you can very easily spot it as it rotates very nicely around this dial. All 18 karat rose gold here, because it basically prevents the tarnishing that would happen over time. You also have moon phase at the six o'clock position and notably also around the moon phase, a 24 hour dial. So, you know exactly which side of the a.m. or p.m. you are on based on the location or where that little 24 hour hand is actually pointing. If it's on the right side, you're in the morning. if it's on the left side, you're in the afternoon or an evening, as it makes sense there. At the six o'clock position, a date aperture. And just about the very center, you have day the day of the week aperture and the month aperture. So, I'll be showing you how to quick set those in a moment. And also, I'll have a separate video just to show you how to do so safely and correctly without it basically de-syncing all of the functionality here. All right, now, taking a look here at the crown functions. Relatively simple at the base position, this allows you to wind the watch. According to Patek Philippe, and I trust them, only about 10 full winds is all you need to get to the full power reserve. Between 35 and 45 hours for this watch. So, you really don't need to wind more that that, because it is an automatic winding watch here as you can see, all right? And based on that movement, well, I'll talk about that in a moment, but first the functionality for the crown. Pull it out to the only other position. Make sure you only do this in a dry environment, because the water resistance for this watch is about 30 meters below sea level. So, definitely surface swimmable at best. You can wash your hands with this, no problem. And I wouldn't take this swimming anyway because it does have that leather strap. So, it's not really made for swimming. Anyway, if you pull the crown out the seconds hand will continue to run, but if you put a slight bit of pressure backwards, as you can see, I'm a pushing the minute hand backwards. You can actually stop that seconds hand, but if you put a very, very tiny bit of pressure, just minimal. you can actually not move that minute hand and freeze that second hand as well. So, you can then set the time precisely based on the position of that seconds hand and just release it once the time is nicely synchronized up. And of course you can move the minute hand forward or backwards based on the time. So, you can do so in any direction. I, recommend that you move forward, because if you move backward, there's a tiny bit of tolerance for a 24 hour subdial hand. As you can see, it's still sort of around the 10 o'clock even though my local time says nine o'clock. So, be sure to push it forward. Or if you need to go backwards in time, overshoot your time and then move forward and slowly progress to the desired time, like so. All right, be sure to press a crown in to get that all nicely sealed. And synchronized up to an atomic clock. Once that once you've got that. All right, now onto the movement. What makes all this work? It is the 324SQALU24H/303. I'm not gonna go into all the details of what all that means, because honestly I don't really know. I just know that the 24H stands for 24 hours and that's basically to show you the functionality. The 24 hour functionality there, right? As you can see, you have a center mounted 22 Karat yellow gold rotor. And all of this 33.3 millimeters in diameter, 5.78 millimeters in thickness, with 10 bridges, 34 jewels and 347 total parts all inside here working. Handmade and hand finished. The power reserve, again, 35 to 45 hours based on the, you know, the margin of error given to that main spring barrel. You also have a Germax balance with a Spiromax balance spring. So, what does that mean? That means that basically you can take a couple bumps here and there. You know, you can take some relatively you know, robust hits to the watch. Granted you don't dent the case and you can also get relatively close to circuitry and magnets and things like that. Anything that could potentially disrupt the magnetic properties of the watch, here. It won't, none of that will actually affect the internal movement for this watch. So, it'll continue to run nice and smoothly. It also vibrates at a rating of 28,800 vibrations per hour or four Hertz. Giving you that excellent sense of movement for that seconds hand moving eight times per second. Giving you excellent accuracy. Basically bordering on precision. All right, now onto the pushers here. Let's go and learn about how to set this watch here, because this is kind of complicated. So, basically you'll want to set this watch to 6 AM. And to do so, you'll want to move that hour hand to the 6:00 position, but not only you that move it so that the subdial, 24 hour subdial, reads six and not 18 because 6AM is basically the safest time to do any adjustments to the watch. All right, so, set it to 6AM as shown. Does not really matter how that seconds hand is working, but basically you want the hour and minute hands to be situated like so. This is the safest time to do so. The bottom pusher at the four o'clock, This adjusts the date. So, you'll want to set to the first of whatever month. Just set it to the first. It does not matter. So, I'll go all the way through The safest policy here is to set it to the first. And I will show you in a moment how all of it comes together. So, set it to the first. Then you'll want to set the month aperture at the two o'clock position. Simply press that one in using the supplied pusher. Set to whichever month you happen to be in. Let's say we're in August 1st. But let's say we're not on August 1st. Let's say the August 4th. Now is when you can change the date again to the fourth. All right, and now you can change the day of the week. Let's say it's Saturday. So, at the 10 o'clock position, press set. Push her in to advance the day aperture. All right, now we're on Saturday. And if I happen to require a change of that moon phase, use the pusher at the eight o'clock position. And first set it to a full moon. So, you'll want to advance the moon phase until the moon is fully showing in its own little aperture. Count the number of days since the last full moon and just press it that many times. So, if it's been, say five days since the last full moon I'll press it five times One Two Three Four, five and now we have waning Crescent moon. Or, it's more waning Gibbous moon. Soon to be Crescent moon. All right, that's enough astronomy for today. And that's basically how you would set this watch. So, now onto all of this here, we have a brown leather strap, alligator leather strap, in fact. And a very, very nice leather underneath. Almost like a calfskin in texture, but it's actually a matching sort of like an ecru lighter brown leather that really, really gives it a very good sense of patino over time As you continue to wear this watch. The large scales starting at the case and becoming slightly smaller with a matching brown stitching, of course, down to the clasp here which is fold over clasp. Simply pull it open. All right, you have the open pinhole there. And also the sizing pin for the strap here, is at the very end of this little hole. So, if you need to size it, you can do so on the fly rather simply, as shown here. To simply set your little pinhole there. And basically you just set it once. You just set it and forget it. If you happen to be somewhere in between the two little sizing holes, you can, you know, just move back and forth at your leisure and as required. All right, and while I'm here, I can try it on and give you my thoughts as to how it wears on my wrist. Seven inches in circumference. Fold it over. Use the binder loops of course, for this leather strap. Actually, much easier to use the binder loops as you close. All right? Keeps it nice and tidy, as shown there. All right, now on my wrist seven inches in circumference, looks quite distinguishing. In that very specific Patek Philippe style. giving it, sort of like that, that traditional feel, but also staying relatively modern with the very, very nicely spaced apart index hour marks. Very concise, to the point and the fact that they stay completely straight they don't flare outward in any capacity. Really maintains that modern look, even though this watch has been in production for over 10 years. They're very forward thinking. Contradictory- Almost contradictory to sort of their style here. But very, very beautiful indeed with that sort of, some would say an eggshell white, silvery, opaly, whatever you, whatever you want to call it. But a very nice matte white dial giving it a very, very good sense of high contrast against those 18 Karat index marks making it very easy to read. Looking at it down the wrist here. I can recommend this to anyone whose wrist goes even as small as six inches in circumference. Makes it a very, very comfortable wear indeed. Plenty of space between the strap and the, like, the wrist area here between the lugs because, well, the lugs don't really curve too far down to accommodate, you know, the wrist. But the added benefit for that is that you have extra breathability. So, you can wear this for much longer than say a wash that's much more form fitting. Feels very comfortable on the wrist with that very nice interior leather. And looks absolutely beautiful on the outside with the exterior brown alligator leather straps here. Overall, feels relatively light on the wrist, even though it is an all gold construction. Feels very good and looks very good as well. So, enough of what I think. What do you guys think about this watch? Let us know down in the comments below. What do you think about this Patek Philippe? Reference number: 5396R The annual calendar with a 24 hour subdial, moon phase, date aperture, day and month aperture. It's an annual calendar that you only really need to correct once. And it's only on March 1st that you need to do so. So, a very, very good set of engineering. Prawles from Patek Philippe here. Kind of a sleeper watch, I must say. And we're currently selling it I believe below retail price or around retail. So, you know, it's actually quite a heavy hitter in its own right. But enough of what I think what do you guys say about the watch? Let us know down on the comments below. Be sure to leave a like. 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