Black Dial Rolex Datejust 41 – Buying Guide

Rolex Datejust 41 black dial models
Rolex Datejust 41: Black Dial models in Stainless Steel, white and yellow Gold (see complete price list)

Men’s Datejust watches with a black dial make a very good dress watch for every occasion. The black dial makes it easy to combine with many suits and dress shirt colors. With 41mm case size it is a substantial watch which is even slightly bigger than many of the most popular Rolex sports watch models such as the Submariner and Daytona. Within the Datejust 41 line, you have the choice of different bezel materials such as full stainless steel, white-gold and yellow-gold two-tone varieties. The bezel can be smooth domed or fluted. Finally you have the choice between the basic oyster wristband and the more elegant jubilee wristband. The dial markers can be stick-index markers or diamond. If we take the discontinued Rolex Datejust II Models into account, which are also 41mm size, you can in addition choose between Roman and Arabic numerals.

Black Dial: Stick Index vs. Diamond Hour Markers

Rolex Datejust 41 black dial stick index vs diamond hour markers
Rolex Datejust 41 black dial stick index vs diamond hour markers (compare current prices)

The full stainless steel Datejust 41 is only available with stick-index hour markers. If you choose a white-gold or yellow-gold model, you gain the option to have diamond dial markers instead of the white-stick index hour markers. The black diamond set dial pulls forth the beauty of the diamonds. On average the diamond set dial increases the value of the Datejust by about $1500.

41mm Datejust II: Roman vs Arabic Numerals

Datejust 2 black dial arabic vs roman numerals
Datejust 2 black dial arabic vs roman numerals (more varieties & prices)

Still 41mm but in theory a completely different Datejust Model, the Datejust II offers black dial models with roman and Arabic numerals instead of the rather minimalistic hour markers of the late Datejust 41. Possibly in the future, Rolex will re-introduce Roman and Arabic numerals for the Datejust 41 models. Nevertheless, if you prefer actual numerals instead of an index dial, the Datejust 2 Models could be the correct configuration for you. The Arabic numerals make the watch look very classic,while the Roman numerals have a rather exclusive look.

Stainless-Steel Smooth vs. White-Gold Fluted Bezel

Rolex Datejust 41 black dial smooth steel vs fluted white-gold bezel
Rolex Datejust 41 black dial smooth steel vs fluted white-gold bezel (compare prices)

Typically if the bezel is smooth-domed, then it is a stainless steel 126300 because of the fact that there are no fluted steel bezels in the Rolex world. On the other hand, if the bezel is fluted, it is gold for sure. If it is not yellow or rose gold it is white gold (model 126334). Many people choose white-gold because it is less obtrusive and less shiny then yellow-gold. Since the difference in the bezel is not only the different surface but a different material, the value of a fluted white-gold bezel Datejust 41 will be about 2k above that of the stainless steel version.

Two-Tone Yellow-Gold Smooth vs Fluted Bezel

Rolex Datejust 41 black dial yellow-gold two tone smooth vs fluted bezel
Rolex Datejust 41 black dial yellow-gold two-tone smooth vs fluted bezel (two-tone price list)

Well since Rolesor (Two-Tone) models with yellow-gold and stainless steel show much more contrast and are more shiny, it makes sense to compare the smooth 126303 and the fluted 126333 bezel models separately. For a change, we chose the black diamond set dial with jubilee bracelet. Although you can not even see the complete bracelet in the image, you can see that the difference goes all the way to the case. So which bezel do you prefer? The smooth-domed bezel is a bit more conservative understated and less shiny. Whereas the fluted bezel catches and reflects more light and draws more attention. Somehow the smooth bezel goes better with the also more simple oyster bracelet and the fluted one with the more elaborate jubilee wristband.

White vs Yellow Gold – Black Dial Datejust 41 Watches

Rolex Datejust 41 black dial white vs yellow gold
Rolex Datejust 41 black dial white vs yellow gold (compare prices)

As you can see in this comparison image, even the two-tone (rolesor) yellow-gold/steel Datejust 41 with smooth bezel and oyster bracelet stands out more than the white-gold fluted bezel model. Although the fluted bezel catches a lot of light and can be quite shiny, the yellow-gold offers a stronger contrast. In addition to the differences in the bezel, the white-gold Datejust 41 has a stainless steel wristband whereas the two-tone yellow-gold version have yellow-gold and steel bracelets. It is obvious that a two colored wristband draws more attention.

Even comparing the yellow-gold/steel oyster bracelet with the jubilee stainless steel one, the oyster stands out much more. If you choose a two-tone jubilee bracelet the difference is even more pronounced. On the other hand, the stainless steel bracelet is stronger and more scratch resistant than bracelets which include yellow-gold. Gold is always much softer then steel. With the special Rolex 904L steel the difference is even bigger.

Since the white-gold rolesor only has a gold bezel and the two-tone yellow-gold/steel Datejust 41 watches also have a large part of their wristband in yellow gold the price difference between the white-gold and yellow-gold versions can be $1500 to $2500. Also depended on the bezel and bracelet type.

Please Note: There are currently no 41mm pink-gold/steel Datejust watches with black dial. If you want such a color combinations you can call and ask for a watch customization.

Oyster vs Jubilee Bracelet

Rolex Datejust 41 black dial oyster vs jubilee bracelet
Rolex 126300 Datejust 41 black dial with oyster (see prices) vs jubilee (see prices) bracelet

There is a big difference in the look and feel of a Rolex Datejust 41 by changing the bracelet. Even the basic all stainless steel version with smooth steel bezel makes a very different impression. The oyster bracelet version makes a quite unobtrusive impression. It looks like a relatively normal wristwatch. The jubilee wristband however is more complex, has more pattern to it and thus is a bit more flashy. Of course if you add the yellow-gold and stainless steel two color to the bracelets, the all steel jubilee looks rather low-key compared to even the oyster bracelet in two-tone. The yellow-gold/steel jubilee bracelet is the most bold, radiating class and confidence. Gold and Steel two-tone Datejust watches are often more noticeable than full gold watches. In general the jubilee bracelet models are slightly more expensive, but also more tricky to find in Rolex Boutiques. At however you can get any model at any time. No waiting list.

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