Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Chronograph Black Ceramic 44mm Green Dial Green Ceramic Bezel 26405CE.OO.A056CA.01 - BRAND NEW

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Selfwinding Chronograph Black Ceramic 44mm Green Dial Green Ceramic Bezel 26405CE.OO.A056CA.01 - BRAND NEW

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Brand New
Box & Papers
Audemars Piguet
Production Year
Current Production
Model Number
Royal Oak Offshore
Model Year
2014 - 2021


Screw Down
Case Size
44 mm
Case Shape


Dial Type
Date at
3 o’clock
Dial Color
Dial Markers
Méga Tapisserie


Band Material
Pin Buckle


Watch Style
Sports Watch
Country of Manufacture


Welcome back to is an online store that buys, sells, and trades authentic luxury watches. We make these videos so you can easily choose the best watch for yourself in the comfort of your own home. We offer the lowest prices anywhere online and if you'd like to know the price, simply click on the links in the description below. We'd greatly appreciate if you purchase your next watch from us at Today, we'll be talking about the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Self-Winding Chronograph in black and green ceramic and rubber textile pattern strap, reference number 26405CE.OO.A056CA.01. As of the making of this video, this is only one of two currently available Offshore chronographs with a black ceramic case and colored ceramic bezel that matches the Méga Tapisserie patterned color dial, the only other one being blue. Both are boutique exclusives due to high rejection rates when processing, when creating these. And as such, these are highly limited and therefore, can only really be sold at the AP boutiques. That is due to Audemars Piguet essentially imposing a very, very high standard upon themselves to which the colors are actually applied to each part of their time pieces. And they must maintain that specific consistency. As you can see here, we do have access to them here at And if you'd like to purchase one, click the link in the description below to see it and purchase it. We will be discussing the case, the bezel, dial, the crown, bracelet, clasp, and the movement, and I'll be giving you my thoughts on this, on all of those aspects, as we go over them. This case is 44 millimeters in diameter from finger to thumb, although it does wear a bit bigger because its height is much more than that. The thickness is 14.4 millimeters and it is water resistant down to 100 meters, thanks to the winding crown, the closed case back, also made in titanium right there, just on that plate, and the scratch proof, or scratch resistant rather, Sapphire crystal on the front. The bezel here is the green ceramic bezel with eight hexagonal screws with slots following that octagonal form. On the face, it is brushed finished and on the sides, a very high polish, highly reflective finish along the sides there with a very, very thick gasket just separating that return to that satin brushed finish between the satin brushed finish on the bezel to the brushed finish on the case on the sides there. That all helps with the water sealing down to 100 meters. The inner bezel, as you can see in there, is beveled into the dial in white with a tachymetric scale. And more on how to read it once we get to the chrono pushers. While we're looking here, the dial is actually a very, it's a very unique gradient. It is what they call a smoked green dial. At the very center, if I can get the colors just right here, it's a true green that matches this very, very dark forest green of the bezel and as you move outward to the edges of the dial, you get a very, very dark, very, very extremely dark greenish black almost, and which is to say that this is truly a smoked green dial. All the texturing on here is that Méga Tapisserie pattern known to be on those Audemars Piguet Royal Oaks, the Offshores rather. You get the very large square patterns that give it a very nice repeating texture that doesn't really take too much away from what is essentially the main event here. The white chrono sub dials are at the nine and six, 30 minutes at the nine, 12 hours at the six, date aperture balancing them out at the three with the Audemars Piguet logo all giving it a very nice balance. There's a small seconds dial at the 12 o'clock, a very interesting choice, as it is also black, but given that all of these are actually made with a very light yellow gold look here, they give it a really nice accent, so you have that very nice sense of contrast and that added reflectivity in certain lighting situations that really makes those Arabic numerals and the hands actually stand out very, very nicely. That all adds to the readability. And it's a little bit hard to see within this light box because I only have a couple of really, really highly specular lights, not so much a diffuse light, but if I move it back a bit, you can actually see the color of that dial more with those contrasting gold accents. Note that the enlarged Arabic numerals are slightly overlapped by that inner bezel with the tachymeter, or tachymeter, but that's, I won't say that that's too much of an issue because they're still extremely readable. And also note that that is not a double 11, that's a double index marker for the 12 o'clock position. That's not an error. If they wanted a double 11 they would have had two Arabic numeral ones again, but it's actually a 12. And I think that is a very good design choice here because looking at the number two, that the font spacing, the width of that two would actually overcrowd that area, that real estate area, with that 10, 11, and then what would be the 12 in Arabic numerals. That would be really just too crowded. They took essentially what is in the Royal Oak line, the thinner watches without the chronographs, and also taking the double hash marks from those and applying them here and it is a very good and very tasteful presentation, as well. Also note that there are only single index marks for the three, six, and nine. Nothing much more to say about that, other than it's to give more space to all of the functions here, the chrono sub dials and the date aperture. When we're looking at this, we can also note that all of those features actually do have luminescence. And let me turn the lights off here so you can see it. And there you go. It actually is glowing a lot brighter than it seems. It's a lot harder for the camera to pick up exactly how bright it is. Let me see if shining a black light on there would make them more radiant. It's harder to show on a camera with such a high ISO, but you can actually see that the luminescence, the green, actually does very well light up that green dial. If you're looking at it just right, you can see the dial patterning, as well, in the dark. They've done a very good job, Audemars Piguet have done an excellent job on making this dial just beyond excellent honestly. And turning the lights back on. We can talk about the crown movements because honestly the submitted hand is kind of in my way here. Simply unwind the crown to the first position. This allows you to wind the watch. About 30 full winds is all you really need to get started again to a full charge from a dead stop. Pull out to the second position there and you can see in the date aperture, as I rotate it, about a half turn, or between a quarter and a half turn, you can advance the date by one. On February 28th or 29th, whichever the day happens to be, you can just simply rotate it once and you'll be, or a couple times rather, and then you'll be on the 1st of March. And perhaps on other months that have 30 days, you can just turn it once. And there you go, back to the first. And pulling it out to the final position hacks the small seconds hand. As you can see, it has stopped, so you can then adjust the time to any sort of position for precise timekeeping. And a little tip here. If you're adjusting the minute hand, move it forward slowly to the precise time that you would like and then press in the crown because if you were to move the minute hand backwards, it would actually jump forward a little bit. That's a little tip that actually applies to just about every single watch, not just the Royal Oak Offshores, but literally every watch. And now, looking here at the chrono pushers, they actually provide a little bit of crown guards here that really buttress this crown very nicely, very good protection, very good sense of protection here. And these large chrono pushers, they're very chunky looking, but they're very satisfying to press. And they have a very tactile and very loud click to them. And as you can see, there's no sudden jumps as it moves forward and no starters when it stops. It is precise. And if you would like, it does have a column wheel inside to allow you to use this chronograph hand as essentially a large center-mounted seconds hand, if you so desire. Also note that the counterweight on this is actually a very, very dark green, almost black, with the hand itself actually being yellow gold. Little bit hard to see in this light box, again, but if you get the angle just right, and if you see it with your own eyes and in the sunlight, it is absolutely radiant and gorgeous. Okay, so now that we're here, let's talk about the tachymeter. Let's set this back to zero because when you press the bottom tachymeter or the bottom chrono pusher after having stopped it, it sets all of the dials back to zero, along with the large chrono hand. If I were to just start the time here, and let's say that I passed a mile marker when I pressed that button. Let's say I'm traveling down a road, maybe a highway, maybe somewhere through the desert where I can keep my speed relatively constant on the highway. I'm driving, I'm driving, I'm driving, and I'm seeing some cacti, some abandoned houses that I would love to photograph, but now I'm on my way out to Maryland because I feel like driving across the U.S. And okay, I see a mile marker coming up and it's about time, so let's just stop it right there. Okay, so what does this mean? Well, that means I traveled from one mile, I traveled from all the way up here, all the way down to down here. And that was one mile. I'm measuring within miles. That means I'll be traveling 90 miles per hour. That is essentially how the tachymeter works. If you were to travel exactly 60 miles per hour, you would rather actually go all the way around and you would stop it right at the 12th because you'll be traveling 60 miles an hour, which means one mile per minute. Correct? That is exactly how the tachymeter works in that sort of situation. Now, the movement is what makes all of this work. It's one of the most important aspects, if not the most important aspect, because, well otherwise, this wouldn't be what it is. It is the caliber 3126/3840 manufacturer, a diameter of 29.92 millimeters, with 13 3/4 lines, its balanced wheel beating at a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour, or three Hertz, with a monologue oscillating weight of 22 carat gold. And even though you can see that that oscillator is supposedly 22 carat gold, it is actually painted this very charcoal gray color. And that gives it a very distinctive look to this particular piece. It gives it that very sense of, that sense of a high contrast that really matches that black ceramic look. As to why exactly they would want to conceal that it is actually gold, well, that's sort of beyond me, but that is Audemars Piguet. That is their design decision. There are variable inertial blocks held together with a screwed mobile stud with 54 jewels, allowing you to have a total of 365 total parts, allowing you to control the chronograph, date, minute hand, all while automatically running the hour and small seconds hands. This movement provides up to 50 hours of power reserve and allows for the bi-directional winding, as I showed you, so you can continue to wind the watch with your natural wrist movements. And that is what makes it an automatic because a fully manual watch would require you to fully pull out the crown or unscrew the crown, wind it manually, and then press it back in every couple of days. And would you really want to do that? Well, I personally wouldn't want to. This automatic movement allows you to effectively wind the watch beyond that 50 hour power reserve. If you were to wear this about every day or every other day, you would far exceed those 50 hours. Now, onto the strap here. Getting a very close look at this, this is a green textile textured strap, but it is entirely made of rubber. And as you can see underneath, if I can move my light around here, all right, you can see that they have Audemars Piguet logo there with the Royal Oak Offshore on the other side. And the entire thing is all just one large consistent piece. There's no actual brace, there's no separation. It is all rubber. And, well, why would they want to do that? Well, looking at it close up, if you were to have the other, the older Royal Oak Offshores with that rubber strap, they're more smooth. They are equally pliant. They have that bendability for just about any size wrist. But the thing here is that these newer models actually come with this rubber, this textile texture on it, which gives it that, a better sense of luxury, even though you're not gonna feel it while it's on your wrist, it does give that sense that you are certainly getting what you paid for because rubber straps do not cost as much. Let's be real, they do not cost as much as gold bracelets as seen on the AP Royal Oaks. But here, with this textile strap, you certainly get a little bit more bang for your buck. And the good part of these rubber straps is that you can actually size them yourself. And thanks to this brushed stainless steel pin buckle, you can actually do so rather easily. And while we're here, I can also try this on, so let's zoom out a bit. And let's see how it fits on the wrist. Now, the strap is a bit large for me, so I'm using the very first notch there. And so, on my wrist, I'm about seven and a half, 7.25 inches in circumference, so about average standard size for my build rather. And looking at this, it wears, it says it's a 44, but it wears much larger and that's due to the fact that it's a very tall case. I'm not getting very much strap on the top, maybe a little on the bottom, on the six o'clock side, only because I happen to have a natural wrist resting position farther up in that direction. When it comes to the size, 14.4 millimeters is a very tall watch, so it'll fit nicely under a jacket sleeve no problem. But if you were to have something like say a suit jacket where you have something like that sized to your wrist, it's, you're gonna have a hard time getting up and over this bezel and you may not even be able to do so. This is certainly a sports watch. And when it comes to the overall weight and the weight distribution, it's actually not that heavy, thanks to the titanium case back, the fact that this is all entirely surrounded, minus the obvious parts of the movement, the hands, essentially the entire case is all ceramic, which means it is highly scratch resistant, but be careful, do not smack anything with it or do not smack this onto anything else because if you do break the ceramic, that causes a weak point, which could then cause the entire thing to shatter. Be very careful with this, but you don't have to be too entirely careful as scratches will just come off or they won't even go onto this case in the first place. It's a very strong case, very smooth to the touch, and it's just a very luxurious feel overall. And when it comes to the comfort, extremely comfortable. The way that the lugs sort of flare outward actually allows my wrist to breathe rather nicely. Despite the fact that there's continuous strap going all the way around, it gives it that cohesive look, but without much issue of a sweaty wrist. The high contrast here on those Arabic numerals and the hands, even if the applied luminescence is all you can see, that's excellent touch right there to give it very readable presentation. Honestly, enough of what I think. What do you think about this watch? Let us know down in the comments below. Be sure to leave a like as it really helps our channel out. Be sure to share this video with anybody looking for their next watch. And don't forget to subscribe. Click that bell notification so you can be notified when we go live with another video. And always remember, if you want to purchase this or any other watch, new, used, we have it on our site, we can get it for you. And we'll see you at Link's in the description below.